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    Guess it's encouraging that I'm disappointed with that result. A few weeks ago we'd have taken that without question. Onwards and upwards
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    Thought Saints were excellent today. Not one man that started the game deserved to be subbed off. Pass marks for everyone. County were very poor. Fouled their way through the game. Had they finished that game with 3 points, it would have been an absolute travesty.
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    Well that’s 9 points from the 5 games 2 more that we hoped for so let’s look at the up side well done Saints
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    Player contracts and transfers

    Must have missed Callum Hendry having the 3rd best minutes/goals ratio in the league....
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    Results didn't go for us but it would have been worse if we got beat. Now any two of bottom 6 could go down. By the way we would be deep in relegation trouble without Hendry goals.
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    Player contracts and transfers

    Think we should loan out May to Alloa or Dumbarton in the hope that he can find some confidence ,goal scoring form & fitness.
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    Absolutely dominated, one of those games really. Vigurs shouldn't even have been on the park when he scored, already booked and lunges in late, get somehow that's not a booking these days. You'll struggle to ever see a more incompetent showing from a referee than that. Abysmal.
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    Saints played well, unlucky not to have won,looked the better team all afternoon, happy looked okay at the back,lucky strike
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    Peaso hat trick game away to Motherwell. Last home game was a 1-0 win over St Mirren.
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    Hedging your bets there, Dunc....
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    Plus Dundee United and possibly Dundee back in the league. Really important that we finish 10th+ this season and keep our key players.
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    Hopefully we can keep this recent run going finish this forgettable year on a positive high and kick on in the new year. Would be great if we got a performance as well with a few goals and another clean sheet would set up the hogmanay celebrations perfectly
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    Come on crowd size has nothing to do with league position, it’s not great but there is a few other factors why teams are where they are rather than a crowd wankfest, aye the coags derby has a big attendance but the teams aren’t very good and are where they are for a reason..