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    I can understand Eetu needing time to settle but it's getting to the stage where his lack of game time must be having the opposite effect
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    MOTM 21-22 Game 15: Saints 0 v 3 Livi

    Its a funny old game. Guy on pab slagging off Craig & blaming him for goal. Another guy slagging off McPherson. I thought the 2 of them were the best of a bad bunch
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    Also noticed livi had white socks on in the warm up but were told to change them by the ref. Only thing he got right all day.
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    I agree regarding Middleton. I think he is a good player at this level and definitely has it in his locker to pop up with big goals at big times or a wee bit of magic… but he hasn’t really done much of that and Eetu deserves the chance to prove that he can.
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    Kits 21/22

    Have to say, for me this is one of the worst kits we've ever had. It looks like four or five different ideas for a shirt all being used at the same time.
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    I noticed we wore white socks yesterday. Wonder why we couldn't have worn them against Dundee.