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    Shaun on his beatbox & Midge with his Blue could be the entertainment for the cup celebration that Callum has promised us. Maybe add in Amy McDonald . Maybe have to wait til start of next season when hopefully we could fill the stadium… open top bus is a bit old hat now & only works the day after the game.
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    Abernethy Saint

    The big COVID-19 Shutdown

    I suppose the two cups might keep Callum in the job, but without the league title or success in Europe, it’s been a poor season overall.
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    The big COVID-19 Shutdown

    Sadly it is mathematically impossible for us to win the treble this season, but the double would do I guess.
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    I saw it somewhere but can’t find it now. Please help what article did Calum Davidson say about Rooneys soundbox at training and it annoying him. This video is brilliant need more of this LAUGH OUT LOUD. IMG_4425.MP4
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    So a day on and with time to reflect, what a great achievement. Players stepped up and it was clear saints wanted it more. The squad has a great mix of youth, potential and experience, but crucially saints DNA flowing right through it. 7 of the 12 players used have spent some time in the youth set up. Coaches all feel for the club. There is a true identity and when you hear the likes of Alan Preston, Dasovic etc, you realise it's been the same for a long time. One trophy win in an era, can be regarded as exceptional and a series of factors coming together. 2 trophies and the recent success points to something else. Something more fundamental. It's no fluke, it's not just a collection of the right players at the right time, it's not just one great manager. Its years of hard work and many many people all pulling together. So where does this all leave saints? Has the club moved to a different level on and off the pitch? Well, this group of players has the potential for more to come. In the main, almost all of them can still play at this level or higher for a good few years to come. Off the pitch, while we are still provincial, we can now point to what the club is capable of achieving. We may not win anything for years to come (we can still do the double), but what we can do is genuinely point to success. Young players (and any really under 20) in scotland will only really know saints as a top flight team and now one that wins trophies. This can only be to our advantage.
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    Steve McQueen

    Prediction League Latest

    Round 38 - Livingston (N) What a team! 1-0 was predicted by Kinnoull Kicker, pezza70 & Steve McQueen. 14 others forecast a win. Rooney scored the only goal & was predicted by chips, Cristo, Hoodlum65 & pezza70. This Round (Double Points) 16 pezza70 10 chips, Cristo, Hoodlum65, Kinnoull Kicker, Steve McQueen 4 Abernethy Saint, blueheaven, Cagerf, Coltrane, ejksjfc, Indicator, Johnny B, Saintdunc, Saturn, sixties saintee, slf Latest Standings 87 Abernethy Saint 81 blueheaven 77 pezza70, Steve McQueen 72 Johnny B, Kinnoull Kicker 71 Hoodlum65 69 sixties saintee, slf 68 chips 65 Saturn 64 sleepless 56 Cagerf 54 Coltrane 53 Cristo 48 ejksjfc 39 Saintdunc 36 Main1 23 Salguodinmethven 13 Indicator 9 saint in the city 4 jhq 3 Smarmy Arab
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    Suspect Rooney will have put himself on a few managers' radars after yesterday. (Hopefully one of them is Steve Clarke.)
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    dave mc

    Taxi For Davidson

    A lot of eggs on a lot of faces,knicker wetters are us,you know who you are
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    FCU getting some bad press here https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/hundreds-st-johnstone-fans-set-23584037