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    Feeling The Strain

    New Head physio at the Club is Tony Tompos who was the under 21 physio at Wigan under former Saints physio Mike McBride.
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    Dave H

    Tommy's weekly E-mail

    Dear We Are Perth, Saturday’s game against Kilmarnock can be summed up in one word: frustration. It was certainly a missed opportunity to be in amongst a group of teams who are starting to open up a gap on the teams below them and we should have won to further cement our place in that current group. We started the game really well, moved the ball quickly and got good deliveries into the box but unfortunately we just couldn’t get that first goal. Disappointingly, I feel we then fell into trap of playing at a slow tempo, trying to play through Killie and not getting the ball wide often enough. It is always difficult when a team comes and sits in so deep but the onus was on us to get the ball wide and we didn’t do that, trying instead to play through packed defence. To compound matters we didn’t organise ourselves at a set play and lost a goal. Players are given responsibilities at set pieces but these can change if an opponent unexpectedly goes into box and we ended up in a situation of having two players on our goalkeeper and only one defender helping. We had one player spare in the box and he should have been in a position to stop the cross. Mistakes can happen but it proved costly as we could not get back in game. So there was a lot of disappointment in the changing room after the game but it is important to reiterate that we have still made a really good start to the season. The performance for sixty minutes deserved the three points but Killie did to us what we have done to other teams on many occasions. I’ll have no problem picking the players up for the Tayside derby on Sunday and I look forward to your support for this big game. Tommy Wright P.S. we've sorted our kick off tactics.
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    Fingers crossed they do.
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    Respect for Kathleen banner yesterday,
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    New Fair City Unity pin badges!! £3 each and if you're buying on PayPal please add 30p for postage. Available via PayPal and at home games. faircityunity@hotmail.com please send as family and friend option, Thank you