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    Eses Day

    Yarinki mac formam hazir. There will be a Saintee on stands tomorrow @St_Johnstone_FC @stjohnstone1884 pic.twitter.com/yA4yP6gFtq — darknESS ⚡ (@okosku) February 22, 2013 here is the my suit for tomorrow. We will play against istanbul belediye so i decided to go there as a Saint
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    It was funnier when it didn't work
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    Iain Redford Iain Redford & Iain Redford In that order :sad: I couldn't believe it. Bassa
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    Calypso Kid

    Dundee V Saints 27/02/2013

    It's almost as if the game's visionary leaders are trying to put punters off going to games. This ought to be a flagship game for Saints. Instead, it will be a tawdry affair played out in front of a half-arsed crowd. What a mess.
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    Alan Mannus

    Don't see what Lomas sees in him, garbage keeper but yet we let Enckleman go who on his day is one of the best in the league, Hearts must be laughing at us. Is it just me who thinks that Mannus is rotten? Think Tuffey deserves a chance better than that pish
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    a tough away game to end the normal season before the split....
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    Round 34 - Stmirren (H) 23Feb

    league game against the other saints
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    Shame. That's what you get for being loyal from the beginning, not many in today's game would've stuck around as long as Moon did - I personally have a great respect for him. In an ideal world, he'll impress under Hartley, Hartley will become manager of a larger club and will take Mooner with him. Hope he is not left to play the rest of his days in the lower tiers of Scottish football.
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    3. Paul Wright's overhead kick 2. Vinny Arkins overhead kick 1. Saints 5 Good Aberdeen team 0
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    Have the mods not ****'d that wee chunts name out yet?
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    1.00 kick off it is then ;-)
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    Another attempt at starting this thread...
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    Another shop bites the dust...

    The Early Learning Centre is to close. Mothercare who own ELC are struggling so closing a lot of stores. They are apparently hopeful of getting into another location - the centre being mentioned - where the rates are much cheaper. Still the loss of yet another well-established popular and busy shop, not to mention the jobs lost as well.
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    andy rhodes fancy watch

    Dundee Fc

    Is it enjoyable for you to watch dundee getting pumped by everyone in the spl this season ? Not for me , although it looks like they'll save us the worry of relegation .
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    In reverse order.... 3.. Gary McGuinnis scoring vs Caledonian FC all those years ago. 2. Matt Glennon scoring vs Ross County. 1.Gordon Muir vs Celtic! Any other memorable "I don't believe it" Saints moments?
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    There are 40 seats sold for this game 9 seats available Sheet at the bar, phone the club 01738 628391 Bus leaves Barossa Street at 6.30 R
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    Nigel Hasselbiank

    Opinions?Was getting a lot of abuse from Saints fans at the end of the game on Saturday for yet another poor performance when he came on
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    "Saints in Saturday 3pm home game kick off shocker!" We're playing Geordie Munrovers at home this Saturday - grass pitch at Kinross booked for 10.30 kick off. Leaving Tesco at 9:30am, or meet there at 9:50am-10am. Who's in? Aye - Barca, Joss, Sully, Nips, Keith, Dale, Spew, Elvis, Dan, Stewart, Rodgers, Neil W Maybe - Naw - Pops, Rodge, Burn, Nick, Kirky, Nuggets, Jack
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    Real Madrid

    When One Game Finishes

    The preparations for the next game begin. I know most wont normally see this but the young lads along with some older heads immediately covered the pitch to ensure that Saturdays game goes ahead.
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    auld reekie saint


    Totaly agree!
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    1. Ian McPhee (early 70's) dribbling through the Celtic defence to score a fantastic goal at the Ice Rink end in the early 70's. Great passer of the ball but didn't expect that. 2. Alan Moore scoring a hatrick with the head. 3. George Tulloch off his line against old Rangers and ........ I still see that in slow motion because I was just up the terracing from where the ball left I an Redford's foot .... and we were going through to the next round winning 3-2 as the ball was in mid air.
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    Watching the crowd heading up the Dunkeld Road to the match from my granny's bedroom window on the Crieff Road. They took up the whole of the road so no traffic could get by. Then my dad coming back from the pub and joining the crowd. Memory still strong although it was the late 50's. (1950's I will quickly add!) Saints 5 Aberdeen 0 then Wendy Who? Keeping the price at 5-0p for ages. Roddy Grant. No more needs to be said.
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    My insides still haven't recovered from the Vindaloo. Needed a bank loan for Imodium. And your Phaal was hotter.
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    That was a hottie mate! I did a lot of growing up in that 20 minutes and the subsequent couple of hours on the lavy!!!
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    "I don't believe it moment" Dave, on the pre season tour of Ireland in the Indian restaurant, you asked the owner for the Hottest meal he could supply. Well, can still see your beetroot face with the sweat dripping off your coupon and you gasping for breath. It's a moment etched in the memory. Pissing ma'sel just thinking about it. Oh sorry Dave was this supposed to "stay in Ireland"?
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    Turning up at an airport to be told "you takin the piss" as I wore my Saints Jumper before heading on a golfing Holiday ( sssshhhh ) Meeting an old work colleague en route to Ireland with fellow fans and I didnt recognise her in her mature years. Being at Dens when we won a cup.
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    Haste ye back Mooner, still unfinished business at Saints! if Mulgrew can get back to Celtic, you can get back to Saints.
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    Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).

