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    IF YOU'RE PROUD TO BE A SAINTEE, PROUD TO BE A SAINTEE....click the like! saintX, MySpazz, The Real Saints, scotty gordon, Andy, andrew, Emma, Barty1884, saintee in exile, Cis streaker, Shibbydoo, Phil, nickyg, Coltrane, Moray Blue, Rosenborg Trondheim, Jad, Kjello, tony_polster, Texas-Saint, Saintdunc, Kevin James Is On Stilts, mike_gain, Bruno Strasser, TheYellowBox, rammsteinally, chips, candalan, ejksjfc, california_saintee, SammyJ, jhq, SheerLambRule, slambrother, postiepat, andy rhodes fancy watch, Nizlopi, BrechinSaintee, sideline, sleepless, uphallsaint, Markinch Saint, cristo, mainstand, The Mystery Man, duncan08
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    Player contracts and transfers

    Tam Scobbie is exactly the type of player every club needs. Need a left back? He'll play. Need a centre half? He'll play. Need a midfielder? He'll play. Need a goalie? Tam will do it. Need a player to get totally wasted after a great Euro performance and spend a night with the fans celebrating? He'll do it. Important penalty in a Euro game? Tam will take it. Honestly, he may have his limitations but you can't fault the guy. If you asked him clean the bloody toilets for Saints I'm sure he'd do it. I also think it's easy to remember his mistakes but who remembers all of his last ditch, goal saving tackles? He puts it on the line every time he plays. St Johnstone are where we are now because of the Tam Scobbie's, not because of fancy, flashy footballers.
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    So Proud

    So the boy has gone from Saints fan to Saints 'daft' this season. He is 12, and just started at the Academy. As some of you know, he doesn't get the easiest time, being autistic. He came home from school today, and announced that he had been asked to go on a school trip in October, to Sunderland. They would be given a guided tour of the Stadium of Light, and then watch the Man Utd v Sunderland game. I said 'wow, brilliant, you'll LOVE that!!' Genuinely excited for him. He said 'don't be silly dad, I told them I couldn't go because Saints were playing Inverness Caley Thistle at home' Beaming with pride
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    R.B.B:- Adz

    Unite Behind Saints!

