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    1982 Retro Shirt

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    breaking news... am going! first game I've managed to go to for over 12 months, CANNOT WAIT!
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    I'm a huge fan of Mackay but I just have a feeling that this operation and recovery is a step too far and felt that when the news of his operation was first announced. Of course his amazing recovery could have been kept under wraps and he'll unleashed against Brechin or Stirning. If he is fully fit he has to play. I also happily have Fisher back. Didn't think much of his defensive qualities when he came (and there's probably still some work to do there) but he was a huge asset to the squad towards the end of last season. But we did bring in Watson so he might be expecting to start a few games. Overall I'd be happy to go with a back 4 of Watson, Joe, Ando and Easton for the season with Scobbie and whatever young lads are left providing cover. We are missing a "head the baw" type player in the mould of Wright or Duberry which leads to our main weakness being at set pieces but surely the coaches will recognise this and put a little extra work in that area.
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    At least Mannus and Scobbie are getting a wee break
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    Not very old at all. RIP.
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    Calling ALL overseas Saintees

    I do like the idea of PPV, but I wouldn't be able to commit to a season, I'd want to pay per game, as I couldn't be sure that I'd be in front of a TV for every game. While I'd be prepared to pay a 'premium' for the option of being able to pick my games, the problem for me is my expectations regarding the quality of the coverage. I dare say that all games currently are being videoed, but they aren't being covered by multiple cameras, with replays, different angles etc. It might be easy to stream the footage, but keen as I am to watch live games, I know I would get frustrated with a very basic single camera coverage. At the moment, I look forward to games covered on BT sport, and it's a real treat to see a game live and that's the kind of coverage I would want. I might pay a couple of pounds for a very basic stream, but I can't imagine that there will be sufficient volume to make it cost effective. Id love to see this work, but I am trying to be honest about what I would pay for. I do want to give money to the club, but I do want something in return.
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    Calling ALL overseas Saintees

    One can only hope that slf volunteers for this role.
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    New season same old... Am now going
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    Player contracts and transfers

    McKay could be the big no nonsense defender we're after, but his lapses in concentration and him thinking he's Baresi hold him back IMO. Even against Bradford - where he played well - 2 or 3 lapses nearly cost the team goals. I suggested right back because I'm not sure about Watson's fitness. He's already missed a competitive game through injury and will apparently miss tomorrow night too. Watson missing out means we've got to move Shaughnessy over to right back and replace Watson with a centre back, which unsettles the defence even more. Fisher would be absolutely ideal.
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    randy bunch, our team...
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    Brechin v Saints LC Sections 26/7/16

    I'm kind of hoping we go full strength for this, do the job and win the group. Then we can rest people and change things on Saturday
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    Hoping to make this game but might have to rotate my top after yesterday and a dollop of tomato ketchup down the back of it
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    Are many members not under 18? Meeting in the Mallard excludes them, because I never went into a pub until my 18th birthday
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    andy rhodes fancy watch

    White Horse on fire

    Canny sell it? Leave it derelict then set it on fire. Knock it down and sell land.
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    dave mc


    Liked it, but not that much!
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    The coefficient thing is not helpful. If you have a bad run, it goes down, and you get drawn against ever harder teams, making it tough to turn things around. Similarly a few good results (Lincoln - snigger) boosts you up quickly and gets you easier draws, putting you on a roll. For reasons of stability and fairness the coefficient system should be scrapped and open draws used. Don't give a **** if that means Raith Rovers vs Dundalk in the final, it gives every team an equal chance and that for me is the ethos of sport, not tilting the playing field so the big boys always win just to keep the TV companies forking over money to UEFA for their corrupt executives to trouser.