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    I heard that novikovas is cup tied for this one, can anyone confirm?
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    Calypso Kid

    Bus To Dundee

    Quality, I'll bring the hookers.
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    Ibrox latest...

    Fat Sally says they shouldn`t lose their trophies as it was old Rangers that commited the crime & not them. In that case it`s old Rangers trophies & not theirs. They seem to want their cake & eat it.
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    Now sitting at 17 teams for this first Muirton Suite quiz, so we are looking for just 3 more. If you fancy it, please call the club asap to avoid disappointment. Cheers. Ghostie.
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    John Terry Retires

    He knows the FA will rule against him which would bring an end to his international career - better to do it on his own terms. I appreciate the different levels of proof required and I'm certainly not defending him as it's clear as day what he said, but it ridiculous that the courts can clear him yet the FA can bring charges. Probably had one more tournament left in him and he is still England's best defender, so from the ABE perspective I'm happy with his decision.
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    Dundee Away - 29 September

    Its fine... Ask Baldy Marc. He was in a great state the day we came back from Motherwell. You are married now anyway, so you don't need to try to impress anyone (PS, Hi Nikki, as I am sure you will read this too!) Stu
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    Dundee V Saints 29/9/12 Ko 15:00

    Ay ayol f*uck you Dundee, f*ck you Dundee Let's hope we hear plenty renditions of this on Saturday.
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    I'm Buzzing for this game already. Glasgow bus only has one seat remaining which is fantastic. Hopefull keep 11 men on the park, big noisy Turkist style away crowd, 3 points and come 5pm we are in the European places COYS
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    Gerti G -Tarmac Kisser.

    Typical and very gentlemanly of you, Ancient. You would not have liked her ticket to go to waste, would you?
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    Gerti G -Tarmac Kisser.

    Hopefully the auld "Ultra" has recovered completely without too many bruises following her impression of the Pope coming into Glasgow airport.......Just remember GG you have to bend yer knees first and not drop from full standing !!
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    John Terry Retires

    Is that not a case of having "2 bites of the Terry"
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    John Terry Retires

    I suspect he quit because he knew the FA hearing this week will rule against him, and that he'd be forced to quit anyway. From TV evidence it looks like he said what he is alleged to have said. I'm baffled why the court didn't convict him. Even more baffling is the fact that the FA sets itself above the court / law of the land and will judge him again - despite their constitution requiring them to support court judgements.
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    John Terry Retires

    Ah, saw the thread and thought he was retiring totally for a career in politics. He'd be a great poster boy for the BNP.
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    Nobody is more pleased than me about the last two results Larkie......doesn't make your original creation of this thread any less ridiculous though my friend
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    Nothing like a win in Dingwall for a Saints manager to come out fighting whilst being on the ropes! It worked for Del! My faith in the managment is not absolute, but to go to Dingwall smash their unbeaten record, score two goals and win with 10 men for the majority of the game, shows a great team ethic and I congratulate the management for turning things around, especially after the utter tripe against Aberdeen. COYS
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    Al C

    Fives Tournament 8Th Sept

    Posted on twitter as well. Good stuff. There was no need to provide actual details of how we performed mind you..........
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    Timothy Mjallby

    That will be a turnup for the books
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    Hit the wrong thread and never noticed!!
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    Why is this "pinned" all of a sudden? I thought everybody was in the pub for the last couple of games.
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    I only wish the players and management possessed HALF of you passion and fire. You have plenty of heart and soul despite being a ghost.