    I think all Saints fans should take a bit of time out just to reflect how fantastic and positive it is to be affiliated with the club at this time. In the past couple of months we have managed to achieve things that some of us could only dream of, so on Thursday night as the stadium fills up and the tension starts to build it would be nice just to take it all in and puff your chest out with pride. We have not only become recognised world wide for being one of the best run clubs in the UK but have proved how valuable that is this season and established ourselves as the 3rd best team in the whole of Scottish football and achieved back to back European qualifications. We have employed by far the most popular management duo for a great number of years and the unity and enthusiasm shown towards Tommy and Callum has been astonishing. I have never seen such a satisfied consensus among our support. That was quickly followed by possibly the most popular signing for many years in David Wotherspoon. Again I have never seen so many people agree and unite behind a signing. And to top it all off, we will have one of our highest home attendances with (Saints fans in the majority) for many years against one of Europe's most experienced teams, who we hold a 1-0 lead over. Sometimes you just have to stand back and think how great it is to be a Saintee.
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    A season of fitba deams. St.Johnstone football club have been around for a long time, a very long time. 130 years to be exact. They hail from Scotlands newest city, Perth. The clubs name comes from the old name for Perth; Saint Johns Toun, which I believe was named after St. John The Baptist They are my team, but not just MY team. They are also the team of many of my friends and of quite a few people I don't know by name, but who I know to speak to, to exchange a courteous nod, the occasional joyous hug and on a more regular basis commiserations. Over my years supporting " The Saints" there have been many many days where disappointment was the main feeling, where I left games feeling depressed, angry, let down and a whole myriad of other negative emotions. There was also Hamilton. It wasn't always bad of course, there were days when I felt elated, triumphant and so very proud. Proud of my wee team, proud that on a shoestring budget, we could beat Celtic, Rangers et al. Proud that we could progress to the later stages of national cup competitions, proud of winning a "diddy cup", of winning promotions and leagues, of qualifying for European adventures with wonderful days spent with my fellow Saintees in Eskisehir, Turkey, and twice, even reaching the final of the Scottish League Cup.Sadly we lost both, one of which was a bit before my time. We have had some great seasons and some great teams. Not least the team of Willie Ormond in the late 60's ( before my time), the team of Paul Sturrock in the 90's and my favoutite team of the early 1980's. I even took my internet handle, The Ghost of Jim Morton, as a homage to my favourite player from that team. And then season 2013-14 happened. It started early, on Wednesday 10th July, with a trip to Cowdenbeath where we won 1-0, Sadly I missed David Wotherspoons fine free kick as we were late arriving . It would not be my last miss of what would become the most memorable of seasons. We then had a trip to Morton which I passed on and which we also won 1-0. Next up was the mighty Rosenborg of Norway, in Trondheim. They were a team with a fine Europen record, a team who had recently participated in the Champions League group stages. This was where the dream really started ( no disrespect intended to Cowden or Morton) We went there and, well, we beat them 1-0. They couldn't believe it and frankly I, and I suspect most of my fellow Saintees couldn't believe it. A fine contingent of Saints fans made the trip to Trondheim and in wallet emptying, eye watering conditions, they enjoyed a good drink before and after the game. Sadly I was not one of them for reasons as simple as I was going on holiday the day after the game. The fact that that holiday was a Norwegian cruise only made me feel worse. All was not lost though as I at least managed to watch the game on a dodgy internet stream before departing for Southampton. The return leg in Perth, which the Norwegians were convinced they would win easily, was a rip roaring affair with Saints going a goal behind early on before fighting back and equalizing through Stevie May. In front of a crowd of nearly 8000 they held out for the draw and amazingly, St.Johnstone were in the next round and the less than gratious Norwegians we OUT. Sadly I was still not there. I was in the middle of the North Sea, on route to Southampton and even worse, I had to follow the game on Sky Sports News which was torturous. Eventually they announced that St.Johnstone had drawn and gone through. I then proceeded to wander around our cruise ship and tell everyone and anyone that MY wee team had beaten Rosenbourg. In the next round we were drawn against FC Minsk. I could have gone out there but didn't, well none of us did, due to ridiculous visa problems. Instead, I went away and walked the West Highland Way in 4 days. The day we played Minsk I was walking 28 miles between Rowardennan and Tyndrum. In hounour of my team I did that leg of the Way in a Saints top and wore my Saints scarf. The game was watched on Ceefax or whatever it's modern version is now called. I sat in a hotel room looking at an unmoving screen. Then it suddenly moved. It said FC Minsk 0-1 St.Johnstone. Steven Mclean. I also moved and proceeded to go utterly mental. Then for the last 20 minutes I stared at the screen and begged for the letters FT to appear. They dually did and I went down to the bar tell everyone and anyone that MY wee team had beaten FC Minsk. Was I dreaming? On the following Sunday we opened our League account a home win against a Hearts side crippled by debt and administration. 3 points on the board. Oh and I was at last there. Then FC Minsk came to Perth. McDiarmid park was rocking with over 8500 punters. We all believed they were beatable, they were, but we did not, and after a tense niggly match our Euro dream died in a penalty shoot out. My first Euro game and our first loss. ( we also lost our unbeaten European home record). My dream seemed to have turned to a nightmare. The season then proceeded with some great wins and some horrible losses, 4-0 was a recurring scoreline for or against. In October we beat Morton with a last minute disputed goal to reach the semi final of the League Cup and we again began to dream. A fine 3-0 home win against Dundee Utd on Boxing Day was followed by a roasting at Fir Park on New Years day where Motherwell destroyed us 4-0. We started the year in 6th place in the league and remained there pretty much all the way to the split. The Scottish cup campaign had begun in late November with a straight forward win over Livingstone. It was not without surprise though. I met my parents outside the stadium. Apparently they were attending the game and were heading to the Boardroom as guests of our opposition. My mother was warned that if Livi scored and she celebrated, there would be repercussions. As it transpired when Saints opened the scoring, the old dear let out a quality cheer much to the chargrin of her Livi buddies. I knew she wouldn't let the side down. On Feb 1st we headed to Edinburgh to face a high flying Aberdeen side who we , I was shocked to discover, had never beaten in a cup tie. This was the League Cup semi-final. As was the norm with cup semi-finals we lost. That score 4-0 came up again. Emotionally I was wrecked. Would we ever win another semi? Progress in the Scottish Cup continued with convincing wins over Forfar and then Raith Rovers and before we knew it we were in another semi-final. The bad news was that we had never won a Scottish cup semi EVER. Even worse, we were draw against Aberdeen again, a team we had NEVER beaten in any cup tie. Ah well, we had done well to get there. Expectation was certainly low for me and when we went a goal down early in the game I was convinced it was yet again over. Half time came and as I walked the concourse under the stand at Ibrox, I spoke with a couple of hard core, longterm Saintees, and we all agreed that this was it, that if we lost this game, which we all though was the only likely outcome, that we would not attend another semi due to being unable to shoulder the heartache of being nearly men any more Then the second half began and something magic happened, we started playing much better, we were in their faces, we were on top. All it needed was someone to put the round thing between the wooden structures that Jamie " Clangers " Langfield was hanging about in. He was right in front of us. We baited him, we told him the goal was coming, we could feel it... Jamieeeeeeeeeeeee can you feel it.. And then BOOM. All hell broke loose. Stevie May took a pass and three touches later the ball rippled the back of the net. The dream was on but it needed a second goal and importantly we need not to concede anything. Then Aberdeen had a great chance but some how the ball went past the post. Was this to finally be OUR year? We started on Langfield again... Jamieeeeeeeeee can you feel it, can you smell it...Jamieeeeeeeeeee it's coming.... the game entered the last few minutes, extra time looking very likely. Then suddenly , like a bolt of lightening, the ball was on the edge of the Dons box. May headers to McLean, McLean lays off to May, May toe pokes the ball and OH MY GOD.... GOALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! The Saints support went balistic. A riot of colour, a wall of sound and a belief. We must be dreaming.. The last six minutes passed slowly but Saints played it out beautifully. They kept the ball. Aberdeen were beaten. The hoodoo was over. Grown men and women were in tears. 130 years of if buts and regrets were suddenly gone. And so here we are. We have finally reached the Scottish Cup Final. The oldest cup competition in the world. Four weeks from now we will face our local neighbours Dundee United in our final game of the season, a season which will have seen us play 50 competitive matches. That surely must be a record. It's been brilliant, it's been amazing and it has been wonderful. It's been the best season I can ever remember in my 37 years of being a Saintee. Come what may on the 17th day of the month of May 2014, regardless of the result, we will have had a most fantastic season. Will we win the cup and thus end the often used internet forum jibe of "Never won a major trophy"?? I don't know. I do hope so. I know we can. Saints supporters will now head to Parkhead from every corner of the world. We will sing our hearts out, we will do what we do best. We will support our well run wee team... Even if we don't win though, this has indeed been the season of my fitba dreams. Come on you Saints. Ghostie.
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    After the League cup semi-final, this was my desk at work on Monday morning: - A little revenge this morning for the culprit: -
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    Saints V Killie. 9/11/13. Ko 1500

