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    Team V Fc Minsk

    I'm going with St Johnstone.....never liked FC Minsk
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    2013/14 Season Tickets

    Have you ever seen the marketing of Saints being as effective as recent efforts? Blinders - Euro merchandise (Jomas fault on away strip), Hearts £1 to their fighting fund (could be as much as 4k going into the Hearts kitty) and Armed Forces ST I think SB, The Directors, Paul and his team are taking on board the comments of Saints fans and doing a great job. I have heard we are doing a "quid to support a kid" for the Saints Youth Academy at the Hearts or Minsk game. If this the the case we should support AS 100% in order to look after our future 1st team players.
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    2013/14 Season Tickets

    Think you need to take it as the club addressing alot of issues one step at a time They cannot introduce everything in one week (bear in mind they had hell of time getting Belarus sorted, Hearts tickets processed and other day to day things that go on) Think we need to applaud them for this great idea and wait for the next "new" exciting announcement that will surely be coming along. Personally feel the club are doing everything they can to encourage a "feel good " around the place. The club is buzzing and we should get behind them rather than criticise every single thing
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    So let's just hope that Richard Gordon maintains good contact with the Bel end.
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    Went on the FC Minsk site and got Google to translate the interview below with their coach - interesting adjectives to describe him. Main take out for me is that they think their chances are 50-50 as 'we are not Rosenborg or Celtic'. Hmm Really up for this - and like everyone else, wish I was there! Jim Vadim Skripchenko: "We can become the first team to break the tradition." 30.07.2013 - 23:36 On the eve of the Europa League match with "St Johnstone" shit club coach Vadim Skripchenko gave a press conference and answered questions from the media capital. - Even after the first match, "Rosenborg" and "St Johnston," in which the Scots won at a party, you can still call a favorite of Norwegian club. How are unable to go further still British? - Closely watched the first match of the teams in Trondheim. "St Johnstone," noted the good organization of the game, proved to be a highly disciplined, team work. Football players see out all the time, even when it seemed that they were already too heavy to withstand the opponent. In general, "St Johnstone" showed those fighting qualities that are inherent to all British teams. As for the dedication and patience, "St. Johnston," to pay tribute. "Rosenborg" more possession of the ball, created the most threats, but at the expense of the organization of the game in defense and aggression to attack the Scots won away victory. - "St Johnstone" - a typical representative of the British school football? - In the middle of the field in attack and he has players who can control the ball well. Also, the team is able to move quickly from defense to counterattack. He plays in a 4 +4 +2, quite compact.At the beginning of the attacks, no one invents, are simplified: should the long transfer forward, and then fight. In the final stage of attack players acting aggressively. - Players of your previous opponent of "Valletta" stood a good anthropometric data. "St Johnstone" in that is similar to the Maltese? - There's a tall players in defense and in the offensive line. There is a burly short, for example, Hasselbaink, who can push the defense. We are ready for it. - Given all the advantages of "St. Johnston," What do you expect from this team in Grodno. - She has and dignity, and disadvantages. Rival coach said that "Minsk" - it is not "Rosenborg".With all due respect to the "St Johnston," and we respect every opponent, and we believe that the chances of winning 50 to 50, I can say that this is not "Celtic". - You have chosen to play a stadium in Grodno. Why not Brest, where your team is, it seems, would have found a lot of support? - We like entourage in Grodno, even though the local team at the games is going to not so much.We are satisfied with the quality of the field. Unless, of course, to look a little further, imagining that we will reach the next round, I would not refuse to play in Brest. I'm from Brest region, and the guys we have, which are the epitome of local football. I mean Roman Vasilyuk and Andrei Razin.There would have, probably, a more substantial support. But now we are completely satisfied with the Grodno. Separately I would like to thank the Director General of "Neman" Leonid Dmitranitsu for the opportunity to spend the rest on Wednesday in Grodno on the basis of the club to the eve of the game, we did not lose power on the move. There's also going to train and to keep the playing field in good condition. - I went there for the benefit of the team arose week interval between matches? - Of course, at this stage, she went for the future. We played a tight schedule, although I understand that all the teams that play in European competition must be prepared for this. For a week we hiked up their physical fitness, improved emotional state. The main group returned traumatized Pushnyakov and Majewski. Their participation in the Grodno match is still in question, but in a week we can count on them. Razin was still in the hospital and no trains in the total group, feeling a little discomfort. My opinion is the psychological state. He is an experienced player and age, and probably afraid of injury recurrence, which can damage it permanently, so play safe. - The team joins Kovel ... - Leonid signed a contract with us. He had a serious injury - a fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone.We helped him to do the surgery so that he can recover and return to football. He expressed a desire to play with us. But so far in the Europa League we can not use it. At the same time we have left with Volkov, and on Monday the decision was made to part with Gigevich. Sergey, unfortunately, does not play at the level that I could. But in our young people are growing - the same Pushnyakov and Belevich. Gigevich lost the competition to young children. - What are your memories of Scottish football? - He played there for the youth team, coached by Ivan Savostikov and Yuri Pyshnik, and we won 3-0. I think I've even scored a goal then. Everything else is connected with BATE Borisov. When I worked as an assistant coach, Borisov met with "Everton" and "Linfield." British style of football is familiar to me. - What are the advantages of "Minsk" in front of "St. Johnstone?" - Who would not like to talk about it. We have outstanding players who are capable of such a power struggle with the team, but has problems with improvisation, surprise. - "St Johnstone" in its seven European Cup matches, never lost ... - Yes, I've read. Well and good! I think we can become the first team to break this tradition. I also got acquainted with the history of "St. Johnston" and discovered that there was even Alex Ferguson played. It will be nice to beat the team, which once played a great coach.
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    The point to made is that a Visa situation for a football match is a shambles and FIFA and UEFA should hammer down on this. To me is shows how little they care that a team in a week must fork out £4500 just to pay to get into the country they have been drawn in UEFA managed to help Man Utd and Chelsea when they played in Russia and as far as I see this is similar but they don't care As long as they get the big teams from the big nations into their tournaments they are happy
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    Under Age Teams

