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    Great result, and some great performances from our new additions. Kane's first goal was sublime. May's goal was like it was 2014 again, he looks almost back to his best. Happy Saturday all round.
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    Should be used to these young whipper snappers by now.
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    Saints Summer Transfers 2021

    Still passing it sideways probably.
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    He has played six times for Australia, and scored six times too! We missed the boat on that one.
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    Expecting a big support through from Dundee for this one. Dundee have been playing well enough but not picking any wins so I hope we keep it that way. Hopefully our injury worries start to ease up and we can put out a strong side for what will surely be a battle. If we can get the win it could give us some breathing room.
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    Braw banner fae the fcu dudes today.
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    Both their Browns scored. Our ex got the 5th.
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    Great signing, so cool never breaks sweat.
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    Couple of negatives for me. Firstly the last 60mins were a disappointment....really let Dundee into the game and should have come away with a clean sheet if we hadn't come off it. Also, if we don't see Eetu off the bench in a game like that when we are 3-0 up...when are we going to see him. The positives....Ambrose was good at the back. MOH brilliant going forward, particularly in the first half. Good touches from Crawford and Kane took his goals well, particularly the first. More care in that Middleton pass late on and he might have had the hat trick. Dundee were really, really poor.
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    St.Johnstone V Dundee - Saturday 2nd October

    Dundee in Dark blue and white shorts, Saints in wet royal blue and white shorts. Who let this go ahead. Looks terrible on tv. Worse than last week when officials and hibs keeper all in black.
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    About 800 in North Stand, few hundred in family section of main. Saints support out in big numbers, East and Main both very busy. Big increase down the FCU end, atmosphere will be great. Watching this one on Saints TV as cant make it down but none the less super excited. Great day for Liam to break the record, hope he gets a goal, will be a stick on for our penalty this afternoon.
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    It will depend on who is the VAR referee, can guarantee they will be heavily weighted towards the ugly sisters.
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    Johnny B

    Scotland Under-16s Squad

    Received good news last night my cousins grandson Gabriel Forsyth got a call up for Scotland under 16s. He is on Hamilton Academicals books. Delighted to see our family still play football with their feet and not their thumbs.
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    Half Time at Easter Road

    As many of you will have seen on St Johnstone’s Facebook page my 5 year old nephew Ryan done a lap around the Easter Road pitch at half time on Sunday He is raising money for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity who have looked after him since he was born and will look after him in the future He was supposed to run 1km in the junior Edinburgh marathon last year but because of the lockdowns it got cancelled a couple of times so it was arranged that he could do it at Easter Road In the end he ended up walking around instead of running as he was giving everyone high-fives around the pitch and people were handing him money! The whole family would like to say a massive thank you to all the St Johnstone fans who clapped him as he passed the away section and handed money to him. Between both sets of fans he walked away with £177. He’s been high as a kite ever since We’d also like to thank St Johnstone Football Club who advertised his fundraiser on Monday and to everyone who has donated online since Edited by Mod to add donation link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/weeryankerr