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    May out on Loan

    So we reach the semi final we have an injury crisis and Stevie May is our only fir striker butwe let him play for Hamilton. No by refusing to let him play we are showing that he has a future at the Club
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    Earlier John Robertson,on the radio ,said that David Robertson made a trademark run to create a chance for Mclean. What the hell is a Robbo trade mark run???
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    Football Fans In Training

    larky has broke his pedo
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    Levein Tenure Up?

    That's not fair. How can we post an a Levein thread without petty name calling? The man embodies pettiness.
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    mondays daily retard
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    Remember the slip road at Dobbies is closed and you need to go right down to the Inveralmond roundabout and come back up so leave plenty time
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    Looked at the stadium plan and noticed an area marked with a yellow "V" in the 3 stands. Definition describes the "V" as Vomitory . I knew they have encountered bad times, but to earmark areas of their ground for "throwing up" indicates performances must have been horrendous.
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    Steven Fletcher

    Nobody heard of the Prodigal Son? That said the prodigal son went back to his dad and told him that he'd messed up and said he'd be OK to be stuck on the bench for a bit. But dad said - welcome back m'boy - you have seen the error of your ways and you regret what you have done - I am so pleased so I welcome you fully into the fold - now get on there and get the ball in the net. Hmmm - well - maybe not.
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    Bus To Dundee

    I'm no gonnae be up for an 8am pint in all honesty. 10am in counting house then?
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    No it isn't. For a start the temperature is 10 degrees higher than it was that night. I still shiver when I remember how cold I was, pathetically trying to tuck in beside a steel girder at the back of the East Stand! Also, the weather in eastern parts is meant to improve as the day goes on. It'll be fine.
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    Bus To Dundee

    The Ironhorse used to ask you to order food with your first pint only. After that nobody seemed to care! (I went before the early semi final against Celtic) I've a feeling that was probably illegal then and definitely is now. There's a shady looking boozer next to the fish place on saltmarket that opens at 8am if anyone's really keen...
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    St. Paddy

    Ibrox latest...

    Sally certainly wants to eat cake, but that's not relevant right now....
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    Calypso Kid

    Bus To Dundee

    Quality, I'll bring the hookers.
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    Calypso Kid

    Bus To Dundee

    If the last seat is there I'll take it.
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    Bus To Dundee

    Deffo off lads, but my +1 cannae make it. Ill ask about for that final seat.
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    Now sitting at 17 teams for this first Muirton Suite quiz, so we are looking for just 3 more. If you fancy it, please call the club asap to avoid disappointment. Cheers. Ghostie.
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    Not the deadly chest swipe The cad
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    Dundee Away - 29 September

    Its fine... Ask Baldy Marc. He was in a great state the day we came back from Motherwell. You are married now anyway, so you don't need to try to impress anyone (PS, Hi Nikki, as I am sure you will read this too!) Stu
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    It will be a Blue and White away day , just not an organised one. There will be plenty saintees at this one
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    Ibrox latest...

    Charles Green reported to be furious after learning Queen Of The South players are on dual contracts: footballer/plumber, footballer/butcher, footballer/electrician, etc, etc.
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    Smith Irvine-Mackay-Dubbery-Grainger Millar-Morris-Sheerin-Craig Deuchar-Jackson