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    Dave Ferg

    Player contracts and transfers

    Sorry to see him go but not nearly as sorry as I'd have been earlier in the season. Firmly believe Tommy got the best out of Danny. Can't wait to see Foster marking him next season!
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    Season tickets on sale on friday

    How many more season tickets could be bought if everyone was given a pack on entry at this game against Partick. Good sales opportunity.
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    Can't disagree too much with what's already been said! I think Saints are a workmanlike team no frills! IMO Swanson could provide the frills and I honestly believe he would only be better under a settled contract! I think had he been given the right offer he may have stayed.. we'll never know now..I bear him no ill will.. short career and all that blah blah... I know Saints don't want to bust the pay scale but surely there must be some wiggle room..I certainly won't be booing him... any team would be lucky to get him... Goodbye & Good Luck ....
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    Templar Saint

    Player contracts and transfers

    Aye but who was he trying to impress - his current employers or prospective??
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    Player contracts and transfers

    Liam played his heart out for Saints after he signed for Hibs and even sored the goal that got us into Europe. He is a professional and will give his all for the team he is with.
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    Disagree with this part, sometimes in games he is the wee spark that we need that changes games, as apart from him he are pretty pedestrian, when he came on against Aberdeen we looked far more threatening, that is why if he leaves, Tommy needs to find a bit of pace and creativity. Poor choice by him, but for him the lure of pulling on the Hibs strip (not to mention the wage), can't blame him, as will never get another chance, but never seems to be up front with any team he plays for and usually comes back to bite him in the proverbial.
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    Player contracts and transfers

    Miller great news ,Swanson good riddance won't miss him one bit done nothing but mess us about he will need a cushion for the bench he will be on
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    Player contracts and transfers

    Looks like Swanson has played Tommy for a fool. Tommy surely would not have said yesterday that he thought he would sign ,only for him to sign for Hibs the following day,if he had not had good reason to believe it. Either that or Tommy was trying to put the pressure on. Either way Tommy has been let down by a guy who has more or less admitted he saved his career & possibly his sanity.
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    Player contracts and transfers

    No big loss, another half season player who's let his own hype get to his head. Again! Obviously not clever enough to learn from his own past mistakes. See ya Danny, thanks for a great first half of the season. And good luck - have a feeling you will need it.
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    Player contracts and transfers

    Why should we be booing him? Although very disappointed in his choice of moving on it's not the first time a player has decided to do this and he is within his right to do so. Think there must be more to this than meets the eye and Saints should have had a deal sorted out much earlier e.g. In Oct/Dec period but they didn't nor did they seem to try to get in done after Jan. More likely to be an agent pushing buttons re money and a move to his childhood club. As I say I am disappointed but will remember the skills and goals he scored whilst here. Time to move on. And for the record there will be no booing from me even though I reckon he has made the wrong decision to leave.
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    Shame. When on his game he was a joy to watch.
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    Player contracts and transfers

    Liam got us into Europe before heading to Hibs, don't think Danny is quite the same character. Sadly he won't be put off by Saints fans booing him, must be used to it by now.
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    Disagree. I reckon TW will select him & remind him what Saints did for him & tell him to go out with a bang. Just not at Foster
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    Player contracts and transfers

    It's Robert Thomson reporting it, so it's 100% true. Can't blame him, he's getting a substantial pay rise, he's been promised first team football and its the club he's supported his entire life. Naturally disappointed but at least we've got a few months to identify replacements
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    Swanson and fosters money

    Barossa bus is also being paid for according to twitter
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    Steve McQueen

    Player contracts and transfers

    1 year deal for Chris Millar according to the sun.
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    Wouldnae take big JT as Richie Foster will get the boot for punching **** out of him for shagging Amy
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    patron saint


    Would like to thank Ian for his hard work and help towards me during my stint as Chairman of WAP Supporters. Best wishes and take care bud.
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    sixties saintee

    Last game of the season

    Will be in attendance as well , hopefully make the Hearts game as well. Hoodlum if its all ticket for the last game can you get me a ticket, will knock it off what you owe me .
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    Dave H

    James St. Snooker Hall

    Lorne sausage roll while playing snooker... Could hardly breathe from the smokers puffing away. Regular as a nipper. Spent a fortune on table time and never did get any better at the game. Dabbled with the Filling Station tables at a higher prices but always resorted back to the filled rolls and a dose of cancerous smoke...
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    Supporters Clubs Forum for this.........
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    McCarry One Nil

    Richie Foran

    is he hiding under a car again awaiting his fate