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    Simply a brilliant day out. I always love my days out to Dingwall but that today was special. Great criac on the bus with the ghouls, a quick pitstop at Newtonmore and then a pleasant hour or so at the Mallard. Decent Saints support in attendance and a fantastic fighting display from the team. I must admit i fear the worst when Vine walked ( Was at the far end and off the ball so i have no idea if it was right or wrong but given the lack or protests at the red card, I can only summise that he got what he deserved). At one up we then began a courageous rear guard action but unfortunately we were finally breached . At that point I could see no outcome other than a defeat ( especially after Muzz had managed to smack the crossbar from about 2 feet at 1-0 saints) but by god the lads dug in and a BACK POST header from McLean was powerfully dispatched by Frazer Wright with much aplomb. Cue some mental celebrations with another player pilley on and those of us in the new stand going absolutely do****inglally. There was still time for super Dave to smack the woodwork with a stunning free kick but the last few minutes were really torturous. The relief at the final whistle was palpable.. Performance wise, I though other than Vine ( for his poor discipline) , Nigel ( who never really got into the game) and Chris Millar who was a shadow of the player on show last week, everyone was a hero. Mannus had some great stops and his handling was top drawer ( although his kicking was rotten at times) The back four were rocks and Ando was back to his "majestic" best. Cregg was again solid until his departure ( once again the player making way to accommodated changes because of a sending off) Liam was much better. Up front Tade worked hard but got little reward. McLean looked excellent when he came on and his setting up of the winning goal makes his introduction by Lomas a great substitution. Muzz got stuck in as only Muzz can do when he replaced Nigel ( again a great move by Lomas as he had obviously seen what we all had regarding Hasselbainks contibution). Crackers also replaced a tired Tade and added some more strength to the defence. Well done to the team and very well done to lomas , Wright and the rest of the management team. A tremendous three points against a decent team who never went unbeaten for 40 league games for nothing. I thoroughly enjoyed the fans rendition of " Ten men, we only need ten men" at the end. As I started with so shall I end.. simply a BRILLIANT day out. :razz:
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    Nothing like a win in Dingwall for a Saints manager to come out fighting whilst being on the ropes! It worked for Del! My faith in the managment is not absolute, but to go to Dingwall smash their unbeaten record, score two goals and win with 10 men for the majority of the game, shows a great team ethic and I congratulate the management for turning things around, especially after the utter tripe against Aberdeen. COYS
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    Great win bring on the derby next week and a huge away support! 4 off the top, 1 off Europe What crisis?
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    Steven Fletcher

    We obviously have different management styles and will never agree. I have made it very clear that although I think Fletcher has been wrong i also think that Levein is clown who is a narcisstic megalomaniac who is doing Scottish football much more harm than good and I will now leave it at that.
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    A real day for backs to the wall from Saints at times. Tempted to pick Frazer Wright ahead of any of the other defenders for his goal but can't look past Alan Mannus, arguably his best showing in a Saints shirt.
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    cheers chief.i had a braw time.
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    Great work Ghostie and thanks for all your effort organising the transport today. Certainly got our monies worth. "Ghostie tours the discerning supporters travelling choice"
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    The debate over Lomas sums up Scottish football fans for me. Extreme reaction to whatever the situation. To call for the manager to be sacked after five games was stupid and to now say we have completely turned the corner is stupid. A defeat next week and people will shout for his head. Can I make a suggestion? Get a ****ing grip and let the season develop.
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    You're enjoying yourself now Larky! Fair play to you.
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    St. Paddy

    Levein Tenure Up?

    Why? Are you tall?
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    That Bar Toilet Attendant

    Steven Fletcher

    Because he is delivering in a League that Levein has never got close too. Levein is struggling big time & he should eat some humble pie to get our best striker back in the fold before he gets his jotters.
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    Steven Fletcher

    another goal today how do scotland keep him out now? in my oppinian if scotland are to qualify they need fletcher and his goals he's the best striker you have and as scotland are struggling for goals and he's scoring for fun how hard can it be for both to appolagise forget and forgive
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    What a difference a couple of weeks makes. Brilliant result against a team that has probably forgotten what a league defeat feels like. And with 10 men for a majority of the game. Must have been a spirited performance. None of us would have expected that before the Celtic result. Credit has to go to the team and Lomas. Yass.
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    Vine - You're due your team mates a pint tonight!!! Well done Lomas and the team!
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    now thats the post of the day! Looks like manus is having a blinder....
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    k'mon, hold on ye saintees!!
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    so last week was all vine? i heard it was a team effort. Sent off twice for lashing out, fukin schoolyard
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    Who won us 3 points last week with an assist and a goal.
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    I honestly think we will be the team that's puts a stop to this run
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    3-1 to the saints tade x2 and vine somebody's gotta beat ross county so why not us!
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    Top Scorer 2012/13

    Recon lomas will be top scorer :-p
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    Ibrox latest...

    His comment about some SPL clubs being unwelcome at Ibrox is downright dangerous - I'd say it's even more likely to provoke idiots than McCoist's stupid "who are these people?" remarks. This guy should have the book thrown at him (again) for this. On the other hand, I'm grateful to him for continually pointing out that it's the rest of Scottish football's fault that Rangers went out of business. I keep thinking it was their own fault for cheating, diddling their taxes and spending money they didn't have - but thankfully he pops up helpfully in the media every couple of days to remind me that it is, in fact, the fault of everyone else in Scotland.
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    Al C

    Fives Tournament 8Th Sept

    Posted on twitter as well. Good stuff. There was no need to provide actual details of how we performed mind you..........
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    Al C

    Bus To Dundee

    Looking forward to this! Shame Spew's coming but never mind. Is drink allowed on the bus Scobby?
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    Steven Fletcher

    Not a fan of Avril but I am with you on this one. Forget all this ballyhoo about Fletcher. He made his intentions known and afraid it's too late to turn the clock back. Imagine if the manager was Jock Stein or Brian Clough or Bill Shankly , they guys would have made sure his career would have taken a downward spiral.
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    Will be disappointed if we dont take all 3 pts - time to raise the standard and get wired in. Attack-Attack-Attack.
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    COYS let's get a winning run going
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    Real Madrid

    Fives Tournament 8Th Sept

    That's the details of the event and a team picture up on the St Johnstone facebook page.
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    Pints in the Mallard before the game followed by 2-1 saints.......COYS!
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    Right you two, enough.....gimme 20 press ups
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    Fair play to the Jeanfield 208 club reducing their prices. I know a lot of people that are going, who wouldnt normally go, mainly due to the price. Hopefully they will enjoy their day and decide to use the bus again. Perhaps the club are also doing it as a reward for the many people that travel on that bus to most games. Really looking forward to Saturday, always a top day out in Dingwall.
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    Just checked our numbers for Saturday and lo and behold, we only have 31 which means we will lose money unless we get at least another 6-8. Very suprising as I thought we would fill the bus for this game. I dunno why I bother. Maybe we should do all our bus for a fiver and just cover the cost with the profit we made last season rather than give it to Saints.. The more I think about this the more it annoys me..
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    Has to be Midge after Saturday. Even if Muzz is fit.
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    Being a sad bastar d, I've worked that out for you. Awful, but not as awful as you think. Since 1954, against Celtic: Played 87 Won 18 Drawn 9 Lost 60.
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    At last , some points.. Was begining to lose ground..
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    St.johnstone Phone Cover

    Looks like a coo holding the flag
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    Tranmere Saintee

    Gary Miller??

    Couldn't agree more, 2 games into the season and with little in the way of pre-season games under the belt and we already pick out an individual and start making embarrassing noises about how bad they are:sad: