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    The less Ballantyne plays the better he becomes
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    At times last season mediocrity would have been an acceptable improvement.
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    dave mc

    Saints Summer Transfers 2021

    Spoke to him today,here for the season
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    Braw . I always remember someone cycling down south street proceeding in the correct direction early one morning blotto . I didn’t want to say anything in case you fell off .
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    Jason starts tonight for Wigan in the Cup, as does Ali for Preston.
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    Some chunt in a jam jar shouted out to me one day on my bicycle whilst happily peddling along the New Row "Hey don't you know this road is one way?!!I may or may not have also been tiddly om Pom, I couldn't possibly admit to being in charge of a bicycle while under the influence though could I??lolo. Any way I shouted back "What's the.(.insert swear word of choice) problem pal?I'm only going (Insert a different sweary word)one way!!!!
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    You would have thought he’d have learned from wee Jackie across the road. He was forever talking a good game before getting turned over.
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    If that's the case then I'd have expected us to send him out on loan to get some game time. Perhaps we tried but couldn't get a deal done. Same with Ballantyne, really.
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    He was sent off in his only first team appearance for us (a 2-0 defeat from Celtic - some match info below), and never played again. Shame, as he seemed a really promising prospect at the time. https://www.thecelticwiki.com/2000-10-17-st-johnstone-0-2-celtic-premier-league/
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    I know, useless. I mean all he's managed in the last eight weeks or so are goals against the likes of Galatasaray and Lask.
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    Hoodlum will hud the jakets