    Ed, the boys will soon tell you if they do not rate the coaches. It is not just the Tayside/Fife clubs that are going to feel the pull of boys to Saints but other bigger clubs. I do not think we realise just what's going on at the Academy. We have a HOY who has brought through players at Hibs worth £millions with a vast network of contacts, a chairman, manager and board to back him and we will have superb facilities to nurture this talent soon. The future is very blue and bright.
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    With leagues ,league cup games coming up and the possibity of more euro games plus season tickets paid for give the fans a wee bonus ,copy hibs £10/£5 cash gate u 12 free
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    Yes its nice but this deal should be offered to all fans!
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    Excellent news - direct from the horse's mouth (Richard Gordon's anyway!!): Richard Gordon ‏@RichardGordon481m @jeccles621 @bbcjimspence Uncross your fingers Jim, your prayers have been answered. On air 4.30pm 810mw
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    Would everyone please PM Athens Saints with all relevant details
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    Still searching for the word CURRENTLY on the thread header Though there is a pishy wee mention in the blah blah blah. FVcking boring thread anyway but carry on.
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    2013/14 Season Tickets

    No seamen.
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    I met the players at Edinburgh Airport I was heading for a much more boring day trip to London on biz :-( Just to confirm, Midge isn't travelling but Ando is and is confident he'll play. Muzz was in the squad and expects to be on the bench - in his own words, he's not at full fitness yet. A great bunch of lads, all willing to have a chat and get photos taken. Dave MacKay and Alan Mannus in particular - a great blether with both of them - true gentlemen. Get right intae them Saints! Jim
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    Markinch Saint

