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    The turnstiles in the North Stand at Cliftonhill, are apparently turnstiles taken from Muirton Park and sold to Albion Rovers at the time of our move to McDiarmid. Not sure if we'll be anywhere near them on Tuesday, but might be able to get some reminiscing on the go for folk who remember them.
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    There's an appeal out again for fans to go down and help out today between 10 and 4. No more word of an inspection at the moment.
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    Yesterday was a bit of a waste of time considering another 4 inches of snow dumped down today. Hope they covered the part we cleared By 11am we'd only cleared about 30% of the ground. No way we'd have got it cleared by 3pm and everyone knew it.
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    All I remember is they were a lot easier to get through than the ones at McD but I don't think that's the turnstiles' fault. Sold them! Nae wonder we've got money in the bank.
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    Center Half

    Share Issue: St Johnstone FC

    No Wanting any Dodgy Chunt's from Central America laundering investing their money in my club
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    Pitch inspection confirmed on Twitter for 2pm tomorrow.
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    Thanks. Get the snow cleared today/tomorrow and game is definitely on. Heavy underfoot, tattie field, under the lights, it's the romance of the cup. Can' wait. I'm travelling down from Aberdeen for it..
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    The most sensible thing to do would be to move the match to Wednesday. This would give the thaw an extra day to work. If the tie isn’t played this week then presumably it is next midweek.
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    Templar Saint

    Player contracts and transfers

    As interim manager he would be carrying out the plan and tactics of his boss, the manager therefore your basis is flawed as we as supporters are unaware of what CD's tactics and style of play would be if he was the top man.
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    Share Issue: St Johnstone FC

    I'd rather Geoff continued running the club rather than you muppets!