    If he's good enough, he's young enough to progress to a better level. Good luck Mooner.
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    Hopefully he can do what Dobbie and Stevenson did and drop down to climb even higher. All the best
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    Just signed for Second Division Alloa
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    Oscar Pretorius

    He'll do a runner or himself
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    Apologies if its elsewhere....Kevin Moon signed for Alloa until the end of the season. Thought he would get a club higher up to be honest.
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    I like this, purely because it didn't work and you were no doubt being nasty about him
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    Tranmere Saintee

    Nigel Hasselbiank

    A few points raised in this thread:- He is still a very young guy - he is 22 going on 23, when will he mature and realise how damned lucky he is and apply himself every game whether he is on from the start or being used as a sub? He might be our most natural goal scorer - a ratio of 1 goal per 6 to 7 games would suggest otherwise!! I have never really bought into fans accusing players of dis-interest and not trying and have always reckoned that they were having an off day, which we all suffer, but it is obvious on so many occasions that this guy has a stinking attitude when things do not immediately go his way and sulks when not giving the starting shirt he has to earn rather than expect.
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    Wendy Saints

    Tickets For Celtic Game?

    I remember when they were building McDiarmid Park.....people were criticising SJFC for building a stadium for only 10,000. In response Geoff Brown said that even if the stadium was a 20,000 capacity & was full every week, the income generated would still not be enough to run the club. My point is, as much as it pains me to say it, I think everyone is flogging a dead horse thinking of ways to increase the gate! I think the club has to think of more innovative ways to generate the cash. I replied previously that a friend who can't make all the games was charged £26.00 on Tuesday, he didn't complain, however I thought it was a bad move by the club charging home fans extra for an old firm game. Personally I feel it was a shortsighted move which at most would gather a few measly quid, but the long term effect would be to chase would be supporters away. I ain't no economist, but it sounds like the law o diminishing returns to me. I know this is another topic all together, but the car park charge went up part way through the season with no prior warning, nearly a 50 per cent increase! When I asked was told it was Steve Brown's idea! I mean nearly doubling the price...come on!
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    St Johnstone Shirts - Wanted

    I raise and match you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_N1n7lI0yEk
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    The ghost of Jim Morton

    Hearts Fc

    I would rather you skanks stayed up then the Jambos.. Lets hope it is admin and a large deduction.
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    Ainslie Gardens

    the street formally known as ainslie gardens was shut by the polis a few days ago for several hours,whilst some local had a wee standoff with the polis.i believe ainslie gardens was safer 30 years ago.and there was more hooses and folk there then.
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    Dundee V Saints 27/02/2013

    Surely not all ticket Stanley? If so I'll be gutted cos I won't risk buying a ticket in advance in case something comes up at work and I can't get away on time.. That's why I didn't go to the Celtic game, then the b'strds announced pay at the gate at the last minute, by which time I'd made other arrangements
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    Fans At Last Nights Game.

    Poor on the Police part,I got the drum after he left so hey ho I'm no complaining
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    I voted for Cham Scoabee. Purely because, and I'm following Derek Adams' lead here, Mannus had nothing to do, Celtic never really bothered us! Mannus was immense in the first half but due to our change at halftime, felt Sellick were nowhere near as effective, and our whole defence looked rock solid
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    What a good season to be a Saints fan 3 games against Celtic in the league and Celtic haven't beat us once instead we have got 5 points against the green and white minks
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    dave mc

    Liam Craig Rumour

    He had more attempts at goal than anyone,two were blocked by the keeper,but Abeid,Wright and Doughty were all better imo,and others were better in others opinions
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    saint jason

    Edinburgh Recommendations

    Oh what fun! Our own little space at last. If anyone has been to good bars, reataurants, venues or indeed has found bargains, freebies and the like, use this thread.....................par example, Mathers in Broughton Street=good bar............All Bar One, George Street=bad bar. Cheap tobacco to be found in Rapido, Broughton Street, £2.50 for a wee pack of Drum, cheap as chips-unlike their chips. Many thanks, jc
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    Wap Superstars V Ormond Saints 03/03/13

    Even if we only have six players haha
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    Another shop bites the dust...

    Someone said it was bogging
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    Alan Mannus

    Bit simplistic to use a clean sheets stat. But it does back up your long held view. How many goals were Mannus' fault? Surely a more relevant stat?
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    Liverpool in a crisis ?

    As much as i hate both team, i am much happy with Man Utd winning. Cause with being a Tranmere fan, it is funny as hell to watch them seating 3rd bottom, and long may it stay that way.
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    Official Site/Pr & Marketing

    Absolutely, Al. It's never been a particularly great source of information, although I would have expected to have had better updates from Paul than we've had this week. Any company that lets someone go should have made plans for their replacement. Even if one guy leaves, the whole thing shouldn't fall down without him. In any case, updating the website is almost certainly a piece of piss to do and the idea of having to get up to speed with it is ludicrous. It won't be much more difficult than making a post on this forum. Communication through their own website should be a priority for all clubs now.
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    Lets go.............This is the day we have waited for all season. Now the league can be won by us with no what ifs, buts or shite about other teams..Just 3 points and glory is ours... Same again would be fine by me. Hopefully Alan Main is fit for it and Del should not change that line up unless he has to for injuries. After the first class display of professionalism the afternoon., these boys will do for me. WIN SAINTS......