    Really enjoyed yesterday had a braw day. The staff at Mcdiarmid stepped up a notch in my eyes ( again ) yesterday. The wee lad has been an emotional wee soul over the past week due to the loss of his grandad. Crying almost anywhere which is understandable as hes only 7. One of the directors noticed he was upset and sent to of the players into the muirton suite to get him. Robbo and Ando took the wee fella ontp the pitch for a kick about and it son wiped the tears away. It was braw to see. A wee letter to the club i think.
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    el grew

    Congratulations To You Saints

    Hi to all Saints fans from a Motherwell fan. I wanted to offer my heart-felt and sincere congratulations to St Johnstone FC and all the fans on winning the Scottish Cup today. I was rooting for you and I was really chuffed that you won. Like most of you I have supported my club for a long time and when we managed to win the Cup in 1991 (strangely enough against Dundee Utd too) it was a sweet, sweet moment so I know exactly how you are feeling now. Many, many congratulations. It's great to see the so-called provincial clubs winning a major competition. Hope you have a great time celebrating. Hope you do well in Europe and have a great season next year. From a fellow football supporter.
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    Honest Saints Fan

    Amazing Saints

    Amazing Saints Some people might know that I've not been keeping well for over a year although I'm much better now. During my stem cell transplants Tommy and the players surprised me with a video of well wishes. Liam Craig organised it all with the help of Gary (will fix it!). Our wee club are so special. Just shows the lengths they will go to!
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    The Real Saints

    Michael O'Halloran

    Rangers FC: Hello there. Shop assistant: Hello there. Rangers FC: I don't actually want to buy anything that you have in stock. Shop assistant: OK, this is very intriguing. What do you want? Rangers FC: What's the most expensive item that you have on your person right now? Shop assistant: Well.. probably my mobile phone. It's in my pocket. Rangers FC: I'll give you a tenner for it. Shop assistant: But it's not for sale. It belongs to me. If you really want it, I'd let you have it for £200. Rangers FC: I'll give you £20 for it. Shop assistant: Nah, I'll accept no less than £200. Rangers FC: I'm being held to ransom here. I don't HAVE to give you my money. Shop assistant: OK. Rangers FC: Stop playing hardball.
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    David Wotherspoon

    Took time out to visit his old secondary school in Perth this afternoon after he finished training. Around 80 kids were playing small sided games and Spoony joined in and made sure he spoke to all the kids involved. He also took part in an open question and answer session with the kids which was brilliant. He then took time to make sure all the kids got all the autographs and pictures that they wanted. Top guy, a great ambassador for Saints! Thanks Spoony.
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    There's a new trophy at McDiarmid Park tonight.
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    50yrs a Saint

    Semi Final tickets

    Email sent to SPFL at info@spfl.co.uk Dear Mr Doncaster As a lifelong St Johnstone, and Scottish Football supporter, of over 50 years, I am sad to say that I am so disgusted with the total contempt that has been shown by your organisation, towards St Johnstone and their supporters in the run up to the Scottish League Cup Semi Final against Hibernian, that I am taking the decision to put my complaint in writing to you. I do not doubt that tasks of administering Scottish Football is not an easy one, but the actions of your organisation on this occasion are nothing short of shambolic and embarrassing and are deserving of a full explanation, and an unreserved public apology acknowledging the shortcomings of your organisation in this whole afair. There are two particular areas that I intend to focus on and would be grateful if any response was to cover both issues. These issues are; 1) The mock up of a contracted St Johnstone player, Michael O'Halloran, in a Rangers strip, following intense media speculation in relation to a possible transfer. I acknowledge that this mock up photograph has since been removed from your site and your initial response was that it was intended to be light hearted. I can assure you that I did not find this in the least bit funny, rather I found it quite offensive. I would ask whose ultimate decision was it to approve this publication of your website? Your actions have only served to further intensify the media speculation regarding this player and can only have been detrimental to the player and the club in the run up to such an important match. 2) When Tynecastle Park was identified as the venue for the St Johnstone v Hibernian game, and following initial discussions with the relevant Clubs, and, I assume, Police Scotland, and the relevant Security officers, you provided the following press release regarding allocation of tickets and segregation; "St Johnstone Support Roseburn Stand - Adults £20.00, Under-16s £5.00 Roseburn Stand Wheelchair Users - Adults £10.00, Under-16s £3.00 It has been agreed that this allocation may increase if there is a demand for tickets. A further allocation would take St Johnstone supporters into the Main Stand Block N Upper. If this is not required by St Johnstone then this area will be allocated to Hibernian." St Johnstone did indeed sell all of their tickets within a very short space of time and, as I understand, requested a further allocation of tickets prior to the 10th of January. I would appreciate if you could provide a clear answer to each of the following points; a. Were the police and security officers involved in your initial discussions prior to your announcement regarding segregation and ticketing arrangements, and, if so, what advice did they provide? b. What was the size of allocation requested by each of the clubs at the initial planning meetings? c. Given that fans from opposing clubs shared a stand at the same stadium in a previous League Cup Semi Final, why has the position now changed? d. Do you consider it fair that not only do Hibs have a supporter ratio of almost 4:1 compared with St Johnstone for a National Cup Semi Final, it is also the fact that St Johnstone supporters will be outnumbered by sponsors complimentary spectators? e. Was your decision based, in any way, on possible increased policing costs to maintain segregation? f: Why was no final decision made until 5 days before the match? g: Why was the press release confirming no further tickets would be released to St Johnstone not accompanied by an apology? Such is the state of Scottish Football under your stewardship, that many clubs are struggling financially and you should be doing all you can to further the game as a spectacle. St Johnstone, may be a relatively small club but they are well run and are striving to increase their support base. Actions, such as those taken by you, in the lead up to this match will have a detrimental effect on the Club's efforts. As you will no doubt be aware, the demand for tickets from St Johnstone supporter's has outweighed the supply made available by you and has left a large number of angry and disgruntled supporters, who merely wish to support their team. As The CEO of the SPFL, I believe that you need to accept some personal responsibility for this whole sorry state of affairs, which has shown your organisation to have a complete disregard for football supporters, without which your member clubs cannot survived, as well as a blatant lack of integrity towards one of its member clubs. I look forward to your response
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    Bruno Strasser

