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    Sat here in tears watchin us lift the cup, lost my wife of 40 years in June always wanted me to go up the road to see the boys when she was I'll, then lost the brother and his mate who were big Saintees smiling down on us, love to think they helped us win it.
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    COYS Tuktoyaktuk Saints supporters club are shouting for you
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    Anyone else have a weird feeling of not knowing what to do last night? Still, can't wait for the open-top bus tour in the summer. It's going to be a belter. I hope the club is ready with plenty of season ticket forms to hand out. Seriously, I think it's hard to put into words how special this era is. Always gives me goosebumps to think of all the thousands of Saints fans, staff, officials and players going right back to 1885 who experienced little or no success, the fans who'd have lived and died hoping to see their team lift a trophy but never did. And then our generation comes along and gets two trophies and multiple trips to Europe. And it's not just the success, but the way we've done it. Barely spent a penny on transfers, no sugar-daddy owner, no crowing about a "fairytale". Every single bit of success has come about through sheer hard work and good decision-making, and that goes all the way back through multiple managers who have all contributed in pushing us on and building upon their predecessor's work. It really should be a far bigger story than it is, but I think the fact that we fly forever under the radar is in itself a part of that success. We're still underestimated, and always will be.
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    Hi all, Given the current situation - and given that my own work situation means I'm at home for the next three weeks at least - I'm going to do a bit of work on the site and start a new little project. The forum will continue to be accessible from www.weareperth.co.uk/wapforum/ as normal - but if you go to www.weareperth.co.uk you will see a page that will change multiple times a day until I get it figured out! Basically, I'm creating a video archive - trying to index as much Saints content as I can find on YouTube and elsewhere and curate it so it's possible to flick through entire seasons' worth of games in order, find a particular game, and hopefully see the team line ups etc with each game. If it goes well, and if there's interest, I may start posting the odd article and stuff here and there as well - if you've got any interest in submitting absolutely anything at all for such a project please do get in touch! Hope everyone is well and keeping safe! Jamie
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    McCarry One Nil

    Kristen Robertson

    Still waiting on yer evidence rather than your keyboard attacks on a member of the staff at SJFC. That's what I'm no liking. As mentioned before is it in the same evidence bag as The Rangers SPFL evidence? Yer going on and on and on , on various threads. What has Kirsten done? That's all we want you to tell us. And then we can make our minds up. But for you to constantly keep this going with...…..(it appears) nothing...….. I just don't get it. Tommy left because of KR.....come on ???????????? I know nothing and maybe he didn't see eye to eye with her but still...….leave his job....that's no the Tommy we know is it? What he said in his interview is good enough for me. And he's gone but never forgotten. We stick together as one. SJFC
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    The ones that were there in the stands were the ones no longer with us. Lost Dad last month and I know he was watching over us....yes I'm drunk and emotional
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    I was at the cup final in 1969 with my old Dad. It was the first game we ever went to together. It's one of these games which lives with you forever; Hampden - the smell of the grass, the huge crowd, the noise. We lost to a Celtic team full of the Lisbon Lions that day and if we hadn't lost that early goal we could well have went on to win it - Billy McNeil was giant that day heading a Buck McCarrie header of the line late on. I recall the press being very generous of their praise for us My old man had passed when we won in 2014 and I suspect like a lot of people thinking of absent friends, at the final whistle my first thoughts went to Dad. Still a poignant moment for me. I have no right to be greedy because I never thought we would win a major trophy in my lifetime but having been to two losing league cup finals..... if we could win this one I would be a very happy man.
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    Radford 72

