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    Was Derek McInnes and his wife invited ???
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    Dave Ferg

    Ibrox latest...

    Poor Fran is out until the new year with a broken head.
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    F&&& you Dundee f&&& you Dundee Ay Ayol!???
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    Dundee V Saints 29/9/12 Ko 15:00

    club 12 are going down ya bass.
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    The Grass Isn't Always Greener...

    Just when you thought he couldnt get any uglier!
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    they locked muries resignatioin thread so i am saying my reply here.am sorry tae see ye go chief ,i really am as yer a great asset.especially saddened as it seems yer just rolling over without a fight.just remember as yer torie pal david cameron said 'were all in this together' .thats how i see the barossa ,anyway finally take this quote fae me 'they don't like it up um' .all the best dude.
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    St Mikey

    The Grass Isn't Always Greener...

    Nice seeing Sandaza getting a freebie pus job from Hutchisons napped. Karma.
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    Fair Maid


    A guy goes to the supermarket and notices an attractive woman waving at him. She says hello. He's rather taken aback because he can't place where he knows her from. So he says, 'Do you know me?' To which she replies, 'I think you're the father of one of my kids.' Now his mind travels back to the only time he has ever been unfaithful to his wife and says, 'Are you the stripper from the bachelor party that I made love to on the pool table with all my buddies watching while your partner whipped my butt with wet celery?' She looks into his eyes and says calmly, "No, I'm your son's teacher
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    Just put three 8x5ft flags in to the tailors to get joined together. Collecting them later today and have bought spray paint etc, to write a message on it. Any ideas what could be put on it? I was thinking something ESES related?
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    Bus To Dundee

    I'll keep my eyes peeled in the future for the bus too. I had plans for this time unfortunately, but would definitely be up for this otherwise.
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    Markinch Saint

    Dundee V Saints 29/9/12 Ko 15:00

    Have you and Tam got a monopoly on this Dave?
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    Prediction League Latest 2012-13

    getting there... am in chicago on a work trip (+ryder cup) at the moment so its difficult to find an hour or 2 to do it. hopefully will do it today
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    Bus To Dundee

    Devastated! I've just managed to score the day off work, but it looks like the bus is full! I might join some of you for a pint though if you don't mind, before I jump on a train.
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    The Blue Saint

    Dundee Away - 29 September

    I'll get the 11:53 from markinch that gets me in at 12:29, see you at the station.
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    Saints Pub In Dundee

    Maltman or whites it is then!
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    Saints Pub In Dundee

    Would recommend the Trades & Phoenix for those off the train in the city centre. Both decent pubs that are mixed but popular with away fans. Most other pubs in Dundee city centre aren't the best. Lloyds is ok if that's your scene. The Perth Road is much better for decent pubs but not handy for getting to the ground unless you get a taxi and you wouldn't get in some of them anyway with football colours on. Around the ground away fans would mainly be in the Ambassador (formerly the Centenary, big pub, mixed support), the 4Jays (you won't find any Dundee fans drinking in here) , The Clep Bar (quite mixed) , The Glens (good pub but about a 10 minute wak to the away end) , The Snug (good small pub mixed support) , Ferrari's (used to be mixed, haven't been for years) , The Troll (mainly away fans) . Then you also have around the ground - Frews (mainly Dundee but been mixed before), The Barrells (massive pub, mainly Dundee but sometimes away fans), Halleys (decent pub mainly Dundee), the Maltman (pretty much 100 percent Dundee) , Bowbridge (quite dodgy), Whites (never knew it was 100 percent Dundee as per previous post) . St Johnstone fans would be fine in most pubs in Dundee but wouldn't recommend The Maltman or Whites as 100 percent Dundee. You boys going to be bringing a decent support through on Saturday? Was always a good fixture in the First Division for crowds and atmosphere.
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    New Shop Thread...

    Gave it a go yesterday - top work! Bacon and tattie scone roll was chock fu' and perfectly done.
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    New Shop Thread...

    i spoke to your cuz in the shop a few weeks back about saints.seemed a nice bloke he will be even nicer if i get a discount with my season ticket hint.