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    John Terry Retires

    Ah, saw the thread and thought he was retiring totally for a career in politics. He'd be a great poster boy for the BNP.
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    gavin stewart.he single handedly never let a touch of alcohol pass his lips all day.
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    The debate over Lomas sums up Scottish football fans for me. Extreme reaction to whatever the situation. To call for the manager to be sacked after five games was stupid and to now say we have completely turned the corner is stupid. A defeat next week and people will shout for his head. Can I make a suggestion? Get a ****ing grip and let the season develop.
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    Gerti G -Tarmac Kisser.

    Hopefully the auld "Ultra" has recovered completely without too many bruises following her impression of the Pope coming into Glasgow airport.......Just remember GG you have to bend yer knees first and not drop from full standing !!
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    I am goin to work every Saturday at 10 am two in a row now, leave the house at 10 am back at 6pm too the joyous news two weeks in a row. I am one happy auld fecker coys!!
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    John Terry Retires

    Retired from International football
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    John Terry Retires

    About time he quit. Lets hope all the other older players do the same now.
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    Dundee V Saints 29/9/12 Ko 15:00

    I might just stay at home - it could be quite noisy .
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    It will be a Blue and White away day , just not an organised one. There will be plenty saintees at this one
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    St. Paddy

    Levein Tenure Up?

    Good grief man, try to go one post without being condescending and contrary, and people might not be so quick to dismiss what you say...
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    Worst thing about the game was Tokley only getting 45 minutes at the other end of the pitch.Sure ghostie had held back some abuse for the second half. What a difference Davidson made when he came on. Was solid in every challenge and really brought out the best in the rest of the midfield. The feeling when that second one went in was amazing. Good reminder of why we all pay so much money for it.
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    Really hard working performance,the players worked their butts off,and really played for the jersey and dare i say it,the manager!Lomas got the subs spot on,Nige off, Midge wide for better defensive work, Muzz to add real muscle in the middle. Great win and great day out,hope County stay up as it's a braw wee cluband community.
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    Actually I was in the Mallard, you commented before that you were the handsome one, hence why I didn't know who you were. Secondly 5 flags were dished out to people and tied to the front and middle railings. Perhaps if you'd given me a place/time to meet you to give you one, then you wouldn't have to moan about it.
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    Just infae the game. Great team performance, and again Lomas got his substitutions spot on. Someone needing to have a wee chat with Vine. Aitchy you are the man for it. :-)
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    Were you in the "jail hoose end" wi yer County buddies OR did ye sit in the "posh" bits with the luvvly "MO" ?
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    Lomas Tenure Up?

    His reaction as the winner went in says it all and how much he cares for the team. It was almost like a mourinho run and jump and pump your arms in the arms. Quite refreshing to see (especially after being slagged of for standing with folded arms against Aberdeen) . Although I bet very few fans seen it as would be celebrating the team
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    Still dissapointed in me Edd?
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    Lomas Tenure Up?

    Just bought some eggs in readiness to rub in the doubters faces if we win three on the bounce next week!!! Ten men we only need ten men!!!
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    Nothing like a win in Dingwall for a Saints manager to come out fighting whilst being on the ropes! It worked for Del! My faith in the managment is not absolute, but to go to Dingwall smash their unbeaten record, score two goals and win with 10 men for the majority of the game, shows a great team ethic and I congratulate the management for turning things around, especially after the utter tripe against Aberdeen. COYS
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    Saw this and laughed, the motherwell picture is the old 80s ss( who are not ultras) who took that picture for a book and the aberdeen boys are casuals. not ultras. Absolute pish getting spat out by the sun again!!