    Taxi For Davidson

    You always get the attention seekers that have to be OUTRAGED about absolutely everything but for the sane section of our support that are even countenancing this, give yourselves a shake. The man is 9 games into a managerial career. Unprecedented times with the pandemic, added to working under a structure where money is more of a concern than success. His team have been on the wrong end of some tight swings. Get behind the man and offer him the support that makes his job that bit easier and doesn't pile unnecessary pressure on him and his players. Thankfully, for his faults, Steve Brown won't wet the bed and will give Callum Davidson the time he needs but more importantly, certainly deserves.
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    I remember this well, I heard a snap and the physio was going to twist it back thinking it was ok. But I stopped him. Arm broken. Very sore too. My daughter was at the game and I went off waving to her not letting on it was broken. Great memories Roy Baines
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    Can’t mind when I last bet on St.Johnstone. £2 at 25/1 at half time to derision of my WhatsApp group. Get in !!
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    January 2021 Transfer Window

    I wonder what Kane Hemmings thinks of Dundee signing Cummings, after they bullied him into taking a pay cut less than a year ago. As far as Saints are concerned: I don't see the point of us trying to sign yet more strikers. We already have four strikers who can score goals. What we don't have is a system that works for any of them. We could sign 100 strikers but unless we do something to play to their strengths it will make zero difference.
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    Humble pie is available at all good bakers guys
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    Jimmy Wallace

    Jewish Players for Saints

    this is a ridiculous thread.
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    We know that it's not Zander. He can't catch anything right now.
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    Don't really get involved in pre-match as being a old timer I've just got used to having absolutely no idea which Saints will turn up and never ever go in with high expectations. I chose Saints so they really don't owe me much. That's what always gets me when I see the negativity on this and other forums. I'm praying we get a result today. We are good enough on our day and I'll be ecstatic if we win and seek if we lose. No be on slating folk and getting personal at our players if we lose either. Much worse things happen in life. A few of the old boys will remember when we played the Dons this time of year in 1971 we lost 1-0 in front of 22,500. It was mental and although I was only 8 still remember it. Following year we lost 4-2 at Pittodrie and 26,500 there, remember listening to it on the radio in my shed in Hillyland A point today would be a great start ahead of the next 2 "big" games. Come On Saints. Let's get inaboot them,
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    That’s because Spoony IS that good.
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    Saints v Celtic, 4/10/2020

    Didnt deserve that at all today. Anyone who says 5 subs rule doesnt benefit certain teams is kidding themselves.
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    Saints v st mirren 29/08/20

    Great result & gets us moving up the table & into the break with a boost. Was a bit worried about this game as Buddies were getting great press. Clancy let the game flow making it a better spectacle than the last 2 games. Danny Mac is some player & there is no saying where he will end up in the game. Unfortunately not Saints. Conway is looking better by the game & once he gets fitter I think he will be a good addition to the team. Thanks Saints you just brightened up my weekend.
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    I mean RandomGuy has made some very fair points in this argument, whereas you seem intent on bashing a kid in his first season playing first team football. As RandomGuy has pointed out players take time, Anderson being the prime example. He was a useless right back as a kid and never had any pace, who turned into our record appearance holder as a centreback, give the guy a chance. As for the continual shoehorning or Kirsten Robertson into every post, it’s getting boring. We get it, you don’t like her, but like it or not she’s not going anywhere right now, especially when the club needs as many hands as it can get to restore some normality.
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    R.B.B:- Adz