    Hamish Henderson Rip

    It was with great sadness that I learned today of the passing of my fellow Saints Fan and Veteran Season Ticket Holder. Knowing Hamish only by his first name I sat beside him for the last 10 years in the main stand - sharing the joys and sorrows of following St Johnstone FC. Unassuming and passionate about his club and speaking in a thick Highland accent I mistakenly assumed he travelled down from Inverness or Aviemore or some other such outpost. It was only after speaking to Graham Buchan in the Muirton Suite today that I discovered he travelled down from Dunnet in Caithness - a staggering 500 mile round trip taking in excess of ten hours by bus with a stop over in Perth to follow Saints. I was completely unaware I had been sharing my match days with one of the clubs most remarkable and committed supporters. I will miss him greatly and will raise a glass for him tonight. Row T Seat 52 will remain empty for the remainder of the Season - I doubt very much it will ever be filled by such a remarkable fan. RIP Hamish and God Bless.
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    hi everybody This is Firat from Turkey... first of all i'd like to thank all you guys because of your hospitality and warm attitude in Norway... I have gone through what has written here about me also and it made me really smile... I should re-state that it was my pleasure to support Saints with you guys in Norway and witness that historical win!!! Unfortunately I could not make the home leg but my heart will be there for sure... I'm pretty confident that we are going through the next round... Also I'm going to spend my holiday in Scotland this year and going to support Saints with you guys against Ross County and Dundee Utd. Lastly my special thanks are going to my beloved friends ODSOT members Steven Watt at the top and Tommy Watt, Adam Taylor, Craig, Liam Dorris and Greg Stirton... If those guys were not be there I could not make that fantastic journey... hope to see u guys in August can I ask every single person that reads this to cheer also for me on Thursday¿
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    Let Us Remember Them

    Today is the anniversary of us entering World War I let us take time to remember our players who went off to do their duty and never came back John Cameron St Johnstone Alexander Halkett, Dundee, Aberdeen, St Johnstone Thomas Alexander Jackson, St Mirren, St Johnstone (Scottish International) William MacPherson St Johnstone David McWalter, St Johnstone Herbert Murray, Clyde, Aberdeen, Queen’s Park, St Johnstone, Motherwell Bertram Sampson, St Johnstone Charles Scott, Rangers, St Johnstone They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them. If I have missed anyone please add them to the list
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    The call to arms was so very strong, Some journeys short and others long Plans were hatched and tickets bought Trains were booked and flights were caught. Joyous feelings, smiling faces Saintees fans from far flung places China , Canada, Australia, Rome Everyones thoughts now turned to home Meeting friends not seen for years With happiness expressed in tears. Hugs and drinks and reminiscing And memories of those now missing So come on you Saints the shout went up Lets have a ball, lets win the cup. Whatever happens though, lets enjoy the day. And forever celebrate the seventeenth of May.
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    Sat here in tears watchin us lift the cup, lost my wife of 40 years in June always wanted me to go up the road to see the boys when she was I'll, then lost the brother and his mate who were big Saintees smiling down on us, love to think they helped us win it.
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    Hi everyone. Found out the news about my dad on Friday. It was very sudden but as none of his family were in Panama at the time details are few and far between at the minute. Expecting a call from the Embassy in the next couple of days and will know more then. He was a great Dad and loved nothing more than telling me on a Saturday morning who he’d been winding up on WAP over the last few days and who he was beating in the predictor! Being away from Perth for many years meant this place gave him an outlet for all things St Johnstone and enabled him to have debates and conversations, which many of us get in the pub on a Saturday afternoon, with all of you. Thanks to anyone who berated him, nibbled at his bait or rised to him any time he put up a nonsense post as he thrived on it and, while he often came across as abrasive on here, it was always in jest with a tongue firmly in cheek and his way of still being involved with saints from a far. My brother Saul and I (Joss) would like to pass on our thanks to everyone for their kind words and for humouring him over the past few years
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    Thanks Saints

