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    Don't really get involved in pre-match as being a old timer I've just got used to having absolutely no idea which Saints will turn up and never ever go in with high expectations. I chose Saints so they really don't owe me much. That's what always gets me when I see the negativity on this and other forums. I'm praying we get a result today. We are good enough on our day and I'll be ecstatic if we win and seek if we lose. No be on slating folk and getting personal at our players if we lose either. Much worse things happen in life. A few of the old boys will remember when we played the Dons this time of year in 1971 we lost 1-0 in front of 22,500. It was mental and although I was only 8 still remember it. Following year we lost 4-2 at Pittodrie and 26,500 there, remember listening to it on the radio in my shed in Hillyland A point today would be a great start ahead of the next 2 "big" games. Come On Saints. Let's get inaboot them,
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    Smarmy Arab


    In an age where the word legend is so overused, as to be hollowed of its real meaning, I give you a real legend of our game! RIP Jim and thanks for all those wonderful memories and the splash of colour you gave to our lives over so many years......
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    A better performance maybe but that still only elevates us back to the level of looking a bit better on the ball in the middle of the park. Still practically zero attacking threat where it matters and still guaranteed at least one goal lost via a complete defensive **** up.........it's not a good mix
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    aberdeen are a bunch of whiney, cheating babies.... this games such a shitshow with priks like consadine and others falling over like feathers
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    2nd January 1971 - the day of the Ibrox disaster. We discuss the game on Tuesday TeamTalk this week.
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    Wasn’t at the 1-0,but at the 4-2,Freddie Aitken got both iirc ,I’m the same John,no point in personal abuse,go in hope not expectation to every game
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    Thinking alike and typing at same time then.
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    The ghosts of relegation

    This, and your earlier post, contains some great memories. D’you think the young ones will have as many great memories? Even though we were garbage for years there were some highs in amongst them, as you say, beating St Mirren. We were a yo-yo club for a long time. Sometimes the yo-yo broke and stopped at its lowest position :)
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    January 2021 Transfer Window

    Too much Christmas wine?
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    The ghosts of relegation

    Aye some great days (not)losing to Cowdenbeath. Meadowbank Stenhousemuir Albion Rovers The days pot were good though I remember a game at Cliftonhill in particular Celebration for a come back against Albion Feckin Rovers 2.0 down 5.2 win There were some great times on the roller coaster though Do you remember.or how can you forget Falkirk 0 John Brogan 5 Norton got the other One of Brogan goals went right along the bar Would probably be dissalowed now Some memories Beating Hibs on a Sunday im sure it was Sunday game Ice Cream van at Muirton and ball going through it. The wee yellow box at Muirton Being asked to stand for GSTQ in Motherwell Club Booing and getting asked to leave The toilets at Stenhousemuir Aberdeen building the secretion fence at Muirton The many trips to palmerston and one in particular when I nutted crash helmet dude The stoor going up in the terrace when we went 3.2 up after being 2.0 down v The The or Rangers as they were then Going on Barroso bus early 80s and not being allowed in club even in pissing rain unless you were a member Beating Partick 6.3 and losing by similar score Beating Dundee at Dens 3.4 on new-year s day Meadowbank ground Airdrie wee Hector House John Brogan Drew Rutherford sliding tackle .Would he be sent off now The St.johnstone Aid Club in Methven St The Club under the stand at Muirton Always packed and a drink up to 5 to 3 Gerry Crawley Paul Sweeney cost £100,000 and broke his leg playing less than couple of games John Connolly the player John Connolly the Manager Alex Stuart Jim Storie Painting Muirton Park as a volunteer when Geoff came in and spilling paint on main stand Willie Brown Charlie Adam Alan Lyons Beating Dundee 7.2 The eventual joy of promotion 82 especially for me because we pipped Hearts 89.90 promotion Moving to Mcdiarmid Alex Totten getting sacked when were safe Andy Brannigan at Alloa Dressed as Gorrilla at Stranraer John Pelosi at Dunfermline Never a red LAUGH OUT LOUD The Elizabetian Sergi Baltacha to Garry Irvine Allan Main to John Arnoll. Shudder! Rhodes watch Wille Waters Joe Reid European adventures Savaged by League reconstruction 2 points for a win The off side experiment late 70s or early 80s Going to Ibrox and getting showers with bovril and probably urine The crush and the Sway towards the front of the terrace in a big crowd standing. None of this sitting pish Macaroon bars The Sporting Post Bus getting stoned on way back from Albion Rovers and freezing journey Owens bar in Coatbridge The Cabby bar in Falkirk New years Day games Raymond Stewart Ian Radford killed our dream Or was it George Tulloch? Cup Finals being like Hens Teeth Cup Finals became more expected Losing to Stranraer in Challenge Cup Eventually winning same cup v Dunfermline I honestly thought that would be that for cups 2014 League Cup Semi v Aberdeen groan The Stevie May Scottish Cup Semi v Aberdeen Steven Anderson The Cup Final Steven MacLean from villa to hero(Look back at some early comments when he first signed) Gary McDonald Gretna..ah! East Stirling shire Tuesday night about 90 fans Willie Falkoner Steve Evans .aye him! John Billy Davies Trips to Friendlies and piss ups in Blackpool and Carlisle Gay Meadow Dundee signed the whole Argentina team and went bust Motherwell went bust Airdrie went bust Meadowbank morphed in to Livingston Airdrie morphed into and stole Clydebank and morphed back to Airdrie Clydebank The Clydebank home red programme produced by Saints Mark Treanor 3.1 v Airdrie The rise and fall of Gretna The merger of the 2 Inverness teams to win the Cup The Lilly whites Inverness Clachnacudden who said stuff your merger Meadowbank always beat us in Perth Meadowbank always beat us anyway Expecting nothing from a game but a good day out If you won you celebrated on Saturday night If you lost you drowned your sorrow on Saturday night and looked forward to next game You got loads of "Saints are shite "from locals who supported Other teams I could go on and on Taking a break.
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    Was at the 1-0 game sitting in the North end of the stand with my old man. Crowd was boosted by the cancellation of the Dundee derby. Heard about Ibrox disaster on car radio on way home, found out the next day that 4 boys from my school had died.