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    The Real Saints

    Lomas Tenure Up?

    To be fair, if Lomas does leave, it will probably be a year before the official website lets us know. I'm still waiting nervously for confirmation that we have signed Gregory Tade and Nigel Hasselbaink.
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    Play him. I remember how well Jackson came on playing alongside Deuchar. Playing him alongside a more experienced strike partner will improve his game more than playing in div 1. This point in time should be about achieving the best league position we can, whilst protecting our future assets. He will improve playing 1st team football both in skill and confidence, and will either be encouraged to stay and make a name for himself or move on for a much better deal than if he continues to warm the bench or go on loan. If playing 2 of Tade/Vine/Beattie would bag us an extra 5 or 6 goals over the season, that has to be weighed up with the added value a season of first team football would give May and Saints. I only say this because I genuinely think he has the potential to be very very good.
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    Club Captain

    He has had to put up with a situation that could crush some men in recent times. He's been a great servant to the club and will continue to be. His form will come good.
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    That signing is strange . We have to sign an aberdeen young player, developing him for them. Reflects badly on the quality of our young players. Should be able to promote from within but if theres nothing there i guess you cant. Good on aberdeen, they have exciting bunch of young players on their books if they can loan pawlett out to an spl team that should be expecting to finish ahead of them.
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    St Mikey

    Lomas Tenure Up?

    With us already failing to win in 11 competitive games, 9 in the league, now an Aberdeen goal against a 4-5-1 at home, how long is his spell going to last? Good luck or bad luck, it could be 12 without a win and 10 in the league. That is sacking material in any clubs thoughts. Hope I'm wrong come 4:50pm but I can't see any improvements.
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    The chocolate and the mallow inside the Biscuit base will NOT go Hard ---so therefor on your theory the "Teacake" (only named so for VAT purposes) is indeed a Biscuit. Good Call.
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    RUMOUR: Lomas leaving?

    Why moneys money,if people dont like the manager of their own team and wish to see him departed from his post,why not make a quick quid in doing so,doesnt even matter if you like him or not,hes the bookies favorite so have a punt,its not as if people are actually contributing to his demise,he's doing that deed on his own at the moment. And before anybody wants to go on a rant with me i actually want Lomas to succeed and lead us to new glory days,but you have to admit he's taking the hard route so far.
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    Tea Cake Or Tea Biscuit ?

    any thing else? just ask Andy...Andy c'est moi et moi c'est Andy why do i always have to explain? is becoming tiresome
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    It's about time you passed it round.
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    Summer Transfer Target Thread 2012

    Pointless signing. Just another Noviokovas. We always sign these small, lightweight wingers and never play them. I don't know why we bother. I assume we think he's better than Liam Caddis? He's way down the pecking order at Aberdeen and has lost his form from when he first broke through. I'm also not sure why we are developing our rivals youngsters at the expense of our own.
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    Hmm one of Aberdeen's young lads on loan at the expense of one of our own and bringing them on
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    Lomas is certainly doing the business off the park!
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    He has always had the potential, hope he comes good at a different club. Ours
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    Being in Montrose surely you just need to visit the local rather than use a website ?
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    Stv Tyrone on Twitter.
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    Jimmy Wallace

    RUMOUR: Lomas leaving?

    I'm appalled that anyone would try to make money out of the misfortune of a football club manager, especially of one's own team. Disgusting!
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    Ibrox latest...

    In what way are they unable to guarantee the safety of a bloke who sits in a room in the Main Stand? Surely he's not gonna come to any harm if he doesn't leave his wee box during the game?! Sounds like more nonsense on this subject to me. Mountain out of a molehill.
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    What Should Be Done With Stevie May? (Poll)

    I'd keep him and use him as a sub. However, when using him as a sub I'd give him 25-30 minutes in his natural position as a striker rather than as a Lomas sub which involves 3-4 minutes playing out of position at left back or something. You've got to remember that Beattie has barely kicked a ball for a few seasons and Vine is in a similar boat. I doubt either of these guys have 90 minutes in them so we need options from the bench.
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    Give him a run for a few games up-front with a target man (Beattie/Tade?) and let him get up to SPL pace before we make a decision on whether he needs games at a lower level to develop his potential and come back as a first team player. He's the most exciting prospect we've got atm (Caddis could become a player if he's given a chance though) and it would be great to start bringing players through rather than splashing cash on guys who haven't made it at a higher level.
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    stanley saint

