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    Absolutely superb result, really unexpected. I was hoping we could maybe grind out a point and try to get the win on Saturday to keep ourselves clear of Hibs, but to get the gap to four points, and the massive goal difference in our favour, is brilliant. We've got to look positive going into the next couple of games - starting with County at home. We'll probably start more attacking and hopefully we can repeat our massive win over them earlier in the season at McDiarmid! I think a win on Saturday would pretty much guarantee us top six - we'd have to absolutely blow it in the remaining four games after that, and Hibs would have to go on a good run.
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    Dundee Utd V Saints 27/1/14 Kick Off 19:45

    Playing well, better side for at least 30 minutes of that, poor for fifteen after Easton's injury. They've had two great chances, we've had three good ones. Happy so far.
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    Karma Just think of all the times badfanny, Swanson, Conway etc have conned the ref at Tannadump against Saints over the years. GIRUY Jackie who seems to have been a total p****. He clearly said something pretty disrespectful as Donnelly said he couldn't quite recall it but then went on to say that things like that are said all of the time. On the back of that McNamara clearly setting out his stall to get Lennon' s job @ Sellick when he moves on. Well done Saints. Great result.
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    To quote yourself, funny how many people on here think they know better than the manager, etc. Yawn
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    Anyone know if radio Scotland are showing this???
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    Tulloch Bus To Semi Final

    Bus leaving from the Tulloch at 11 am pm or phone for a seat all aboard the skylark
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    Bob Crow

    Bob Crow put the interests of his Union member minority at the top of his list and cared not a hoot about the impact of his actions on the public, whose money from fares paid the wages of him and his cronies. He held TFL and others to ransom in order to line their pockets, while costing ordinary people millions in extra fares and disrupting their daily lives through strikes. So here's a big middle finger in return from me to you Bob, and a prayer that we won't see your like again any time soon.
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    Didn't see much wrong with any of the 'penalty' decisions. United were diving all over the place as per usual and the referee was more than wise to it. Perhaps there was a slight case for the final incident being given as a penalty, but it really is a case of The Boy Who Cried Wolf for Dundee United. They have nobody but themselves to blame. We started off as the better team and Stevie had two great opportunities. As mentioned by others, Easton's injury was a turning point and United dominated the rest of the first half from that point onwards. I hope that the decision to remove Easton was just as a precaution rather than something more serious. I was chuffed for May to finally score again, despite the absurd circumstances in which the goal occurred. He was the victim of many sly fouls by the United players. They seemed intent on trying to get him sent off, even though May did nothing untoward other than exert a bit of physicality. It seems that Danny Swanson has passed on the torch to this current bunch of players. Otherwise, Peter Houston has passed on the torch to Jackie McNamara. We passed the ball around well. The last 10 minutes were very nervy, but we defended resolutely and just about merited the win. I quite like the lower tier. You get a very good view of the dug-outs as well as the pitch. Credit to all of the players (and management) tonight. No failures in blue. Gary McDonald has been criticised recently, by myself as well as others, but he really made himself a physical force in this match. Well done to him. Keep it up. Dunne was impressive yet again. To add to the braw evening, Hibs drop a couple of points. A good night all-round! Looking forward to Saturday now. I will be disappointed if Richard Brittain doesn't end the match in tears again.
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    Short and sweet. Great 3 points, delighted. Jackie Mac is a COCK!!!! Night night.
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    Motm Dundee United 0 - Saints 1 - 12/03/14

    Dunne gets my vote as well - only coz I can't vote for their keeper.
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    Stevie May

    MacLean got his first against Well from a spill after a speculative shot as well.
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    Just been on BBC Scotland that Sevco have clinched a micky mouse league with 8 games to spare. No mention of Caley or United game. That is absolute shit.
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    Really good all round team performance.First 20 minutes we were very positive with O'Hallaron looking lively,fell out of it for 15 when Eastons injury unsettled us a bit,Cuptie seemed reluctant to go left back to be honest.Missed the goal as was pi$$3d off at Stevie for a weak shot and not playing it wide,and looked away!Second half they punted ball after ball down the middle and we coped pretty well,although a couple of the pen claims could've been given.All played well,but Dunne has added real steel and decent guile in the middle,O'Hallaron worked really hard all night up and down the lines.Great 3 points,finishing 4th still a chance.
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    Easton went off early, so was obviously hurt, but Miller was in injury time so maybe nothing serious, just a bit of precautionary time wasting??
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    Dundee Utd V Saints 27/1/14 Kick Off 19:45

