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    Season Tickets

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    Steven Maclean

    MacLean could spend the rest of his career with Saints sitting in a deckchair on the halfway line smoking cigars and I wouldn't mind.
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    Ibrox latest...

    Disagree. A strong Sevco is what is required to make Scotland stronger in Westminster, as well as saving Scottish football from disaster, solving the middle east crisis, and curing small pox.
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    Ibrox latest...

    None on here are particularly fond of the the, but I just watched a programme on Sky Sports about Fernando Ricksen who has MND. It was a fascinating watch and quite emotional as well. I know he was a bit of a thug but now he has an amazing sense of humour which he needs to have. It is good to see, despite what else is going on at Ibrox, that they can take care of one of their old boys.
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    saint sid

    Drone At Mcdiarmid

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    Season Tickets

    Waiting till tomorrow for my renewal application to arrive in the post. By some of the comments on here, you would be led to believe that some are so impatient that they are looking for 16/17 info to be available. Chill.
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    Papa Jack

    Season Tickets

    You could have completed one of the forms in the time it took you logged onto here and post that...
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    But RN stopped the the winning the championship, so the SFA couldn't let him win.
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    Enjoy Betting Responsibly

    Early price on Queens at home to Sevco, 3/1. Considering they've won 2-0 and 3-0 there this season, that's a huge price.
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    Lamb badge FTW
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    Jiangsu Sainty

    Steven Maclean

    OK I agree there is wiggle room with regard to the difference between rest and retire, but still think goals aren't what MacLean is about no matter of shirt number. As you say, if he isn't providing the other stuff either then questions can/should be asked
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    Steven Maclean

    I disagree. The guy has a number 9 on his back and he plays up front. His return - in terms of goals - is dismal by any measure. Yes, he has value in playing in others, but when we're averaging less than a goal a game, that isn't paying off either. A rest might do him good, but I worry more that he looks a yard off the pace of the game. Will that ever return?
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    Kinnoull Kicker

    Ibrox latest...

    There was a subtle difference in that Hibs had issued season tickets before the play off rules had been concluded ie they would not have been able to be clear as to validity or otherwise for any playoff games ie All championship teams should have made it crystal clear to season ticket holders buying season tickets for this season that they were not valid for any playoff games and thus price accordingly. game set and match to SPFL!
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    Good player. Won't regret breaking my ankle fetching the ball to throw back to him at pitodrie so much if he becomes a saintee.
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    Fair Maid


    A hat and a turd walk into a bar and order a drink. The barman says 'Sorry guys but I'm not serving you!' The hat says 'Why?' and the barman replies 'Cause you're off your head and your mate's steaming' --------- Scottish man, english man and irish man. Rent a hotel room with a rubber dolly for the night. Scottish man and english man both take turns and had a good night. Meanwhile the irish man took much longer and came out with a shocked look on his face. The other 2 say well... Howd it go then? He replied, well guys it was all going so great right, untill i decided to give her a love bite and the b**ch farted and flew out the window!! ----------- Little boy gets home from school and says "Dad, I've got a part in the school play as a man who's been married for 25 years." His Dad replies "Never mind son, maybe next time you'll get a speaking part!!" ------------- Did you hear about the dyslectic, agnostic,insomniac ? He lay awake all night wondering if there really is a Dog ! --------------- Peter Freeman Do paranoid schizophrenic monomaniacal dyslexic agnostic insomniacs lie awake all night wondering if they ARE the dog that's out to get them? ------------ One day I might just change all of my passwords to 'Women' since nobody can seem to figure them out ------------------
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    St Johnstone V Inverness

    Like so many games this season if we don't score first we struggle. Ignoring the fact that MacLean is well off form his link up play was much better and we were the better team. Swanson's effort was terrific as was his run and through ball for Mikey but the first half pettered out. Second half we started really well and should have scored but went behind against the run of play. After that we were shite and Tommy Wright spent 20 minutes scratching his arse when he should have been bringing on Graham. When he finally did, what a difference. Him and McFadden gave us spark and we really should have won the game. A few standout performances with Chris Millar, Gary Millar and Tam Scobbie all playing well. Muzz also had a decent match and Mannus made a couple of good blocks. All in all though, points dropped. Bad management. We should have won today and I'm afraid our lack of goals this season are a self fulfilling proficy. Keep playing off form strikers and leaving goalscorers on the bench and that's what happens.
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    Can the minute taker please post the minutes on the site please.