    Accentuate The Positive

    Andy is that C.O.Y Andy just for you or all us Andy's ????
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    May out on Loan

    i think he needs to go on loan and prove himself in a higher level than the 3rd div against codenbeath in pre-season he didnt look like a player who will take the spl by storm he will never get in above vine, nigel, tade or beattie
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    Jimmy Wallace

    Where Is He?

    when? why? that's the second Chief Exec gone in 2 years!
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    May out on Loan

    Totally agree with this post. Lomas has gone right down in my estimation, why should young players want to come to Perth when it is likely that they will never get a chance near the first team? Caddis is another player who must be wondering whether to stay. Still think that Stevie tries to play, has been played out of position. At the Aberdeen game he was the one player that I thought looked positive. I would rather we gave him a proper chance to learn at SPL level but this must be in the right position. How else will he get a chance to learn from more experienced players. Dundee Utd have had no difficulty in bringing in their young lads such as Armstrong, Dow and Hilston ( some of them had also been on short term loan). SOS = Save Our Stevie! (as in May not Lomas!!
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    May out on Loan

    I think it would be a mistake to sell May outright as I think he shows lots of promise and I think it should be be Saints that find out whether he can cut it or not rather than another team as it may well come back to haunt us. I even think a loan deal would slow his progress as he'll have x number of months in the first then he'll have the latter half of the season to try and get back up to speed. He should be developed as an SPL player and for the record I though I showed a lot against the Dons. He was always looking for the ball, looked to win it back and managed to find space. He was only let down by the service he was given by the midfield. However having said all that perhaps Steve Brown has told Lomas he needs to offload a player before he can bring someone in and I guess May would be our most saleable/loanable asset at the moment (i.e. we would actually be able to sell/loan him in the current market). So perhaps the dilemma is that we either keep May and hope he develops into a really good SPL player throughout the season and keep our squad as it is or we move him on and bring in someone who Lomas thinks is better and can help us push for top 6. Would we be happy to sacrifice top 6 if it meant we kept May but he turned out not to be good enough? I think it's worth the risk.
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    Wish i was Joe McGurn

    Gary Kenneth

    Barca have said they are disappointed to hear this.
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    Lomas Tenure Up?

    If a hypothetical situation (allegedly) existed at a hypothetical football club involving a hypothetical football club manager, and, the hypothetical football club had difficulty dealing with the hypothetical situation whereby you could allege that hypothetically the hypothetical football club could allegedly tolerate a series of bad form to allow them to dismiss the hypothetical football club manager to save them dealing with the (alleged) hypothetical situation that would be absurd and couldn’t possibly happen could it?
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    I have been given permission by Jamie to post this request on here. The company section boys of the 3rd Perth BB are fundraising to go to a Christian camp in British Columbia next July. As part of this we are now part of Perth peel2save where you can purchase a discount card for £10, of which we get £5 for every card sold. You in turn get a discount card with 64 discount vouchers which could be worth between £300 and £400 depending on how much you spend and how many vouchers you use. These vouchers are valid until September 2013 with the Scone Palace and A-list segway vouchers valid until October 2013. You can see all the vouchers on this link and even after you have used 2 of the vouchers for Perth playhouse you would be in profit on your £10 investment. If anyone is interested in purchasing a book please PM me and we can arrange for you to collect at some point soon
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    Radford 72

    Lomas Tenure Up?

    Site admin over there have been contacted by someone representing someone who is concerned about the nature of some posts on the thread in question. I don't think it's necessary to close or delete this thread as there are questions over his future for footballing reasons and even if folk aren't allowed to mention/discuss off the field stuff, there is speculation that it exists too and that is obviously a big issue as well. I appreciated that all the posts deleted were made in a light-hearted manner and no one wants to have to start closing threads or warning posters etc... That's especially the case on a forum where we are all (most of us anyway) Saints fans. Admin or other mods may disagree but I've no problem with the thread continuing to run.
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    Kevin James Is On Stilts

    Lomas Tenure Up?

    Doesn't mean we can't all be nosey buggers though!
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    Steven Fletcher

    The north sea is spectacular from the Roker seafront!
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    90Quid - Best Way To Give To Saints

    How about a taxi for Lomas? Should see him a fair way...
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    Lomas Tenure Up?

    He doesn't talk a particularly good game. It's hard for me to comment on players and tactics from over here but I do listen to the manager's interviews and he doesn't speak nearly as well as our two previous managers. He's full of cliches and rambling sentences - I don't enjoy listening to him at all. Oh for McInnes to still be here.
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    May out on Loan

    If he isn't going to play with us next season then he has to go to a higher level than the 2nd division imo.