    Yet again you show that you know nothing.
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    Wendy Saints

    Stevie May

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    Who the furque is Stevie May
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    dave mc

    Dundee Utd V Saints 27/1/14 Kick Off 19:45

    Played well except for 16 when Easton went off, May slightly isolated though,
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    Scottish Cup Semi Final

    P1sh it's not at Hampden. My flats about 2 minutes walk from there! Hopefully the Iron Horse is open Scobby, merrydown in the park sounds good to me. As long as it's the gold label stuff.
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    Seemingly you can listen to it live on bt sport
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    I'm talking before the goal even
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    Tbh will it matter
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    Tomorrow nights game will give us another chance to gauge how well equipped we are in dealing with another quick counter attacking team. We coped well against Aberdeen and were unfortunate to come away with nothing. I hope Tommy plays a similar set-up as the Aberdeen game. It's a shame we don't have McLean available but would like to see more of O'halloran. A win against probably the most inform team in the league would surely give us a huge boost ahead our next fixtures and most importantly the semi-final C.O.Y.S
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    Time to make this a season to remember. Win on Wednesday, then our run in to the split is vs 5 of the 6 teams below us. 18 points out of 18, amd a first ever Scottish cup final. Keep the faith!!
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    Was gutted when the draw came out. Any other season over the past 15 years would have bitten your hand off for TWO semi finals against aberdeen, however this year they seem far stronger. But now I'm right into it, we owe them. They're decent and well organised but very beatable. We gave them 3 goals at the last semi and really helped to settle their nerves. From the last semi-final cut out the silly individual errors, they really pressure you in centre midfield (think chris millar in game at mcd in December), good at set pieces and are excellent at counter attacking. So in my humble opinion, make sure we have a midfielder (dunne?) who sits and protects the back 4 all game. Don't dally on the ball too long in centre midfield. Have some pacey players left at the back when we have corners/ free kicks in their half so not to get outpaced on the break. Also attack them at a much higher tempo rather than passing it about in front of them because they like to get men behind the ball and sit in. nige and croft to run at them in wide areas as they don't like that, and more low driven balls into box as they are quite strong in the air. The big difference this time is Maclean.. Plenty passes into his feet to play off him and he will draw free kicks in their half as they do like to throw themselves into challenges in their defensive third. I would start with pretty much the same team as v raith on Saturday. I hope they bring 40000 again and we manage to fill the stand behind the goal, and when Stevie bangs one in we ram it right up them with a chorus of "who the **** is Stevie May?" As they took delight in singing at tynecastle. It's only aberdeen. It's a scottish cup semi final to play against one of three other teams who are also very beatable for us in the final.. What an opportunity to make history and become a St Johnstone legend for the next 100 years!!
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    Was waiting for my train back to the west at Kirkcaldy station after the game yesterday and got a nice comment from an elderly lady on the platform about how well behaved the supporters on the opposite platform waiting for the Perth train were. Always uplifting to hear things like this.
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    Real Madrid

    U-20 Season 2013/14

    The weak referee contributed to this. He spent more time worrying about the fact that Dylan Easton had black shorts under his Saints shorts than getting the decisions correct. His tone towards the players was also wrong (you can hear everything at these games unless Mr Muir is shouting)
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    Radford 72

    U-20 Season 2013/14

    Wasn't going to mention this but feel it needs said and links into what was said a few posts above. It's a shame that not only did the St Mirren players choose to act in the manner they did in the second half yesterday but that they were also allowed to carry on as they did. The second half was spent with them wasting time and feigning injury and I can genuinely say from having seen the way the Saints players have conducted themselves this season that there is no way they'd have been allowed to get away with that. It doesn't bode particularly well for the future if young players are being coached in such tactics as seen by St Mirren yesterday.