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    Saints Summer Transfers 2021

    You'd think this was fairly obvious tbh, but folk seem desperate for Vertainen be a bust for some reason so jump on literally everything. I'm told he brought soup for his lunch this week while everyone else brought rolls. Clearly won't make it here.
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    Ginger Bakers rebel army

    Saints v Hearts

    Fantastic night looming under the floodlights. Hearts have sold out main stand and just a few left in North, they are now selling centre section of the Ormond. Hope cup tickets going on sale on Monday does not reduce saints support. I fancy us to burst their bubble, should be a fantastic atmosphere.
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    No more loans please. Fully expect McCart to get an offer from Hibs and he'll be away in the summer unless they pay a fee. Won't be disappointed if we don't offer any of our current loans a contract tbh as all have shown nothing special.
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    Celtic V St.Johnstone - October 23rd

    My god EEtu got 5+minutes
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    I detest playing the old firm - it is a vile watch.
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    Saints Summer Transfers 2021

    After the success of Melamed last season I doubt they'll turn down these types. We need younger CMs who can improve on what we have anyway. Craig, Davidson, Bryson, Wotherspoon and Crawford all over 30+ The only person saying he was signing was some no mark Daily Record journalist who posted no quotes from anyone at the club.
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    You will hae hoodlum after you he's still a saintee
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    Saints Summer Transfers 2021

    Loving the idea that coaches are writing off current squad members to "mates"
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    Saints Summer Transfers 2021

    We didn't change shape really until Muzz came on and we went 4-4-2. Presumably Brown/Muzz will start today so were brought on to give them minutes after injuries. Dendoncker for Rooney was a straight swap, as was Middleton for Wotherspoon really. I'm not sure if we had another sub as I don't know if Ambrose was classed as a concussion sub or not, as he played on after the head knock. Because he wasn't what they wanted? No harm in having a look at these players. If it comes to nothing you've not lost anything.
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    I find deep joy in a such a negative OP being rubbished within 12 hours as its confirmed Altman won't be getting a contract. Vertainen won't be loaned out and I don't know what people think they're achieving by making it up, it helps literally nobody. I'd be surprised if players weren't already signed in preparation of the window opening.
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    I agree. They might sign pre-contracts elsewhere but unless Saints are going to get a good fee for their early release, I don't think they'll be going anywhere until the summer. Personally think we have a strong squad now and I don't see there being many incomings, unless there's an opportunity to sign someone of real quality that we can't turn down. Main thing I'd like to see us do is extend Ali Crawford's loan beyond January (or make the move permanent if that's a possibility).
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    Saints Summer Transfers 2021

    I really don't think so. He's on a two-year deal and didn't we pay a fee for him? I think he'll get his chance - this just seems to be the way Callum does things.
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    Jeez wae the amount o doom and gloom on here Samaratians will be doing overtime in Perth, People learnt nothing fae last year.