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    The idiot had a kick at 2 other Saints players and luckily missed them both just before he, in sheer frustration at being made to look the fool he is, deliberately took out Miller - ref had no option.
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    May out on Loan

    So we reach the semi final we have an injury crisis and Stevie May is our only fir striker butwe let him play for Hamilton. No by refusing to let him play we are showing that he has a future at the Club
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    Andy Williams R.i.p.

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    did sandaza get injured v motherwell today
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    Ibrox latest...

    I reckon Motherwell have let down the rest of Scottish football tonight. As SPL leaders they needed to turn THE Rangers over. We are never going to hear the end of this now
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    dave mc

    Gregory Tade An Appreciation.

    Strong as an ox, quick and works non/stop he's started really well. Think he might frustrate with some finishing or final balls, but that can be forgiven if the rest of his game stays at the present level
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    You saved me a lot of typing. Agree word for word.
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    Dundee V Saints 29/9/12 Ko 15:00

    thats for the inoculation queue if ye no been tae yer doctor beforehand.ye never ken what dodgy diseases ye could catch from coagies .
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    Shocking performance -Passing is practically non existent -who actually trains this squad in passing a ball to each other ? Queens Park looked the better team all round and what a stupid idiot thon guy was to get sent off -let his team down badly at a crucial point in the game. Yeah we got a result -but only just.
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    It's a marathon not a sprint!
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    John Terry Retires

    decent player in his day, his best are behind him, but a totally odious individual
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    Levein Tenure Up?

    That's not fair. How can we post an a Levein thread without petty name calling? The man embodies pettiness.
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    12 points in 2 games! Shame it took so many matches to get going otherwise I would be on you tail SS. Probably means I will get zilch for the Queens Park game!
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    Saints TV

    Show Racism the Red Card visited St Johnstone yesterday to speak to local primary school kids. Greogry Tade, Paddy Cregg and Nigel Hasselbaink came along after training to speak to the kids and pose for photos/sign autographs.
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    I'm Buzzing for this game already. Glasgow bus only has one seat remaining which is fantastic. Hopefull keep 11 men on the park, big noisy Turkist style away crowd, 3 points and come 5pm we are in the European places COYS
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    I hope its a bumper crowd for the sake of the SPL, we had nearly a full hoose against the fun last month, 5k more than the Sevco franchise would bring, hope its the same for this Tayside derby. I hope the Funsters stay up would hate to see them cut adrift before the tatties are in.......no really!
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    Radford 72

    The Grass Isn't Always Greener...

    Not sure I agree that Morris would be resigned to not featuring much for Bristol City. He ruled himself out of the running for the Saints job pretty early because he wanted to focus on playing, so it would seem strange to give up everything he had here (captain, regular, Europe etc...) to be a bit part player, just because he was going to be close to McInnes again. Everything that was on offer at Bristol City would still have likely been there a year down the line. I think Morris' big motivation in moving was to play in the Championship and he isn't doing that as yet. I can't believe he's content with the role he currently has there.
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    Football Fans In Training

    Good luck for the new in-take. I did the course last September and have kept the 3 stones I lost off by keeping going.
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    dan loves saints

    Saints TV

    great video one things i will like to ask is since saints to there shirt printing why can't / won't do the fans shirt printing?