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    2nd goal was a real blow, I think we all knew from that point, that was game over. Clearance wasnt great but in most games you would probably get away with that but what is it? Two years since Brown last scored. No one on the pitch was expecting that, least of all him. Not saying it was a lucky strike, he hit it terrifically well but it clearly showed that things weren't going to go Saints way. Team just needs to regroup and ride out this rough spell.
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    I'm sorry lesser saints teams have competed against much better Celtic teams. The very least you have to do is be in their faces and tight to stop them play, not stand off hold your shape and try to frustrate
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    I’m home. It’s forgotten already.
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    What do you expect? Their striker has cost over £30m in transfer fees in his career. They're better than us, it's that simple, if they play like this, at the top of their game with a constant press, we cant touch them. They've scored two unstoppable shots and scored from them. Just got to accept that and hope for the best sometimes, beating up the manager and squad for that isn't fair.
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    As much as I love Tommy, it’s clear he doesn’t have the answer against the OF at the minute. Even against Hearts, I thought we worried about them far too much instead of focusing on our strengths
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    Needing a goalscorer??? There is a guy at Partick scored 2 in 2......name Steven Anderson Hope we get them in next round.
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    Celtic were unplayable today, we weren't at the races and got humped. It means we're out the cup, big deal, let's get things sorted out for the upcoming league games and aim for this top six.
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    I agree we were poor today, but let’s not forget Celtic with their massive financial backing were very good. There’s not many teams around who would have got anything from Celtic today. We have had a brutal run of fixtures since the break and it’s not going to get any better in the next couple of weeks. We are still well clear in sixth and not far off Euro places just need to dust ourselves down and get on with it.
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    Almost everybody in this divison has more cash, some in the championsip too (probably), but we (rightly or wrongly) have come to expect to punch above our weight based on outsmarting, outplaying and outfighting 'better' teams. I didn't see any of that today. Of course it be that other teams have raised their game and we're complacent because we don't have much to fight for, and maybe some players don't expect a contract renewal, but today stung because we were second to every ball. Could argue that Brown's goal coming so soon after the first scuppered our chance to come off the ropes but we weren't at the races from the kick-off.
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    We are sore and looking for scapegoats/answers. Let's put things a bit in to perspective. We were well gubbed by a team with the financial clout to obtain players we can only dream about , on our budget. Spare a thought for the fans of the Once mighty Chelsea who conceded six.
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    Once we knew we were beat, we should have been kicking lumps out of them in the second half (without getting players sent off and giving them free kicks in vulnerable areas). Instead we just let them play flowing football. Even when they were 4 up they were tackling us aggressively and muscling us off the ball. This wasn't unlike the hammering we got at McDiarmid and I thought the team had learnt from that experience.
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    Player contracts and transfers

    We have a good squad which will start getting results once out this sticky patch.
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    I am sure we beat the Lisbon Lions in their heyday. We had a few finals & semi finals against OF teams when we were in lower league. It's as much about tactics & ambition. If you set up like we have done against Celtic & a few others ,trying to keep score down you will get what we got.
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    Poor performance and Celtic playing well at the moment. Celtic are looking at competing in Europe, buying and getting players in who compete at that level and then play them against teams like Saints who's goal every year is to stay in the league. My disappointment is that there are other teams with similar resources who compete more against Celtic. Saints haven't played well since the break but hopefully they can pick themselves up.
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    All the talk of Gulf in cost/talent is acceptable and for St Johnstone to compete certainly needs a below performance from Celtic. However I can not accept a non trying, work shy performance as we produced out there today, where we wanted to compete and our strengths in the past have shown we can compete at the back/midfield was shocking today.
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    I'd argue its folk who spend their weeks telling everyone and sundry how shite Saints were the previous weekend, that do the most damage, but what do I know.
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    It's essentially trying the same thing over and over again bit with different players and expecting the outcome to be different
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    Can we pit on the attacking players now please
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    Had a look at their team only 3 defenders. Either a back 3 or McGregor at left back. That could be a weakness
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    We spent half a season turning Craig into the decent holding midfielder we have been needing & suddenly he is turning him back into a left mid' to protect Tanser.
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    Up the Scottish Republic....Up the Saints .......our day will come....0-1 Mikey
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    Swifts progress to round 3 with a 3-2 at the home of golf. More comfortable than the score suggests as the Perth team didn't really get out of 3rd gear in very difficult conditions.
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    Having watched the last two games, the tactic Celtic do well is closing down. We will not get an opportunity to play it out from the back. Our best tactic is direct play. So need someone to win the first and most likely the second balls. Do not crowd the wings let the wingers get one on one and hope for the best. Pointless playing for a draw need to be more aggressive and if it's 6 it 6 but at least we had a go.
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    We have been 2nd to everything not winning 1st ball never mind 2nd look totally demoralised
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