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    Sat here in tears watchin us lift the cup, lost my wife of 40 years in June always wanted me to go up the road to see the boys when she was I'll, then lost the brother and his mate who were big Saintees smiling down on us, love to think they helped us win it.
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    COYS Tuktoyaktuk Saints supporters club are shouting for you
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    Anyone else have a weird feeling of not knowing what to do last night? Still, can't wait for the open-top bus tour in the summer. It's going to be a belter. I hope the club is ready with plenty of season ticket forms to hand out. Seriously, I think it's hard to put into words how special this era is. Always gives me goosebumps to think of all the thousands of Saints fans, staff, officials and players going right back to 1885 who experienced little or no success, the fans who'd have lived and died hoping to see their team lift a trophy but never did. And then our generation comes along and gets two trophies and multiple trips to Europe. And it's not just the success, but the way we've done it. Barely spent a penny on transfers, no sugar-daddy owner, no crowing about a "fairytale". Every single bit of success has come about through sheer hard work and good decision-making, and that goes all the way back through multiple managers who have all contributed in pushing us on and building upon their predecessor's work. It really should be a far bigger story than it is, but I think the fact that we fly forever under the radar is in itself a part of that success. We're still underestimated, and always will be.
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    The ones that were there in the stands were the ones no longer with us. Lost Dad last month and I know he was watching over us....yes I'm drunk and emotional
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    I was at the cup final in 1969 with my old Dad. It was the first game we ever went to together. It's one of these games which lives with you forever; Hampden - the smell of the grass, the huge crowd, the noise. We lost to a Celtic team full of the Lisbon Lions that day and if we hadn't lost that early goal we could well have went on to win it - Billy McNeil was giant that day heading a Buck McCarrie header of the line late on. I recall the press being very generous of their praise for us My old man had passed when we won in 2014 and I suspect like a lot of people thinking of absent friends, at the final whistle my first thoughts went to Dad. Still a poignant moment for me. I have no right to be greedy because I never thought we would win a major trophy in my lifetime but having been to two losing league cup finals..... if we could win this one I would be a very happy man.
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    Not posted for a long time - almost exactly 6yrs in fact...though I've been regular reader as we've battled along since then. But felt I just had to come back on following yesterday and comments about those no longer with us but watching from the Hampden Stands...and I'll include my mum in that group. A Dunkeld lass (she was a gamies daughter brought up on Craig-y-barns) and life-long supporter, she went with myself and my lad to the Cup final at Parkhead and loved and was so proud seeing her team win the Cup. And she'd have been cheering on from above on Sunday. We were brought up in Mount Florida and lived a stones-throw from Hampden. All through the 50s and 60s we'd have family from all over the country visiting for big matches, and I expect she didn't ever really think her team would lift a cup at the ground (especially after the disappointment of 1971). But now we have. And it's brilliant. I even spent £12.99 on Premier Sports to watch. Nerve-wracking but great goal from Rooney and great performances all over the pitch and CallumD that others have waxed lyrical on so I won't. Except to say my lad - sitting watching in his Sheffield front room wearing his Saintees top and scarf with pride commented that for all that the fancy dans that England might have - Perth Saintees have our very own Kane and Rooney doing the business up front. I liked that. COYS.
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    Congratulations Saints! I don't come on here very often, being a Stoke fan, but I've always kept an eye on Saints results since living in Perth throughout the 90s and going to a good few Saints games home and away, including the last league cup final in 98 and Monaco home and away after that. Just another gloryhunter! Well done on completing the cup set, bit annoyed you couldn't have done it when I was up there to join in! Such a shame the pubs are closed, but enjoy your celebratory swallies anyway. Just the league left
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    What is the Scottish Football term for folk that talk 5h1te and make claims of a players wage without any real proof and then accuse the player of being a thief?? I find it incredible that you are quoting a players alleged wage on social media then calling him a thief and then saying he is pish. That is not being a supporter! that is being a keyboard warrior. . I hope to god he plays on Sunday and sticks these statements rights up where the sun does not shine!!
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    I too lost my wife last year after a tough battle with MND yesterday a was a wee bright spot in my life in what has been a tough couple of years. My dear wife was never a football fan although she did encourage me and our 3 wonderful now grown up children to indulge our passion for Saints which we did with a passion. We Saints fans follow a great well run club something I will be eternally grateful for.
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    Absolutely delighted! Particularly for a great servant like Liam Craig!
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    Not been on here in ages... Massive good luck Saints! Gutted I'm not getting up early to jump on a Highland Saints bus to Glasgow but looking forward to to game none-the-less!
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    One thing, I may be nervous but I have seen Saints in 3 major finals and in each one our players gave 100%. I have every confidence that this one will be no different.
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    The whole stadium was packed with saints fans from the past celebrating
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    I need to get to Jeanfield Cemetery and tell my dad what happened today, will have to wait until we can travel again but just hope he was watching.
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    Tranmere Saintee