    I know that we are all disappointed with tonights result. However I just wanted to thank my wee home town football club for bringing European football once again to Perth. I was too young to remember any of the European games played at Muirton but I have been to every one at McDiarmid Park. I have watched 2 UEFA cup Games (1999-2000) and 6 Europa League games (2012-2016) In all the eight games I have only seen Saints defeated at home once! I feel privileged to have witnessed this achievement. I know we have been spoiled with having such recent great successes and tonights result for me is very bitter sweet. I just wanted to thank everybody that works so hard for our club for the great memories. Im definitely going to try and keep the blue flag flying high, as I know there will be difficult times ahead. COYS
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    I think that the length of time the current Saints side has been successful for has to be taken into account. The Ormond team (which I never saw) had a very brief period of doing well, but rapidly went downhill. The team of the late 90s, similarly, had one really good season but quickly started to struggle once those players started to drift away and Clark was faced with replacing them. The current era of success, on the other hand, transcends different key players, different managers, even different chairmen. It's almost as if the very environment at McDiarmid Park is what is behind the success. The era now includes becoming top 6 regulars, regularly reaching semi-finals, winning the Scottish Cup, beating Rosenborg one season and beating Luzern the next, and now topping it all off with this transformation into free-scoring entertainers who consistently come from behind to pick up points with this incredible never-say-die attitude. I've certainly never seen anything like it in my time following Saints, and I'd be surprised if anyone else has. Individually we've had plenty of better players, but we've never had a better team. One thing I find disappointing and I feel has disappointed Tommy Wright too, has been our failure to manage serious progression in Europe. We've done so well in beating really good sides, only to fall flat against weaker ones. If we could get through two or three rounds in Europe and get into a place where we're in contention for the group stages and can go out on a high, then that would be the thing that would top it all off.
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    Envious Fulham Fan

    Well Done Saints!

    Hi Lads and Lassie's Just to say well done for getting through, as a Fulham fan who went to every game during the campaign back in 2010 through to the final in Hamburg, it is a hell of a journey! Some people say the Europa League is nothing, and second rate, but that may be for the top 8 glory hunters in the Premier league and the top 1 in the SPL with all the dosh, but to the rest it is a tournament that gives the real fans a shot at the big time. Best wishes to you all on this journey, if you are true Saints fan then borrow, and spend the money going overseas, promise me, you will not forget it, you only live the once. Best wishes Envious Fulham Fan!
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    Far too much booing at the game last night from some so-called Saints fans, and not just at half time whistle. It was pretty constant in the second half at every misplaced pass, certain substitutions etc. I have no problem with throwing hands up in the air, and bawling "for ****'s sake Maclean" but booing your own team? Never understood it and never will. No doubt someone will get upset in this thread and feel they have a right to express their opinion in this way, but I ****ing hate booing, unless directed at the referee or opposition!
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    COYS Tuktoyaktuk Saints supporters club are shouting for you
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    This is our 10th year in the top division. In that time 18 clubs have been the league, 19 if you count 2 from Govan. Of those 18 only 5 have been in for all 10 years, Saints, Celtic, Aberdeen, Motherwell, Killie. 10 year league table up to kick off today looks like this. Celtic 861 pts, Aberdeen 570 pts Saints 504 pts Motherwell 490 pts Killie 434 pts RFC Combined 432 pts Hearts 426 pts DUFC 372 pts ICT 354 pts Hibs 306 pts Ross County 260 pts St Mirren 232 pts Hamilton 210 pts Partick 205 pts Dundee 182 pts Dunfermline 55 pts Falkirk 31pts Livingstone 30 pts Amazing record, we don't get a fraction of the credit we deserve.
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    Saints v Dundee - 11/03/17

    A group of 14 of us went over to this match from Northern Ireland. Had a very good trip, and good to catch up with our old manager and good friend Tommy Wright. Good speaking to some of you before and after the match, and thanks to all the bar staff for the hospitality. Good to see you get a win, and nice to catch up with Alan Mannus as well as seeing Paul Paton get a goal. Good luck for rest of the season, speaking to Tommy, he is really enjoying his time there!
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    I would like to thank all the saints we have met during last weekend! We really enjoyed the hospitality and the atmosphere and of course the win over the dundee bastards! It would be our pleasure to arrange tickets for any of you who want to come over for an Ajax game and we hope to be back next season for another game of the saints,
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    Saints Vs Aberdeen Scsf 12/13 April

    Have to admit that when that final whistle went I was rather emotional. Delighted for everyone connected with the CLub and Geoff for everything he has put in. But personally I am delighted for folk like my dad who has followed Saints man and boy and is now 79 year old, the fact that he can now go to a Scottish Cup Final and see his beloved Saints is a dream come true and after the year that he has had in losing my mum he deserves it. COME ON SAINTS LETS DO IT FOR HIM AND ALL the OTHER SAINTS FANS OF HIS GENERATION BOTH HERE AND LOOKING DOWN ON US FROM ABOVE!!! 90 MINUTES TO BECOME HEROES!
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    As a neutral let me first say it was an absolute privilege to be there tonight to experience that with you all. I could tell just from the sizable crowd how much it really meant to them all. Drove a 190 mile round trip on a spur of the moment urge to watch history in the making tonight and it was worth every effeing penny. 25 quid at the turnstile with the missus and I don't grudge it one bit, absolute value for money . Hopefully this gives the Saints a little financial boost and you guys can go on and upwards. Met some tremendous fans tonight and thought the Rosenberg fans were great aswell, the atmosphere was superb and I just hope that the FC Minsk is just as thrilling. All the best, I will certainly be trying to make a few more Saints games this year.
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    Fanzone ?

