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    Not Kane's best performance by any stretch but I can't believe we're still at the stage of people questioning his place in the team after what he's contributed over the last year. No one's under any illusions that he's ever going to be a 20-goal-a-season striker, but surely everyone can appreciate how important he is to the way we play?
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    I actually thought Kane performed well in annoying the hell out of Scot Brown!
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    Jeez it's only been a couple of weeks - he was never going to go down there and walk straight into the starting line-up. Most of our new signings here are in exactly the same boat.
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    Jimmy Greaves has joined Ian St John “upstairs”. Both have died this year, 6 months apart. Special footballers, great presenters and funny guys. True legends. RiP
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    Kane’s knockdown for Middleton’s terrible shot was brilliant.
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    Kerr injured, Ali came on after 65 minutes. No drama