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    I was disgusted at Pittodrie some seasons back when a small number of our fans were singing about Jamie Langfield's wife. That was vile. As for abuse directed towards Alan Main or Leigh Griffiths, that's out of order, whether 1999 or 2021. We take one aspect of a person's character, magnify it out of all proportion and write them off accordingly. It's hardly civilised and can't be written off as banter or merited. 48 years you've won *%€$ all. Double cup winners, you'll never sing that. That's good stuff. The personal abuse isn't. I'd also like us to be much better than this.
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    I often mistake Jordan Northcott for Efe Ambrose. It's an easy mistake to make tbh.
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    Other games on the go

    I'm hoping Derek McInnes is loving this.
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    Radford 72


    Transformation in Clark's form since the spring has been remarkable. Everything about his game as well, positioning is great, handling is solid, kicking is better and, the true value of any keeper, he's making big saves that influence games. And obviously he's cut out the mistakes, that were all too frequent. Huge credit to him for turning it around. Short career etc... etc... but he would do very well to remember the loyalty that the last two managers showed him when he wasn't playing well and ask himself if he'd be afforded the same luxury elsewhere. Being a reserve goalkeeper is very different to being a reserve full back or striker, the opportunities to actually play are far more limited. But then a few (or a lot) extra quid week maybe make that palatable. He certainly didn't give off desperate to stay vibes though when we was asked about his situation a few weeks ago. Wants to play at the highest level etc...
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    Has anyone ever seen Vertainen and Melamed in the same room? Suspicious......
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    As somebody mentioned previous what the hells the scoop wie Eettu, sometimes being a saintee is like being a mushroom. Kept in the dark and fed horseshit
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    R.B.B:- Adz


    Preston and Wigan I believe.
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    I get McCart was frustrated after the stupid penalty decision but he's got to be smarter than that. They always dish out bookings for that.
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    Kevin Nisbet’s some player btw.
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    Spoony wasted in midfield. Has to play wide in a front 3 and link with Booth.