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    WHAT A TOUCH from Melamed at our second goal... hopefully he has repaid your “trust issues” Callum.
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    I am listening on Radio Scotland you can’t really mute the commentators on the wireless.
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    Get it right up the Kane hating kunts
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    The irony of this.....stay on your line Clark
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    That is the best 45 mins we've seen from a striker all season. Imagine where we'd be in Davidson had played him regularly from the start.
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    Templar Saint

    January 2021 Transfer Window

    Big money players examples like Alan Kernigan, Jody Morris and Michael Dueberry, hardly likely to see them in a Saints shirt - mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
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    You really are tedious little toley!
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    I was a fast dude back then ha ha
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    St. Paddy


    Im thinking thats unfair. He has previously been a very good keeper for us, but in the last couple of years, for what ever reason (coaching? Lack of competition?) he has been distinctly average. Last couple of games he has looked like the Zander of old, but tonight i cant fault him for either goal. 1st point blank shot thru a couple of bodies, 2nd a wonder goal that 9 outta 10 is over the roof of the stand.
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    Ok summation dude .result doesnae really help us in league nice to know yer still alive. Pack still rule .
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    Where do hear this mince....wee man? Shanks is a quality international talent, showed it again tonight! More than replayed the investment we made in bringing him to Tannadice, indeed we stand to make a significant profit for the whole deal.
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    Don’t give a fuk we’re gonna win the cup
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    Melamed getting a lot of praise. Penalty box striker.
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    To be fair Melamed was really unlucky not to score the winner. He did everything right, just a good save from Siegrist.
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    3 games unbeaten and only 3 points to show for our efforts. Could be plonked firmly back into the play off spot simply by 'well and Hamilton getting their freebies back.
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    I quite like sitting stirring at a quiet wireless when he’s on, it makes more sense.
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    Craig should have closed down his man and prevented the ball into the box
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    Is it on hesgoals? Can’t see it. Don’t want to miss Lorro “The Shanks” Shanklandinho in action.
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    If you could get in touch with Callum Davidson and tell him to stop showing interest in Naismith because you don't think it's realistic, I'm sure he'd be very appreciative.
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    How long you been coming on here Smarmy and you have just realised.
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    Nats and schooling dosent go well together ask Neil Findlay
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    January 2021 Transfer Window

    Naismith isn't on any money at the minute!
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    Just like Shankland. He has everything. In years to come, it will be Pele, Maradonna, Messi, Shankland that people remember.
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    January 2021 Transfer Window

    Love this just picking names out of a hat. naismith and Rhodes are on big money something saints dont pay.come on guys lets get realistic on here.
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    I know. That’s what I said. What a player! Weird.
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    Shanks won us promotion to the top flight last season, with 26goals, and is an integral part of the team in the top flight that has remained in the top 6 for several months now. So yes, money very well spent, if you know anything about football you would have worked all that out, but as with everything else I will school you....again!
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    The big COVID-19 Shutdown

    This part from that Hibs statement (assuming it is the Hibs statement above) doesn't sit at all well with me: "We have been assured by the SPFL that any Covid-19 issues that may arise from fulfilling this fixture will be taken into account, and the semi-final postponed if required." ... which sounds to me like the SPFL are saying it's OK if a Hibs player catches Covid from a Celtic player, because it'll be taken into account later. So never mind the fact that that could mean the Hibs player(s) becoming seriously unwell. Apparently that doesn't matter, as long as fixture issues are sorted out. To me that suggests a complete disregard for the safety of the players. No wonder Hibs are furious about it.
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    January 2021 Transfer Window

    We still arguing about a player that we we're not going to be signing?Good stuff!
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    For a Saturday afternoon match the under soil heating would have to be switched on at the latest onThursday morning, when it is an on going cold spell. The problem is that frost penetrates slowly deeper into the ground. The temperature from 22nd December to Saturday had been below zero almost every night and not much above freezing everyday, with Friday night being about -8c. The under soil heating gives a very gentle heat as not to damage the grass roots. So if the ground is frozen below the surface down to heating system it is a slow process to reach and defrost the surface. As for rescheduling the game for 5pm the temperature was only 2c at that time so a decision would have had to be made by say 3pm as whether the match is on. Which is unlikely as you would need a temperature of about +6c to have a significant thaw.
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