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    Saintees On Loan

    Going off memory for some it's... Jack Wills, Sam Denham, Max - Brechin Charlie Gilmour - Alloa Callum Hendry - Kilmarnock Cammy Ballantyne - Montrose Alex Ferguson - Edinburgh City Certain there's another but my minds gone blank.
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    Geez more interest in a pizza joint in Perth Chat than the next game
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    Just watched Stoke v WBA . Harry Souter is a big unit as they say & strolled the game,comfortable on the ball and good distribution and bags of pace. This is the second game I have seen him this season and very impressed. Scotland need a decent centre back and I think he would be better than what we have. Especially the ex Aberdeen haddy. Also much better than Jason.
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    Dundee showing as much interest as the posters on here. Not much interest in the derby on P&B either. BTW fair does to Charlie Adam for mentioning Liam about to break Saints all tie appearances.
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    CD didn't seem to rate Melamed either even though he was our most natural striker.Give the boy some minutes on the pitch and let's see what he can do.The lack of goals and creativity in the last third needs to be addressed
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    Get your predictions in!
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    Hospital Radio Perth

    Tuesday Team Talk

    The one in which John has a rant (or two), Fraser tells us of the woe at Falkirk and our tame Dundee supporter calls in.
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    Tranmere Saintee

    Half Time at Easter Road

    If you go on the St Johnstone FC Twitter page there is an article with a link to his Just Giving page.