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    Taxi for Tommy?

    What, exactly, are you expecting him to come out and say? What message does he send to his players if he comes out and says he shite scared of losing his job because theyve not been performing? Massive pressure on the players as it is, let's heap more onto them, as that's how everyone works best.
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    Bruno Strasser

    Taxi for Tommy?

    If Tommy manages to extricate us from the situation we are in now it will be a bigger achievement than winning the cup. We are not playing as a team nd have an inexperienced defence which are a bombscare with zero confidence throughout the team.
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    dublin saint

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Think we missed an opportunity by not getting Callum Davidson back on board. Anyway good luck at Millwall sir
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    andy rhodes fancy watch

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Do you think someone afraid of losing their job performs better? Do you think someone who isn't confident in their own skills and experience is the right man to be St Johnstone manager?
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    Honest Saints Fan

    Amazing Saints

    Amazing Saints Some people might know that I've not been keeping well for over a year although I'm much better now. During my stem cell transplants Tommy and the players surprised me with a video of well wishes. Liam Craig organised it all with the help of Gary (will fix it!). Our wee club are so special. Just shows the lengths they will go to!