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    2018/19 friendlies

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    I don't really get this obsession with re-signing former players..
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    Player contracts and transfers

    Of the two loan signings I would prefer for Willock to return for a season long loan.
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    2018/19 friendlies

    part part-timer, I know.... Never mind, I'll be up for the start of the season at some point.
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    Saints never made an offer to Williams.. Chairman still on holiday and not back till Monday when he will oversee the signing of ….. No-one of any note.. Look out for a John Suttonesque signing though because we always end up making at least one..
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    St Johnstone Womens FC

    From SWPL2 there is one automatic promotion place, which will go to Motherwell. They've brought in a number of players who have SWPL1 and International experience so just too far out of sight. There are though two relegation places, with a team dropping into the First Division North and First Division South. 1 Motherwell FC 11 9 1 1 47 10 37 28 2 F.C. Kilmarnock 11 6 2 3 18 12 6 20 3 St Johnstone 11 5 3 3 20 21 -1 18 4 Glasgow Girls FC 11 5 1 5 19 26 -7 16 5 Hearts FC 11 4 3 4 15 14 1 15 6 Edinburgh University Hutchison Vale 10 2 4 4 15 28 -13 10 7 Aberdeen F.C 11 2 2 7 15 27 -12 8 8 Central Girls Football Academy 10 1 2 7 16 27 -11 5
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    Saintly Child

    Season Tickets 2018-2019

    I bought mine last week along with my young lass ticket, hopefully I'll make more games than I did last season.
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    St Johnstone Womens FC

    Really should have been keeping this thread a bit more updated. The womens side currently sit third in their league, two points off second place after 11 games. Where it would be good to have the support of those here is voting for one of the womens' team in the Player of the Month competition for May. Rebecca 'Bexi' McGowan, who is a Scotland Under 17 player, is the only player from our league, SWPL2, to be nominated. The POTM works by players being nominated by their opponents that month, and then shortlist is open to a public vote. If you could take the time to click the button for here it would certainly be much appreciated. https://www.scottishbs.co.uk/potm
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    World Cup 2018

    I get your drift. Be prepared for much enthusing over such and such a player who plays for such and such a club in the english leagues. No matter what teams are on the park. The early games often throw up some innovative fitba from so called unfashionable nations. Once the minnows are eliminated and we get down to the 'big boys' who errr know how the game should be played it all goes a bit 'EPL' ish. In my opinion.
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    I think the tickets are great value, especially in comparison to the walk-up prices. Take at adult ticket in the East Stand at £320. With your £23 walk-up price, you are only paying for 14 games, so are getting 7 free including the Betfred Cup ones. I can't think of any other industry where you'd get 21 of something for the price of 14, unless it was socks from The Barras.