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    Aberdeen V Saints 1/1/15

    We've sent our complaints in an email to feedback@afc.co.uk No point complaining on here or on fb. Needs to go directly to Aberdeen FC. We copied in the SPFL too .
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    Zamora Fan

    Player contracts and transfers

    Easton got Motm today for Arbroath.
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    It's not been extended. He's there until 16th
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    Saints V Hamilton 4/1/15

    Sorry but there will be no clean sheets with all this viagra going about ................... Anyway back on topic only a win will do
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    Fud alert ^^^^^^^^^
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    Sjfc Quiz

    I believe if you make it a general knowledge quiz with a round on sjfc you may stimulate interest from those who have no knowledge of the club and thus increase the number that may participate eg a supporter his family and mates. Also day and venue important to get a good response
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    Child Benefit

    exactly, without heavy drinkers and chain smokers the NHS would be in an even worse state (not to mention the pension system). Whilst we often hear stories of the vast cost smoking and drinking has on the health service, there are very few stories on the taxes raised from their habits. Obesity on the other hand, now costs even more annually, yet somehow there doesnt seem to be the same appitite (excuse the pun), for the likes of mcdonalds or your local takeaway to be taxed like BAT or Diageio. Whilst everyone has an individual right to choose what they do, surely any business that promotes illhealth should be taxed to cover those effects in the longer term cost to society.
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    Steven Gerrard

    if someone joined saints as a kid, played 25 odd years and became arguably their best player ever, id find it hard to criticise them if they wanted a US payday for a couple of seasons when they were well past their best. Gerrard like Shearer chose heart over head. Whilst their careers may have suffered, they are proper legends at those clubs.
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    Ibrox latest...

    fit and proper owner?, lets not forget (from wiki) King eventually reached an agreement with the South African High Court whereby he pled guilty to 41 criminal counts of contravening the South Africa Income Tax Act and agreed to pay a fine of 80,000 Rand per criminal conviction or 3.28 million Rand in total. As part of the deal to drop the other 281 criminal charges he faced, King also agreed that he would pay the Criminal Assets Recovery Account of the South African Authorities 8.75 million Rand in compensation. King was originally indicted on 322 counts including fraud, tax evasion and evasion of exchange control regulations, as well as money-laundering and racketeering
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    Abernethy Saint

    Ibrox latest...

    Rangers. Try and keep up.
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    Smarmy Arab

    Dundee Derby

    today....i'm mostly thinking like.........Bert.....
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    Player contracts and transfers

    Keep squad as it is and have a go at top six!
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    Just read through the St Johnstone Twitter feed some interesting statistics about St Johnstone in 2014. During 2014 the team Played 50 games, (23 wins, 9 draws, 18 losses) and had an overall goal difference of +3 (58 goals for, 55 against). Sums up the team nicely, dogged, difficult to score against and hard to beat. Well done the boys for the past 12 months, even those who have moved on from Perth or have only just started their St Johnstone career. Here's to another determined year from the Saints in 2015. Few more goals wouldn't go amiss either
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    bobby kemp

    St Johnstone In 2014

    I havnt posted for a while but as 2014 is coming to an end i must say , i am proud to be a saintee as are my family, and because my late, dad, grandad granny who made us all saints fans, 2014 was for them as well as the fans who made it to the final . without them showing us the faith, May 17 wouldve passed without a tear. . Happy new year to all saints fans past , present and future...............COYS
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    Cup Final Dvd

    Just watched the interviews & bus tour. Picture was a bit bleary `till I wiped away the tears.
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    St Johnstone In 2014

    I went to my first Saints game in 1958. During that time there have been highs and lows but winning the Scottish Cup makes 2014 the highest point for me. Thanks to all the players, Tommy and the management team, the board and the fans. I'm proud to be a Saintee.
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    Anyone stayed in Murrayshall Hotel recently ?