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    Dave Mackay

    Ffs. The same Alec Cleland that has been part of the coaching team that has contributed to the most successful period in our clubs history.
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    Dr Christmas Jones

    Dave Mackay

    Dave says PACK rule and if you want to have a go at the UNITY, it's through him first
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    SLF has let himself go. And has an alligience with a team who play in red.
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    Just removed a bunch of posts from this thread due to adults who are unable to communicate without flying off the handle and name-calling. Just a reminder that any instances of homophobic language in particular may result in a ban. Going to assume that those using the forum to advertise selling unofficial merch inside the stadium do have the club's permission to do this.
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    Dave Mackay

    Nice wee managerial job going at stirling albion for someone.
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    Player contracts and transfers

    Was Brad not allowed to go to make way for Foster.
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    Player contracts and transfers

    Was under the impression we allowed McKay to leave so we could bring in Foster, while we always had the budget to bring in another striker. Mackay retired, then Mannus and Gormley away in January, with the wages being spent on May returning, would be acceptable.
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    Ibrox latest...

    The pundits were all correct, the Rangers are mounting a challenge this season. Perfectly placed for an assault on getting top 6
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    andy rhodes fancy watch

    Dave Mackay

    ^^^ another unshaken hand
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    Dave Mackay

    That is a bit harsh is it not. He has certainly done a decent job here with the teams that he has worked with.
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    that was a great bit of goalkeeping, he read the heavy touch by the striker in a heartbeat and made up about 5 yards in a split second. Had he stood his ground it would have been a goal more than likely. The kind of situation that a goal wouldn't have been blamed on bad keeping really, but was prevented by brilliant keeping.
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    i thought he was going mental at joe for letting the hamilton player have a free header at the back. Ando def not at fault. never a foul by joe that lead to the freekick they scored from. 1300 is a horrendous home support
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    Hamilton v Saints. Sun. 25/9/16 3pm K-O

    A lot of teams play with 1 up front quite successfully. Just think 2 up front suits us best.
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    Think I've wooshed you Gordon! Everything is Patons fault apparently, if it wasn't him, it must've been Scobbie then
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    Anderson, Easton, Alston, Davidson, Coulson, Swanson. Wotherspo-on, Watson, Gordon, Paton, Thomson. What are we 'on?'
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    Would have taken a point before the game. Hard match on Thursday long journey back with the players not getting home until middle of the night, and probably only a recovery session on Saturday for the players. The joys of tv controlled football Great goal from Liam today, good support for Saints and hats off to young Comrie for a good display on his league debut..
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    Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Captain recognize anybody
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    Hee hee. Braw. Has everyone gone completely utterly mental? Or is someone in Perth doing a special on Buckie? All I'll say is this. This is a Braw site, with loads of good footie chat, and lots of Braw humour. The ONLY people who moan about it are the dozen or so 50 somethings that 3 or 4 years used to rule this site, hammer anyone else who tried to join, and try to keep it as a wee private chat site to swap their sick racist and homophobic shite. FCU do none of that shit, sing their hearts out, without a trace of that shit. As much as you dinosaurs don't like it, they are the future. This is not, and will never be, the Bears Den. Take your SHITE somewhere else.
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    Hardly anyone uses the site nowadays because its shite, as a poster you need to hold your hands up for that as well Dr Jones. It's still first port of call for rumours, transfers and gossip and the like for me even although it can be painful reading. I do however hold my hands up to contributing to this.
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    Battled and competed well but football wise we were mostly poor. Second half improved, but the number of times we gave the ball away cheaply was disappointing. They pressed us and we ended up just hoofing it a lot of the game. Aberdeen created very little though and we certainly deserved ET. Thought Paton and Murray competed well, but neither put their foot on the ball and got it down and played. Are we going to have another season of Chris Millar in for a game or two, out for a while, constantly on the verge of being fit but never actually being fit, or are we going to get his injury properly dealt with and get the most out of him? Was our best player 2 seasons ago and we really miss him, but let's not go through the same thing as we did last season. When you look at the LC semi v Aberdeen 3 years ago, we'd have played Inverness in the final. Last season semi defeat v Hibs, we'd have played Ross County in the final. If we won last night we'd have played Morton in a semi-final! Some great opportunities slipped by. Still, onto Hamilton and get the title chase back on track...
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    The lads don't and shouldn't need to hide from the police they are going to support there team, true though they probably did cancel the bus because they couldn't be bothered working for their wage,
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    Dave Mackay

    Nicked from facebook