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    When I was unemployed I always made sure I got a season ticket .dole is depressing enough,going to games was only thing that kept me going .Ye can use my Season ticket if ye want chief to get yer photo with the cups .
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    We were awful and it was particularly painful to lose to that bunch of timewasting barstewards who clearly like to get under the opposition's skin. What was that 1st goal celebration about? Looked like they were going to stay in that corner for 5 minutes and the ref more or less let them off with it. Later in the 2nd half he finally spoke to the keeper about the time he was taking on goal kicks. The guy just nodded and proceeded to ignore him. Whisky stocks will need replenished next week. signed Bad loser East Lothian
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    You will upset Hoodlum. He is not ex Saints. Comrie scored for Dunfermline.
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    The lad must be extremely disheartened to say the least.