    FANZONE CONFIRMED !! Free entry, bouncy castle, face painting, outside bars, burger van, complimentary phone charging service from Charge-It!, membership stall, join up as a full member of the club on the day for £5, live DJ's from Kasbah vs Beat Surrender, outside benches and marquee ( incase it rains ) !!
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    What Has Gone Wrong...?

    Well, we did beat them, so that's good! Maybe you can cheer up now! We're one point off fourth place. One point. Are you seriously saying that's the difference between your original post being valid or not? Personally I think Tommy Wright should feel smug because Saints, again, have not only been ignored by the media but have also been on the end of completely ridiculous levels of negativity and criticism from some of our own fans (your post on this thread being one of the worst examples). Yet, once again, he has steered us into the top six and another race for European football. He's had to take us into this season without his star striker and without any of the transfer targets he wanted to bring in. He's had to operate on a budget that is borderline disgraceful when you consider how much revenue this team has generated by winning the Cup and repeatedly qualifying for Europe. But despite that, as he himself said after Saturday, his team has "found a way", by becoming bloody difficult to score against and having the best defensive record outside the top two. And through all of that the manager has carried himself in a dignified and respectful manner and not resorted to publicly moaning. Sure, there hasn't been any silky samba football - from what I've seen this season, quite a lot of it has been pretty bloody poor to watch. But the league table proves that, yet again, Saints are one of the strongest teams in the country. You might call that spineless management, you might call it "under performing" - but, frankly, that is absolutely ridiculous. Nearly every club in Scotland would love to swap places with us right now. With the exception of ICT, no other similarly-sized club can come even close to touching our sustained levels of success over these last few years (and I understand even ICT offer significantly higher wages than we do). And a lot of considerably bigger clubs can't come close to matching our success either. Just look at how far we've come since we won the First Division, and yet you're still not happy. This is the greatest era in the club's history by some considerable distance. If you feel such vitriol towards the manager and his performance even now, then maybe you just need to accept that it's you who'll never be happy. It's sad to have to say that if Saints continue to be successful under Tommy Wright, it'll be in spite of the views of fans such as yourself.
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  33. 19 points
    First post in a while, but been reading forum for years. This is honestly one of the most depressing discussions I've seen, possibly ever, on this forum. So our budgets have been cut..... We are a relatively poor club with a low turnover and have been running a loss for a while, which has eaten into our cash reserves. These cash reserves only exist cause of the sensible(and arguably fantastic) way that our club has been run over the years by our board, especially the Browns. For a few years not that long ago we posted profits based on property deals and the non footballing income of the club has long been a vital part of the clubs turnover. Our gates are low and with arguably three of the biggest four clubs in the country not even in our league this season the turnover is set to drop again. As has been said in various places we've been renting training facilities down in Stirling for the last few years, the club are now sensibly, with the long term survival of the club in mind, investing in our own facilities. The benefits to this are impossible to argue against. Saints players will now be in Perth, making them a visible and arguably more approachable part of the community; the cost of maintaining our facilities will be much cheaper than the rent at SU; the land was already owned by the club and they've been able to adapt existing facilities within the stadium so although the outlay is high it's not that high. There's also the chance for us to increase our income by renting out the facilities to some of the further north part time league clubs and any number of other teams. Which is a fantastic use of a cash injection that we've been lucky to get. The club were stung a bit by the cost of travel to the Belarus game last season and maybe that's why the budgets haven't been finalised. They won't want to be taking out a loan or an overdraft to pay for a 5-6 figure travel bill. Now we know we're going to the relatively cheap(to get to) Switzerland, we might find that there is some activity on the manager or May's contracts. Youth players getting a chance is great to see and there's so much enthusiasm around Brown and Kane in particular, as others have said a hungry eager Kane is a much better option that Iwelumo(sp?) or Fallon. It would have been nice to keep a flair player like Hasslebank but he was on a high wage and the club cannot afford to pay one of it's highest wages to a player that inconsistent, as great as he was when he was on it. Youth recruitment(and player recruitment generally) must be a difficult aspect of running a club and if young guys see they'll get a chance to play for saints we become a much more attractive club to sign for. Which is fantastic for the long term growth and development of the club. It is frustrating that we possibly won't be seeing any new signings this summer, but we have a strong squad and the league is arguably weaker than last year, we'll still finish 6-8th which is pretty good going for the size of squad we have, money we make/spend and relative size of the club. The PR could be improved, in terms of keeping fans in the loop but then the level of detail that a fan of a football club wants probably doesn't match up all that well with good business practice. The Brown's may come across as dour and not very excitable but then I think that may be a Carse thing. My partners from the Carse and we live out here and I swear everyone just sort of gets on with everything without much fuss, hardly the worst characteristics to have, it is possibly this level headiness that kept the club being run on an even keel when other clubs were jizzing money up the wall. The board has shown throughout the time the Browns have been involved have consistently shown that they they have the clubs best interests at heart and plan our spending as part of the long term with the bigger picture in mind. That is what this feels like again, the pieces are being put in place to ensure that this great club continues to be abel to run and over achieve in the best ways that it can. I for one believe that everything that is being done in the interest of the club.
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    Smarmy Arab