    Team V Fc Minsk

    ************************* And how would you know what that was
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    Hello my Scottish friends! I have put the disappointment behind me after our bad matches. I will give you a compliment. You guys are amazing fans! I met several St. Johnstone fans in Trondheim, and all behaved awesome, and were very pleasant! Must say it again: You guys are amazing fans! Congratulations on your advancement, and I hope you win the Europa League this year! Greetings from Rosenborg man! (sorry for my bad english! )
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    Big chance for progress now. Let's get Fortress McD rocking!
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    New Podcast

    Just read that Saints are to launch a new Podcast on Tuesday called SaintsTalk!!!! This is great news - if I recall correctly, they had 4 pre-season podcasts a couple of years ago. Is a great way of keeping in touch with the goings on and all helps to make the fans feel part of the club. Well done Saints!!!
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    the mad referee

    My Album Of Photos V Rosenberg

    http://sdrv.ms/17joGnJ Link to my Skydrive Album "Rosenberg" Critique Welcome
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    Is there a large Bulgarian contingent in Belarus?
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    stanley saint

    New Podcast

    Is it going to be able to be downloaded out side of the UK?
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    2013/14 Season Tickets

    I mean no disrespect to the Armed Forces but I would have liked to see this deal open to any fans as well. People choose to join the Armed Forces and they get paid for doing so just the same as people choose to work offshore or jobs that include weekend working etc etc There s lots of reasons why people who support Saints may not buy a season ticket as they cant make every game, being in the Armed forces is just one of those reasons. I m fortunate in that I can guarantee I m off almost every weekend and therefore a season ticket has always been a no brainer. I wonder though what the take up would be on a 6 game package like this being open to anyone, I can think of a couple of folks that work offshore that I think would be interested straight away. Only concern would be that season tickets sales may go down if more people purchased these instead I suppose.
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    Yes it is - 5pm UK, 7pm Belarus time #COYS
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    You gotta love Google translation sometimes - Nige - a 'burly short'
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    With the game taking place in Perth and the cost of the petrol for him to make the journey down, i'm sure he will be on here soon enough banging on about how Gav is pricing him out of a kick around with mates......
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    stanley saint

    2013/14 Season Tickets

    Im all over that, I used my season ticket 3 times last season. Well done saints
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    David Myers (born 30 June 1989) is an Australian rules footballer born in Perth.
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    2013/14 Season Tickets

    Oh C'mon ! That is hard to swallow !!!!!
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    1-0 Saints. Ando pearler from 35 yards.
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    A former wapper called Singapore Saint used to hate this thread. Wonder what happened to him?
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    Don't want to speak for StevenSan, but maybe he finds it worth commenting that a Filipino passport gets you quicker access to a European country than a UK passport, or maybe that people in the same family can have different access rights. [Edit: in other words, I don't think he's claiming that we should have priority] The visa situation is also crazy for me the sense that - in my experience - the Belarus Govt is even more worried about their own nationals leaving the country and coming to the UK than they are about visitors.
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    Hearts Wear Speedos
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    Id say not as many as 1st mooted now especially with the latest news.Some fans will be thinking whats the point in throwing good money after bad away.Hope the north stand is open for them as at least the young team will have some1 to sing to.
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    Mehdi Abied

    Panathanikos scum. Olympiakos Piraeus every day...Bravo ! Turtle, when you swiming out to the Med. The mating season has started. You can do your spawning in my pool if you promise to clean up afterwards.
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    Rewind Festival= Scone

    myspazz its not ok for Dylan to repost something from fb but its ok for you to highlight what Dylan posted????? Superiority complex or what.
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    they valletta fans were very noisy.that wouldn't go down well with some of the more delicate folk on this forum.probably would have wanted them named and shamed. just as well we got the minks then as they arent very loud.
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    Markinch Saint

