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    Yes my friend who bought the tickets is working on it. I’m reluctant to get involved as I never purchased them myself….Just got a message now saying Roddy has sorted it. Collecting them from dens
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    2 Saints youths - nothing at all wrong in following their careers with pride!
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    Not really, a good final third but the first 20 minutes of the second half were rotten from our perspective.
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    Middleton poor and Booth and Spoony not linking well. Only positive is that the defence looks solid.
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    Don't think so. There's no PPV option which would be split. This is just their monthly subscription. I took a hot shower and it hasn't helped.
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    Tuesday Team Talk

    I agree it’s most Braw.
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    Yes I think you are right as I’ve never had a problem either. Still not arrived today apparently
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    Im goin - slainte
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    Tuesday Team Talk

    It was so good, Worth your time if you haven't listened as yet.
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    Let it lie they have gone
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    You would have thought he’d have learned from wee Jackie across the road. He was forever talking a good game before getting turned over.
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    Just staying in championship is an acheavment for 50% of those teams.
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    Abernethy Saint

    Other games on the go

    Would be hilarious to have a Perth derby in the cup. Will liven up what would otherwise be a slightly routine run to the final.
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    Kerr injured, Ali came on after 65 minutes. No drama
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    It’s very odd. Looks like it’s going to be 3 fans less in the away stand