    Saints Vs Aberdeen Scsf 12/13 April

    Magnificent! Many many congratulations. If there is one club in Scottish football who have earned the chance to grace the final of oldest challenge cup in the world....the show piece of the season........ it is the Perth Saints. Robbed by Livy, Dundee, Gretna, Dunfermline, and Rangers, they stood on principle and refused to add to the wage inflation. They have refused to pick the tried and tested old guard of journeyman managers, instead picking from left field much to the benefit of Scottish football, and now an established power in the Scottish system you can reap the benefits. I hope the good people of Perth get behind you like never before. Raise a glass to your team, your club and yourselves!
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    Tranmere Saintee

    The Rangers News

    Sorry, but this is a Saints forum and not the place any longer for you and your trolling
  36. 19 points

    New Away Strip

    What an excellent idea! Our away shirts range from yellow, to white to sky-blue to tartan to maroon for the 125 year season and even that purple and green/grey one, so why not try something different for a season? It's a great tribute to the Es-Es fans and a lovely reminder of a wonderful European trip. I doubt that away shirts usually sell very much so this has the potential to be a good money maker for the club. I cannot see why it is not a good thing that St.Johnstone fans went to the other side of Europe and had such a great time and formed friendships with the Es-Es fans that they want to recognise this bond? With headlines usually dedicated to Rangers fans smashing up Manchester, Dynamo Moscow and Dundee United fans brawling or Spurs fans being attacked abroad, I for one am glad that our club is doing something that shows how great football can be at bringing people together to have a fantastic time. The doom and gloom merchants on here might not like it but I will be buying one, something I very rarely do for an away shirt so I am sure the sales figures will mean this shirt will be a success.
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  38. 18 points

    Player contracts and transfers

    He "trusted in Tommy" last season, and gave Watson and Coulson healthy two year contracts, and now 12 months later he's facing the prospect of having to pay off their contracts in one lump sum because Tommy no longer wants them. He "trusted in Tommy" and offered Swanson one of the largest (respective) contracts we've ever offered, and he "trusted in Tommy" and offered Scougall a contract which beat off English League Two sides. Let's not paint Brown as some villain who never does things TW wants, he has a responsibility to maintain control of the budget, and that's what he's doing. It took Tommy until the last two months of the season to even give Scobbie a run of starts, if anyone is disposable (considering Mannus accepted a cut and Millar was re-signed earlier) then its the high earning, third choice, 29yo Centre half who's out of contract and who barely played in the previous season.
  39. 18 points

    Semi Final tickets

    Understand all the talk of trying to arrange some form of protest, but the absolute best thing Saints fans with tickets can do now is turn up and make an absolute b******-load of noise and make sure the numbers don't matter. Get there early, get the scarves twirling, get the Espana going, get behind the team no matter what happens in the early stages of the match and let's get us into another final. We're always outnumbered in these matches, so this is nothing new. United had the lion's share of three stands on May 17th and it didn't do them any good. Everyone's right to be deeply pissed off about what's happened and we shouldn't let this lie, but equally we shouldn't allow it to detract from the fact that this is a massive occasion for Saints and it could be a great one.
  40. 18 points
    Surely this deserves a thread of it's own??? I mean, we have pretty much had a thread about every one of our squad at one point or another, relating to their limitations/ shiteness/ laziness or just generally putting them down. Why should Mannus escape. How many of you cunts have forgotten that on May 17th we won the Scottish cup for the first time in 130 years?? How many have simply failed to recall we have qualified for European football 3 seasons on the trot?? Some of the billy big baws shite appearing on this forum makes me cringe. Some of you are starting to sound like bigot brothers fans.. I suspect that mostly, those giving it big licks are of the youthfull variety and have hardly know anything but relative success with saints.. Well, HELLO???? Let me break it to you gently. We are a provincial club, we have a loyal but numerically shite support and we lose money most years. The run we are on in the top league is now entering it's 6th ****ing year, The last time we spent more consecutive years in the top league was 1964-1974 ( in the old 18 team 1st division) Most likely before any of you fuds were even born. And yet here we are, three games into a new season and already we have an embarrassing amount of knicker wetters claiming we are DOOMED etc!!!! Away tae **** get a grip and stop acting like we have any devine right to be where we are and to remain where we are. Thank **** there was nae internet in 1975 when over a 36 game season we collected 11 ****ing points, lost 28 league games and went 27 games without a win. If there had been, heads would have been exploding all over keyboards. I apologise for going off topic but this had to be said. Rant over ( for now)
  41. 18 points

    Eses Cup Semi-Final

    Tickets now got flights and hotels booked BazM 55saint and Imsaintee on our travels Monday Just to let you know all of the tickets were sold out 55saint got a personal message from Eses Director and we are getting complimentaries as their guests for the game What a brilliant team and brilliant people. R
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    The behaviour of the Dons fans has nothing to do with St.Johnstone. Please don't try to justify appaling behaviour by so called Saints fans just because the other teams fans were shitebags. That is utter whataboutery. The facts are very clear.. Someone thought it was hard/ clever/ cool to chuck a fecking seat into the goalmouth occupied by OUR keeper. It would have been bad enough if Langfield had been at that end at the time but the fact that it was Banks beggars belief.. There is and can, be NO JUSTIFICATION for shite like this. Then we have the two fuds who run onto the pitch. Now I have been reliably informed that niether are die hard Saints fans but someone has gotta stop these morons before they cost Saints monay in fines. Hopefully the courts will deal with them swiftly on Monday morning (and hopefully they get to spend all weekend in the police cells) and as well as fining them, they recieve long football banning orders. And if you think I am "turning on Saints fans" you are wrong because if they really cared about Saints they would not behave like this at matches. There comes a time when this idiot shite has to stop and that time is NOW!!!!!
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    welcome michael coulson

