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    9 men....we only need 9 men...and a useless Ref. Dons fouled repeatedly throughout, which had Saints fans off their seats appealing for free kicks and Clancy shaking his head indicating NO. Loudest cheer ( well almost) when he agreed and awarded free kicks a couple of times. Brilliant move for Kennedy's goal, expertly put away. Must play 2 up front. Spirit of the team lifted with the fans backing.
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    well, that was mad. Got to be happy with a point with nine men. Indiscipline my arse - just shows the guys are determined to get stuck in and pull us up the table.
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    I’ve no idea what that means.
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    Fantastic feeling to get the draw. Immense character from the 9 and support.got behind them....a real collective feel. We need to show that determination at the start of each game. Long balls up to Stevie May is garbage....that really requires to be addressed.
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    i may be the sole voice on this forum, (especially if they lose this), but I thought saints fought hard second half, got back in it until the wheels came off with bad tackles. I also thought aberdeen were pretty dirty all game and the ref gave them a pass... elbows, holding, shoving and we got nothing.
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    Need 2 cb on this showing
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    Thanks for that, guess I owe you another MON THE SAINTS #FreeMuzz
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    I will say it again if it was Scott Scythe Broon NO RED
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    Happy with that. They were ball number 17, if you're in to omens...
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    The point is am in the boozer woo hoo
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    Saints v Aberdeen Sunday 24/11/19 @3pm.

    9 men with a dodgy defence and the dopey dons Still couldn’t win. ha ha
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    Saints v Aberdeen Sunday 24/11/19 @3pm.

    My spazz is a proper fan he got me drink in Lithuania
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    MySpazz... Obviously had an afternoon on the sauce or something, guessing he’s seen the same footage as the rest of us. Murray’s was a leg breaker, Callum’s was indefensible.
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    It was an absolutely dreadful tackle which could have broken the guy's leg. People really shouldn't comment until they've seen the replay. Both red cards totally justified and considerably worse than any Aberdeen tackles. Edited: Wait, someone has posted the video. How could anyone possibly say that he 'literally didn't touch the player'?
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    Murray literally did not touch the player, his foot was on the ground, it was not reckless or out of control, it was merely a moment late. The game is turning into something where almost all tackles are bookings. Ferguson for dons is a fully fledged wankstain.
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    Saints v Aberdeen Sunday 24/11/19 @3pm.

    Murrays tackle was late but absolutely no different from tackles we'd seen from Aberdeen throughout the game and no cards were shown. Ref was very weak and should have had a better grip on the game. Thought Saints did well today and showed fight again. Didnt think it was all that bad. Aberdeen are a big team so we had to be physical. Thoroughly deserved equaliser. Think Saints should be the happier of the teams. A draw but another that felt like a win.
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    Would not have been if it was Scott the Scythe Broon
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    And they were creaming themselves when he got away with a deserved booking
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    I get special dispensation from King Jimmy when saints play on a sunday
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    Murray is only ever one miss timed challenge away from a red card that’s just the way he plays,fare to say there was no malice in his challenge today but it’s no exaggeration to also say it was a leg breaker on another day
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    Kane making the difference,who’d have thought?
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    sixties saintee

    Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Hoodlum wae his man bag.
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    I HATE HATE HATE playing 1 up. Constantly hand the possession back to the opposition with aimless punts and cause their defence no problems.
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    poor goal to give away, too much space and I feel clark should have done better
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    I hate Sunday games. All matches should be 3pm Saturday.
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    Records are there to be broken.
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    Abernethy Saint

    Managerial Merry-Go-Round

    He’s getting on a bit, apparently. Probably pasta it, by now.
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    Saints v Aberdeen Sunday 24/11/19 @3pm.

    A win here we climb three places and sit in just behind Livi on goal difference. Anything else keeps us bottom but by no means cut off. The important thing is to stop conceding the stupid early goal.