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    They could even acknowledge that it's 2018 and just sell the things online.
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    Managerial Merry-Go-Round

    Ha ha. Not only the FIRST team that are dropping fast.
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    I think Tommy has recruited some talented attacking players but i fear he's created a very unbalanced squad. If you play with wingers and 9s and false 9s you absolutely have to have one maybe two dominant ball winners. Players to do the dirty work, win and move the ball. Keep the ball under pressure (ala Chris Millar). At the moment we have a big gaping hole in the middle of the park. We're somewhere between a good side and a weak side. I'm trying not to overreact as its been a tough run of fixtures but i also think we're caught between two playing styles. The old team of 2 or 3 years ago could drop deep and defend with Wright, Ando, Mackay and Easton. All day long. This team try and drop deep and there's nobody throwing their bodies in front of shots. Nobody putting tackles in. We just stand off. What frustrated me most is when we do start to press and play more direct and on the front foot supposedly invincible teams like Hearts start to crumble. We waited until were 2 down for that. Tommy needs to decide how to line this team up because unless he finds a solution in the middle he can't have them so passive. Also, Swanson should be starting ahead of Kennedy. Far superior player.
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    Maybe a strange thing to say but trying to get my head around our performance and reading other posts is helping piece it all together. Regularly agree with yourself anyway but much to concur with there. Think the first word TW used in his post-match stuff was "frustrating" and it's probably the word I'd choose as well. It's still early in the season and you never want to make judgements on one game so I think after the matches to round off the first third of the regular season, it'll be an interesting time to take stock but, rightly or wrongly, TW is trying to remould Saints, playing from the back, passing the ball more but our decision making at times screams of team trying to adapt, quick free kicks or goal kicks when there isn't a second option for the first receiver, trying to pick an extra pass rather than just sticking it in the box etc... We got two corners today, the first of which didn't even get into the box because we mucked it up by overplaying it short. I can't pretend there weren't times that the pragmatism of the past didn't frustrate me slightly but in reality, I liked what we were about and jibes from outside the club, as the players themselves routinely admitted, were music to the ears. I'm still figuring out this new Saints team and if I'm going to like it.
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    But they paid just £6m for hampden. That would be paid off over 4 full houses or one scotland qualifying campaign. Not to mention, ignoring that, from the £1m pa saving from not renting it. Get it is the spfl and not sfa, but even more reason to tear up any existing agreements. You are spot on, they will go on about keeping the money in football, but really murrayfield should be used in this case. Personally, I'd never have any semi finals at Hampden, just devalues it. Simple solution, draw up every conceivable fixture and pre determine where any semi between those clubs would be played. E.g. Saints v United to be played at East End park, Aberdeen v Kiillie at Tynecastle etc. Rangers v Celtic should be toss of a coin. Takes out the nonsense like this week. Add to that, no club should be allowed to play a fixture where there is no scheduled public transport that would allow for fans to get there for kick off. No exceptions. Final rant, toss of coin for whichever end at hampden each set of fans get and make the journalists and suits sit in row a right behind the goals.
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    It's utter utter bollocks to be honest. Aside from the obvious issue of 4 sets of fans that aren't exactly fond of each other all being in the same city on the same day, not to mention crossing paths at train and service station etc, the fact that it now emerges that any game involving the OF is contractually obliged to be played at Hampden is a disgrace. It literally is one set of rules for them and a different one for the rest. The Rangers and Celtic ends at hampden too boils my piss. Do the folk in charge really think this is all acceptable to fans? Massive changes needed.