    Poor old Jackie. In a different league and Tommy STILL makes a c*nt of him!
  44. 17 points

    Hibs fan in peace

    Alright folk Hibs fan in peace here. Just want to say I hope the semi final is a good game between St Johnstone and ourselves. Two good footballing sides going at it, I expect it to be a good game and may the best team on the day win. Secondly, I believe St Johnstone should have been allocated more tickets than what they were given. Bit all in all just wanted to come on here and get your opinions/thoughts/predictions for the Semi. I hope it will be a good game and I hope Hibs win of course, but if not I'd like to see you lot win it, St Johnstone are a good club and it would be good to see them win another cup. I would be gutted if we for beat but not too disappointed as I assume if we lose then we deserved too and our main aim is promotion. Also, do all you can to keep hold of O'halloran, he is a great player but he is better than Rangers, so tell them where to go. Be prepared though because they will do anything and everything to unsettle the player and club in an attempt to push the transfer through. They done it to us with Scott Allan. All in all, good luck in the semi and all the best for the rest of the season. I hope you finish the season strongly and keep the lad O'halloran or atleast not sell him to Sevco. May the best team win on the day. Kind Regards, A good Hibee.
  45. 17 points

    Help Please

    Scary thing is, this makes more sense than Andy
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    The trek to history has started, 30 minutes on a DeHavilland Twin Otter Tuktoyaktuk to Inuvik,sitting in hotel catch southbound jet tomorrow
  47. 17 points
    My dad passed away 9 years ago come September. Saints was his life. First team, reserves, youth games home and away,training he was there. Touring the country following the reserve team was normal and I loved it too. Some kind words on his fb page from Cossie had me in tears on the train back from the semi. Any one that knew my dad he always had a smile on his face especially when saints were involved. The final is for him and to all the other saintees that are no longer with us. Gordon Dingwall, Owen Ford, Ethel Simpson, Gary Thomson, Don McVicar, Willie Ormond, Drew Rutherford, Frank Irvine and George Gordon............bless them all. cys
  48. 17 points
    You guys deserve big kudos for making this journey mate.!but what you said in your post rang hame the other day.! I was visiting an elderly relative at a care home in Scone last sunday afternoon.about two minutes after I sat down to chat ,I heard one of the care assistants reading the report of the united game to an old chap who kept saying to her as she read" this is Saints year for the cup hen " aye its Stevie May and his number is seventeen.! he then said to her my dad started taking me to see Saints when I was ten years old,and now Im 93 and canny go as im no fit tae go oot the front door.! she said dinnae worry,we will all watch it on the tele.!and we will get ye a Saints Flag.!nearly brought a tear tae a glass eye.! this game means so much to so many.! Near and Far...
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    It's too late to start worrying or bothering about numbers now. The sales are disappointing but the focus shouldn't be on those that aren't supporting their team on Sunday, instead those that are. I'm sure if Saints give us reason to cheer, it won't matter if there are 3,000 or 30,000 there, as we saw in the 2008 semi-final against Rangers. Whilst the underdog talk is understandable enough, we shouldn't be going into this with a sense of inferiority. In some past semi-finals, it hasn't mattered how well Saints play as we knew we needed the opposition to be off their game. That isn't the case on Sunday. If Saints reach the standard we've produced in numerous matches this season then Aberdeen will need to play very well to beat us. The previous match needs to be seen for what it was and shouldn't be allowed to drain confidence. United and Motherwell have also beaten us 4-0 this season but we've come back to beat them both on the other two occasions. If we make silly mistakes or throw in one of our poor performances we will lose but as painful as some of those defeats are, they are in the minority. It maybe feels like they happen more often than they do because they can be hard to get over but this season they've been very rare. There has been the three 4-0 defeats and the 4-3 at St Mirren but that's four out of 43 matches. Take out the 3-0 at Celtic (and they are a team that if we were facing them we'd need them to have a bad day) and the farcical 3-3 draw with Hearts when we threw it away with nine men and in our 37 matches we've lost just 19 goals and kept 21 clean sheets. That's the real Saints, not the team that has had three or four heavy defeats. We've scored more goals than Aberdeen since Christmas as well and taking out the head-to-head up there in the league have both won eight Premiership matches in that time. They are a good side with good players but Saints shouldn't feel inferior to a side that hasn't managed to beat Hearts in three attempts this season, were the first team to lose to Partick Thistle at Firhill and needed penalties to beat Alloa at Pittodrie in the League Cup. We just need to play as we can on Sunday and the rest will take care of itself.
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    Crowd Tonight

    Okay wasn't going to bite BUT this type of comment boils my piss . Not any St Johnstone fan is a "Glory Hunter" regardless if they only turn up once a week, month, season, decade or just go to european games. I would like to thank every last person who turned up last night that is not a regular. I would like to thank all the guys who were huddled around their laptops from all corners of the world listening to MySpazz Radio commentary, some at ridiculous hours in the morning. I would like to console with the saints fans who couldnt afford to come because they have school uniforms to buy, bills to pay or whatever - you are just as much a Saints fan as anyone else. I would like to thank all the mum's who know the money would be better spent but raked through their purse and gave it to their kids to go to this "special" game at McD last night. Regardless of the defeat (or mugging as others have described it), I am more proud of my club than ever before and more proud of my fellow saints fans in Perth, across the country and all around the world. What a noise the guys made last night and we thank you for representing all of us that could not be there.