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    Thought he was out for the season ? And of course the issue of him being maybe being a tad biased
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    6-5 Aberdeen, 4 sendings off, 12 bookings, 19 corners, 4 offsides, TW sent to the stands, 3 penalties and a streaker. Willie Collum as ref and has a good game
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    Comrie felt aggrieved when his opponent felled him , with Ref. gesturing he got the ball and waved to play on. Whatever swear word Comrie used, it didn't meet with the Ref.'s approval and he immediately brandished a red card. Bradley Sinclair twisted away from one opponent and was met with another who contested the ball. The two of them kicked the ball at the same time and Bradley immediately fell to the deck screaming in agony. There was no blame attached to the Hibs player in the 50/50 challenge. The Hibs Lady physio is to be applauded in assisting the Saints staff in the onfield treatment of the player and assisting in helping the player onto the stretcher. The ten men performed admirably and should have scored thru' Connor McLaren in the second half when the ball was passed to him inside the box and for some reason he failed to shoot and was dispossed by a barge in the back. Saints were made to pay for it when Hibs broke up the left and swung a high cross to the unmarked lanky Oli Shaw who looped a header high past keeper McKenzie's flailing right hand. Saints were giving as good as they got and neat passing was getting them into enemy territory, with Eoghan McCawl and Paul Simpson starring. Saints were rightly awarded a penalty when a Hibs player used two hands to push a Saints player in the back as he was on the point of connecting with a crossball. Surprisingly the Hibs player was not booked. McCawl's weak spot kick was easily saved as the keeper dived to his right. Saints got a second spotkick when a perfectly flighted cross from the left to the back post was intercepted by the raised hand of a Hibs defender. Amazingly the Ref. AGAIN failed to produce his yellow card. This time George Hunter took the kick sending the keeper one way and the ball the other, high into the net. This was no more than their spirited display deserved. Hibs were in a lot of possession without looking particularly dangerous as the ten men refused to give in. A draw was probably a fair result, but how Saints will rue the penalty miss.
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    Jiangsu Sainty

    Player contracts and transfers

    I'm aware this has been discussed to death but I've yet to see a single thing to suggest Dunne won't come back. I've seen even less to suggest he will or is, but nothing to suggest he categorically won't - including the bit where he said he won't.
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    nothing to Play for now...

    Over to Northern Ireland again?
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    nothing to Play for now...

    Some good points being made in this thread. I like the idea of giving some of the younger players a game and also I would be telling Midge and Muzz that they are now officially on holiday- let them rest up completely before the start of pre-season. If we are giving a shot to the fringe players let them start the game; 10 minutes at the end of a game tells us zilch about the guys potential.
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    St Mikey

    nothing to Play for now...

    No Euro trip means more money for players salaries, so c'mon Broon! GET YER CHEQUE BOOK OOT!
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    Ibrox latest...

    That's a good one. What gap are you referring to. Are you suggesting that the only important gap is the one between Sevco and CFC. What about say... Aberdeen, Hearts or heaven forbid St Johnstone. Are you saying the only important factor is that Sevco are good enough to challenge CFC next season. Other clubs are an irrelevance? I'll give you the benefit of replying before I say anything else.
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    Smarmy Arab

    League Reconstruction

    Sadly I think you are correct Indicator, this will depend upon events around one club who are too big to live without....even though we have. One thing that has been evident from the last 4 years, not only do we not want them....we don't need them! Well some do need them journalists mostly, over the last week the entire press pack who cover Scottish football have been in a state of arousal at the prospect of Sevco filling the shoes of the disgraced Ibrox outfit in the top flight.
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    nothing to Play for now...

    If all that happens what would folk moan about all summer?
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    nothing to Play for now...

    Doyle, Krachunov, Craig, Lappin, Brown and Sutton all have their futures to play for. Should all be given a chance. The likes of Clark, McCawl and Hurst will also hopefully get game time to prove they should be part of the squad next year. Should also be giving the likes of Millar and probably Muzz some time off to help them recover fully for next season. Wouldn't be adverse to seeing.. Clark Doyle - Shaughnessy - Krachunov - Easton Wotherspoon - Brown - Lappin - Craig Kane - Sutton .. in a couple of the final games
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