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    Player contracts and transfers

    I wasn't expecting them to sign him, I just wanted to mention his name so when he scores a World Cup winning goal for us I can smugly bump the post I just made.. Chris Kane scored for QOS today.
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    So the club are expected to act on suggestions on here now, I am pretty certain they have more knowledge of these youngsters than any of us armchair managers.
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    George Hunter scores for Sorrento v Perth SC in western oz cup game.
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    Pies and sausage rolls in the background look not to shabby too .
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    Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).

    What a difference Callum Davidson's made to the Scotland team.
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    @soupy76Here we go.... saints scarf, top & flag 11,000 miles away... love it.
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    Worked with bill a few years ago in portlethen . Nice old guy. Loved telling tales of his playing days.