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    He ran all the way from the centre circle to kick it into the stand. Could have caused serious injury & probably should have been arrested. Mind you the moron that threw the flairs should have been arrested as well.
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    I wonder if we might see a May-Vertainen partnership tried out within the next couple of fixtures. Possibly not at Easter Road where I'd imagine we'll be quite cautious, but potentially in the game after that which is Dundee at home. Just starting to feel that Kane and Middleton could perhaps do with a break, and we have plenty of alternative options now.
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    Quite similar to the Aberdeen game really, in that we really struggled for a lot of the game, but weathered the storm and went on to win it. To me that shows that the huge amount of character we displayed last season is very much still there. Have to admit it's crossed my mind of late that the football we're playing this season is nowhere near as good to watch as it was when we hit our stride last season - but hey, I'll take winning games over nice football any day of the week. And I think these results will breed confidence which should lead to better all-round performances. For me Crawford has been looking better each time he's played, and he really seems to be bringing some new qualities to our midfield that we didn't previously have. There's a much stronger link between our midfield and attack when he plays, and some of his long-range passing is really impressive. At this stage I think he's looking like a cracking signing. Shout out for MOH too who I thought put in a great shift at RWB when he came on. Middleton does seem to have gone off the boil slightly and personally I'd be looking to rest him for the Hibs game and use him as an impact sub (which we know he does very well). It's not as if we don't have options up front.
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    Don't agree with this at all. Kano as usual run himself in to the ground chasing down everything and being a complete pest to the Dundee rearguard. I think he looks the fittest I've ever seen him. People overlook, understandably, the amount of work he puts in.
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    Did you object to his choice of undies?
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    A strong HIbs team welcome a revitalised Saints team to Edinburgh in what should be a really good test for both teams. Some injuries mounting up for Saints but hopefully Muzz will be back in the fold. I like the way are moving in the right direction so hopefully we can keep up our recent upward trend in form.
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    I am one of Kane's biggest fans but last night he never got past a defender once kicking the ball against their legs & he & Middleton didn't gel . More pointing out the difference May made who I have slagged off a few times this season.
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    Still have Ballentyne & Gilmour. Think Muller could do a job as holding midfielder. We are not playing the football we did last season but we have a stronger squad.
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    Have we replaced a ball winning midfielder with a goal scoring midfielder ?. Should be Zander for his 3 saves but gave it to Booth who put some shift in but no-one overlapped with him.
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    Chop chop chop soapdodgers all over the shop
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    Went fir Zander his saves kept us in it.
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    Now 570 days since we lost a cup game. note 40698 sine Dundee won the Scottish Cup
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    The idiot who threw it, wants banning. And yes we will get fined.