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    Needs must! Such is the difference he makes. Remember when Macca couldn’t play on plastic?
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    Surely you’ve noticed how much of a better side we are at the moment when Liam Craig starts. We need leaders at the moment. Guys who have been through this before and guys willing to grab others by the scruff of the neck. LIAM MUST START!!
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    January 2021 Transfer Window

    I agree. It's a shame some fans don't see what he brings to the team. He'll be well missed but if he goes he'll go with my best wishes.
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    And here it is, thanks to StJohnstone1884 Twitter account ...
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    Don't know why everyone is raving about Shanklands goal. I thought Chris Kanes tricky little dragback through his own legs right on the touchline was a far superior piece of skill.