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    Jeanfield in the Scottish Cup

    Well done Jeanie. Good luck in the next round. Expect a bigger crowd next Sat. against Broxburn.
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    Hospital Radio Perth

    Tuesday Team Talk

    This week's blethers...
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    sixties saintee

    Enjoy Betting Responsibly

    Normally you couldnt give one
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    Gas Monkey

    Saints v Livingston 10 August 2019

    Let’s be honest, yesterday was brutal! Yes we came back and got a point but second half we were slightly better than first half but still hopeless. Let’s be careful not to paper over the cracks here, yes the team is lacking confidence but biggest issue is lack of quality. All the time people say play it on the deck. The reason we don’t is because our central midfield does not have the ability to do that. This is where our problem lies. A balanced midfield that can open up the game and protect defensively is a must. Livi midfield was simply miles ahead of ours. I don’t know how Livi drew that game.
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    Saints v Livingston 10 August 2019

    First half was awful, 2nd goal was as bad a goal as I've seen us concede. The kids and I agreed at half time if Livi got to 4 in the second half (something that was entirely possible at that point) that we'd leave....something I've never thought of doing before. Everyone was sloppy and slow with nobody wanting the ball. 2nd half was better but we seemed to be helped by Livi sitting back for whatever reason. But couldn't relax as I don't have confidence in our ability to defend from the middle of the pitch back to the goal and long balls to Kane were useless. Until we get another option Hendry should start with Kane, he brought some energy and a bit of passion, glad he got his goal. Ref was awful for both sides, really inconsistent and how Kane can be clobbered while taking a throw in and the offender only gets a yellow card is beyond me. I do wonder what Tommy's reasons were for coming out early after half time. Perhaps he gave them a roasting and was giving the players some time alone to discuss it among themselves.
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    Just imagine the noise if we had the other core 1000 who appear to have disappeared. We've gone from a core 4000 to 3000 to what now appears 2000. How do we combat this severe decline? FCU contine to be a huge miss. Rallied well second half; but spine of team is a concern. There was a lack of leadership in the first half hour. Vihmann, McCann and Kane all very poor for this level. Hendry continues to come on and help us out of a hole, the lad has been great. Pace of Mikey and skill of Kennedy pleasing to watch. Our strength in character second half cannot disguise an inept first half, devoid of chances and littered with players frustrated with each other. Time to fix ahead of Hibs and all being well a bigger crowd v Killie. Bring a pal! COYS!
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    Jeanfield in the Scottish Cup

    9-1 win for Jeanie. Thanks to all who travelled down. Next round we face Linlithgow at Riverside on August 31. Next fixture is Sat 17 August at home against Broxburn Athletic
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    Saints v Livingston 10 August 2019

    I must admit I don't share the optimism many saw in the second half. We're we better- yes, but it was almost impossible to perform worse than the first fourty-five minutes. I've said the same thing again and again since Millar left, but if you want Davidson in your team, you need a very effective partner in the middle that looks for the ball, has good positional sense and can pick a pass. Otherwise it becomes a matter of long wasted punts to an isolated striker surrounded by taller players. McCann looked a country mile away from being good enough in the first half, he was much better in the second half but there was still major warning signs with him and players found it far too easy to find space in dangerous positions Infront of our defence. Whilst the second half showed his ability to pass a little better and I though he showed maturity with the professional foul, I'd much rather see him given game time on loan to a championship club were he can get positional awareness from playing every week. Let him make his mistakes at a slightly lower level. A better team than Livingston would of really hurt us today. They seemed to press us well in the first half, but backed off in the second when there was no real reason. MOH and Kennedy looked good in the second half, but that vital spine of our team looks weak. The new lad at centre-back has to improve, if that's the best he's got to offer Gordon comes in and take his space easy (providing a voice Tommy says is missing from the team). Ricky looked off the pace and sloppy. Swanson was incredibly sloppy and lost the ball several times and Kerr looks totally unsure at points- he will come good again but our midfield left him isolated at points and the partnership in central defence didn't look fluid at all. I'm usually a glass half full type of guy and should be coming away delighted we got the two goals back, but I must admit I'm really worried about this current side unless we add a good few faces and get Wright back asap. This is going to be a long hard season.
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    Sorry for the diverse posts Sixties to take away from your original post, I agree in simple thinking/philosophy Shut up or Put Up!
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    Gee! Buy me a pint of what you're drinking. If they react next week it will be a walk over, as the opposition will fail to appear. On the bright side, we won't concede a goal.
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    Saints v Livingston 10 August 2019

    Tommy says its not about tactics its about character which they showed in second half. Sorry Tommy its about both. The tactics in the first half were difficult to understand,if there were any. One man up front in home game with punts up to him with the big centre half's winning them all. How many times do you have to see that without changing it. Kane was up front on his own & the rest of the team seemed or was told to stay behind the ball so on the odd occasion Kane got the ball there was no support. Don't know what Clelland said to the team whilst Tommy sat on the bench looking fed up but they were more attacking in second half with McCann setting up a few attacks. O'Halloran & Kennedy were more in the game as well. Defence were brutal in first half but think it was because we were too deep . There were 10 men in the box at times getting in each others way & unable to clear the ball. It was great how the fans got behind them in srecond half. That's as vocal as they have been for a while. Important that we didn't get beat from what could be fellow strugglers as they would have been 4 points ahead of us. Anyway well done Saints. Now you have 2 weeks to sort things out & bring in a decent striker but I am afraid if you employ the tactics that you did in first half then even Messi would struggle. Hope you noticed how much better we were with 2 up front & how the fans reacted.
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    Put your hands in your pockets

    Absolutely not. If the club was struggling financially, then makes sense to do something like the foundation of hearts, but given the cash reserves and financial stability at the club, then fans paying a players wage directly like this would feel wrong to me. If you want to raise funds, how about charging directors admission to the games? 18 home games with hospitality would be best part of £2k each director. Then add on the free travel to away games..... these guys probably get the best part of £4-5k in freebies out of saints each year (taking I to account hospitality at away games too), excluding european trips or pre season trips. So, would I pay more to sign an extra player when I see little time or financial effort from those running the club? Frankly no.
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    Taxi for Tommy?

    Must have the announcement that Zander has extended his contact. Tommy does like a wind up.