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    Saints v Livi , Saturday 16/10/21

    Ambrose is a liability, we can't play him and hope the good one shows up. Now I know why Livi did not resign him. Cover and emergency only
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    I've just watched the highlights for the first time and I'm genuinely baffled by how MacPherson is being given the blame. First goal: Ambrose fails to stop the cross from the right. MacPherson is one of the players in the box who doesn't manage to get a tackle in, but so is Rooney. None of the defenders cover themselves in glory for this one. Second goal: MacPherson passes a perfectly acceptable ball back to Craig. Craig then passes it back to Clark. The goal then comes from a mix-up between Clark and McCart. How is MacPherson to blame for that? Third goal: MacPherson is tracking his man back into the box as the goal is scored. His man isn't the one who scores. Personally think MacPherson has looked pretty promising in both of his performances so far. He rarely seems to lose the ball, and his corners are looking like an upgrade on what we've had previously. We actually created a couple of goalscoring opportunities from MacPherson's corners (Craig's lob that hit the bar and Ambrose's header that went just over), which is a nice change from what we usually do!
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    Kits 21/22

    My favourite subject. Personally I'm not really fussed about whether or not we have a 'custom kit'. My preference is always a fairly simple blue shirt, white shorts, and white socks of course - if you look here you'll see we haven't had that since 1980 (41 years ago!). Just once I'd love for us to get a blue shirt that doesn't have loads of unnecessary white or yellow flashes and lines and stripes all over it. I still say that for this season we should have gone with a modern remake of this design to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our 1971/72 European run... My favourite from more recent years is the 2014 Cup Final kit, or the one we wore during the 2013/14 season. Both fairly simple designs without too much going on. I also really liked our 2003/04 kit, even though it reminds me of one of the least enjoyable seasons I've ever endured. I agree with you when it comes to away kits, though. We should go crazy with the away kit - do something completely out there that gets noticed. That's why people still talk about the teal and magenta kit. The further from boring white or yellow the better, at least for a couple of years.