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Because muppets like you keep on posting to it!!
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    Thought bringing Bryson on was just good game management. We are 3 up 15 mins to go no need to go chasing the game manage the game and get everyone in safe and well with 3 point and a clean sheet. Totally agree on the Bryson bashing it seems folk are never happy unless they have someone to have a go at and he is this season's boo. Boy
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    Muzz back training, 50/50 fir Saturday but should be fine for final
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    Taxi for Tommy?

    Good on him- he did a great job for us and I’d say he moved on at the right time for both him and the club. He clearly wanted a change and isn’t probably quite surprised a “bigger club” hasn’t come calling. Here’s hoping he does a good job for Kilmarnock and comes one place below us in the league.
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    Just been found out,that Shaun is Bennys great nephew
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    This a game we do need to play for a win let the cup final take cares of itself. Clark Kerr Gordon McCart Rooney McCann Craig Tanser Melamed Kane
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    Get it right up the glory hunting bassas from Aberdeen Utd Rangers Tic et al, flahscores showing the entire starting 11 are Scottish, Spoony and Ali showing Canadian and NI flags but they were born in Scotland. That’s amazing. Got to give a shout out to Tommy for putting part of the jig saw together but wow to Davidson and the coaching staff for putting if all together and making it happen.
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    Just saw on facebook*, apparently this is the first time this century that a Scottish trophy has been won by an all Scottish team. *Caveat: Can confirm that all who played for Saints today were born in Scotland, have not researched further to confirm if it is a first.
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    £300,000 prize for winning, pre and post merchandise sales will be fantastic, chunk of prize money quite rightly will go to team and management but winning will mean huge unbudgeted Bertie bonus, todays amazing win will be fantastic for the stability of the club going forward.
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    This is ageing me so quick I now qualify for the vaccine.
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    Beautiful football and lose or pretty poor and win? think I’ll take the latter please
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    its exciting! i've worn my cup final polo for the first time, got my programme, got my halftime pies in the fridge, even my pc is dressed for the final :D
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    was planning to do my taxes but decided to have some cup final fun --------------------------------------- Zander Clark - Taking St Johnstone to the big dance! Despite critics of his sluggish statistical start to the season and jealousy of his Venetian Marble Media Wall we will never forget his strong comeback and heroics that have taken us to the Betfred Cup Final vs Livingston. saints9.mp4
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    I hope for liams sake that he plays and wins as he was so unlucky moving to Hibs just before we won the cup then coming back to saints as Hibs win it so it would be great for him as he bears the end of his career.
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    Liam Craig staking his claim for place in the final. As did Callum Booth. Difficult decisions for Callum.
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    What if we had played an unfit player who was struggling to settle in and adapt to the Scottish game. The boy would have been slaughtered by the same people who are saying why was he not playing. Go on and have a wee smile to yourself and stop looking for negatives be delighted that the saints had a good win and kept their first league clean sheet away from home this season.
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    Don't get the Bryson bashing! Guy has hardly put a foot wrong for us when he plays and rarely fails to find a man with a pass and good on the ball The hatred is embarrassing.
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    Magazine arrived today, it is superb, so well put together and great content , great mix of articles and fans and players photos. Every saints fan should buy one.
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    Ibrox latest...

    That's it sorted then. Apparently there was only 3 present, but when Tavernier heard Police Scotland were handing out penalties, he couldn't get there quick enough.
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    He did more in 10 mins than Conway did in 80.
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    I don't really get all the people saying they'd release Parish - is Davidson really going to find someone better to be our back-up keeper? The only reason I'd get rid of him would be if I had a new number 1 in mind who was better than Clark.
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    I see you also play Football Manager...
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    Spoony sent off in the warm up
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    You'd rather lose 4-0 than 1-0? A Rangers side unbeaten in the league, who've conceded 7 goals all season, and folk are thinking our best chance is to go bollocks out. Mad.
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    You can't think like that; we should be looking to win this and start looking at the other end of league instead of looking behind us.