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    Being used to an oppressive dictator, austere conditions and subsistence level wages he wouldn't need a settling in period if he joined Saints.
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    That's absolutely terrifying.
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    Saints v Celtic Boxing Day. 2021

    100% this. I can accept us being outplayed by Celtic, but we shouldn't be out-fought and out-tried. Our players look bored, lazy, lethargic, unfit, take your pick. So much of our success last season came from our pressing and sharpness and I just don't understand what has happened to that. Sure, we've lost McCann/Kerr/Spoony, but you don't need those players to at least press and close down the opposition. There were some players I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt and hope that they were going through a sticky patch and would eventually recover their form, but at this stage my feeling is a number of them have now had long enough and should never play for this club again. I generally try not to single out individual players for criticism on here but Ali Crawford's disinterested wandering around the pitch, sloppy passing and generally half-hearted attitude is a disgrace. We will never, ever get back to where we were with players like that in the team. If Callum Davidson is even considering still giving him a permanent deal, I'll completely lose what small, dwindling amount of faith I have left in his judgement. Just one positive comment to make: what a fantastic goal that was from Chris Kane. Probably one of the best headed goals I've ever seen from a Saints player.
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    If CD thinks this is a good signing we are doomed.Whats worse if he signs a load of duff players on 2 year contracts in Jan we really are f#cked
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    The guy Butterfield might be worth a punt
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    2 goals in 2 games. Half full .
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    Mr T

    Taxi For Davidson

    I think McLean is a part of the problem.. How many striker coaches do you know that can't get their strikers to score?
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    If its Jamie McCart half hearted, at this this moment half empty just nothing there no fight, tactics non existent it's some fall from the summer when this was supposedly the best squad we ever had and all that. Will put me over if we ever offer that wee ally any deal, the wee fcuker should be on the first train back to Bolton as that's why we are in a mess guys like him, total wage thief and shitebag of the highest order.
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    Radford 72

    Goal scoring records

    27 games. Started in April 1979 and ran into 1979/80 season. Scored at least 3 goals in three consecutive league games in October 2005, 3-1 against both Brechin and QoS, then 5-1 against Accies. Game in which Goran Stanic scored his only goal for the club. Did the same in April 1997: 4-0 vs Partick, 3-2 vs East Fife (day we won league) and 4-1 vs Falkirk. We bettered that in January/February 1996, doing it in four consecutive league fixtures: 3-1 vs Clydebank, same score against United, 3-2 against Dundee and then 3-1 against St Mirren. In that period under Sturrock, we scored three or more goals in 22 out of 52 league games! What a time to be a Saints fan. Also managed a run of four in the spring of 1990, a set of fixtures everyone remembers: 5-2 vs Albion Rovers, 6-0 vs Alloa, 3-2 vs Hamilton, 3-1 vs Airdrie. In 1982, we opened our title winning season by scoring at least three goals in five of the first six fixtures. Some other runs of three and four but in 1950, there was a run of five late in the year: 6-1 vs Arbroath, 7-2 vs Dunfermline, 3-0 vs Forfar, 4-4 vs Albion Rovers and 6-1 vs Queen's Park. That run has never been bettered.
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    Anyone we sign who hasn't played in the UK before will sit in the stand for three months while Davidson tries to talk himself into trusting him to play, so I wouldn't expect to see any sort of left-field signing like this. Can I add that we also need a left-sided centre-half, because McCart should not be anywhere near our starting line-up at the moment. What worries me about the expected raft of incoming new arrivals is that we're completely ripping apart the continuity that the success of our club was built on. How many summers on here have we looked at other clubs' numerous new signings and praised Saints for not doing things that way? For years now we've kept a consistent core to the team and just made small changes each season, and it's worked. Now, because of such bad planning, we're about to chuck in a bunch of (probably) free agents on (probably) short-term deals and hope that they somehow gel immediately into a winning team who have the heart to pull us out of this mess. I'm not saying we should stick with what we have, because clearly that's turned to shit ... but I'm just not convinced that a panicky recruitment drive halfway through a season is actually going to work.