    Top 5 Moments At Mcdiarmid

    Probably the best victories, however of those I was only at one despite being a saints fan for 27 years, the Airdrie game nothing will ever ever top that day. Best moments though:- 1 Roddy Grant to put us 2-1 up, Saints v Airdrie Mar 1990, between poor finishing, outstanding saves from John Martin and hitting the woodwork it could easily have been 10-1. Fecking was there with a mate called Steve Gray as well, he wasn't popular when they went 1 up, how Scottish football has changed Owen Coyle transfer fee from Clydebank to Airdrie was £175K. Kenny Ward for 3-1 same game. Goran Stanic goal wonder goal v Hamilton Oct 20005 Monaco game, John O'Neill goal I think, accidentally smashed by brother in face during celebrations, accident honest! Saints 5 -1 Hibs (just cause I'd missed the other high scored wins) When d*** Campbell threw his cap on ground in frustration and was later sent to the stand by the ref, sheer partick jags lovey theatrics.
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    south inch

    Europa League Finances

    Seems strange that UEFA have rules about floodlight quality, pitch size etc. but don't worry about a team who don't have access to their own stadium. As a result we have a 4 hour drive to contend with from the nearest airport which only opens between 10 am and 2 pm and will therefore cost us an arm and leg to keep open at night so we can hope to get the players home with some recovery time before Sunday's game. Also, UEFA seems unconcerned about the Belarus Visa arrangements which are reported to be costing us a £4,500 bribe (sorry administration charge) so that our official party will be allowed into the country in time for the game! We should claim pitch problems for the second leg and say we want to play it on Tiree. Unfortunately, FC Minsk will have to stay in Oban and negotiate with MacBraynes to get to Tiree and back.
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    North Muirton question...

    sense of humour by pass detected.i thought it was funny
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    Does Willows Cafe have a TV ?
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    Saints V Hearts 4/8/13 Ko 15:00

    What does that tell you about how bothered they are to help their club financially and support their players in this difficult time? If Saints were in the same situation and we were generously getting some gate money back from an away team, a bloody application form would not stop me from getting to that game to support my club and ensure their survival. We would not see the money if we let them sell the tickets themselves.
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    Also a shout out to your colleague Craig for the smashing new graphics he has added recently.
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    Yeah, if there's any doubt about the effectiveness of these videos, they've made a fan out of me despite the fact that there's pretty much no realistic reason for me to be a Saints fan. I've contributed financially to the club by buying merchandise/programmes, so that's at least SOME income generated
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    Europa League Finances

    Completely agree with this. It's just a pity that, as we all know, that money is kept aside to bail out the Gretnas/Hearts/Rangers of this world who can't be arsed to pay their own bills. Heaven forbid any of it goes to clubs who have kept their houses in order, earned their success the hard way and could now do with an extra cash boost in order to help them positively represent the country in Europe.
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    Not a Saints fan but i will be in Belarus for a wedding from Wednesday. A few of us would love to try and get to see the game. Any idea about tkt news? It is in Grodno i believe? Wedding venue is not too far from there. If i can get to the game i will take some pics and stick them up on this board.
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    Thanks, my nerves had taken over by that time, they could've brought on one of the ball boys by that time and I'd have been none the wiser.
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    Saint Ziggy Stardust

    Europa League Finances

    Have I got this right? The match has been switched to a city something like 300km from Minsk and we're the ones having to pay to keep some two-bob airport open? UEFA should be making Minsk foot the bill or UEFA should pay it. No way should we be paying it. If a club cannot host the visiting club in their own home ground then they should pay any extra costs involved or forfeit the tie. Steve Brown should be asking for us to be given a bye into the next round.
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    Saturday 3Rd August - Real Maroon (H)

    I could play Sunday, but summer Saturdays are for cricket. Footy season starts too early
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    January Transfer Speculation Thread

    Well the window isn't that far away and thought I would start a general thread rather than one specific to each individual. Evening Times has us, among others, linked with Liam Buchanan of Thistle http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/display.var.2534490.0.clubs_prepare_january_raid_for_buchanan.php Thoughts?