    New Manager

    Baaa baaa! You should convert to Aberdeen. The guy has a chance to talk saints up. Put a f****** positive spin rather than negative. Should have been; ”we are delighted by the calibre of candidate. It just goes to show that the hard work is paying off as we are being rightly recognised as a great football club to work for that has had lots of success in the past ten years. Candidates know they are coming to a great club and that is why we have quality applicants.” instead we get; ”why the f*** anyone would want to manage this club is beyond me. If you are a good manager f*** knows why you have applied here. Oh aye, and one more thing, if you are applying for this job you better to be willing to give up your days off and evenings to work in the community - dinny even submit a CV unless you are willing to work overtime for free. Right! Got it, son!!”
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    Not posted for a long time - almost exactly 6yrs in fact...though I've been regular reader as we've battled along since then. But felt I just had to come back on following yesterday and comments about those no longer with us but watching from the Hampden Stands...and I'll include my mum in that group. A Dunkeld lass (she was a gamies daughter brought up on Craig-y-barns) and life-long supporter, she went with myself and my lad to the Cup final at Parkhead and loved and was so proud seeing her team win the Cup. And she'd have been cheering on from above on Sunday. We were brought up in Mount Florida and lived a stones-throw from Hampden. All through the 50s and 60s we'd have family from all over the country visiting for big matches, and I expect she didn't ever really think her team would lift a cup at the ground (especially after the disappointment of 1971). But now we have. And it's brilliant. I even spent £12.99 on Premier Sports to watch. Nerve-wracking but great goal from Rooney and great performances all over the pitch and CallumD that others have waxed lyrical on so I won't. Except to say my lad - sitting watching in his Sheffield front room wearing his Saintees top and scarf with pride commented that for all that the fancy dans that England might have - Perth Saintees have our very own Kane and Rooney doing the business up front. I liked that. COYS.
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    Congratulations Saints! I don't come on here very often, being a Stoke fan, but I've always kept an eye on Saints results since living in Perth throughout the 90s and going to a good few Saints games home and away, including the last league cup final in 98 and Monaco home and away after that. Just another gloryhunter! Well done on completing the cup set, bit annoyed you couldn't have done it when I was up there to join in! Such a shame the pubs are closed, but enjoy your celebratory swallies anyway. Just the league left
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    What is the Scottish Football term for folk that talk 5h1te and make claims of a players wage without any real proof and then accuse the player of being a thief?? I find it incredible that you are quoting a players alleged wage on social media then calling him a thief and then saying he is pish. That is not being a supporter! that is being a keyboard warrior. . I hope to god he plays on Sunday and sticks these statements rights up where the sun does not shine!!
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    Johnny B

    January 2021 Transfer Window

    St. Johnstone FC is delighted to announce that David Wotherspoon (@Spoony_10) has signed a new two-year deal keeping him at McDiarmid Park until 2023.
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    New Players Books

    Hope you enjoy the Perth City Council 2021 calendar.
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    RIP Jim Townsend

    I’m sorry to hear of his death, Jim Townsend is a player that I remember well. Signed from Port Glasgow Athletic in 1961 at the age of Sixteen after impressing in the Saints reserves made his debut in a 1-0 win against Partick Thistle 7/4/62 retained his place for the final two games of the season a win over Third Lanark 2-1 and the defeat by Dundee which relegated us . He starred the following season in the Second Division scoring 11 goals and helping Saints reach the League Cup Semifinal and winning the Second Division Championship. In season 1963-1964 he was first choice right half until his transfer to Middlesbrough for £20,000 in February a record transfer fee for the club. Jim played in some memorable matches for Saints fans of that era including the 4-1 League Cup quarter final win over Q.O.S., the 5-5 comeback draw against Stenhousemuir and the 1963 Christmas victory over Rangers. He returned to St. Johnstone in the Summer of 1966 after two and half seasons at Middlesbrough making 67 appearances for them and scoring 6 goals, the fee for him was £9,000.. At this time he still is only 21, a far cry from today’s Saints youngsters. Highlights of that season for him was a great goal against Rangers in 1-1 draw at Muirton, the 5-2 Christmas Eve win at Easter Road and also played in Fred Aitken’s first match and John Kilgannon’s last game. He was also picked for a Scotland XI squad which toured the Far East, Australia and Canada at the end of 66/67 season, winning all 9 games. Bye this time he was a Hearts player, sold for £20,000 just before the seasons end. I was really disappointed at losing what I thought was our best player, however we needed the money. Jim Townsend was a stylish creative midfielder who could also tackle and would walk into our present team. Thanks Jim for all tha memories a true St. Johnstone Legend ’
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    Those stats make no sense to me. Who judges the "quality" of a save? And how can you record "goals saved"? I don't even know what a "goal saved" is. Either it's a save, or it's a goal. You can't save a goal.
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    Hard to disagree with your five but I reckon the Luzern home leg has to be in there - absolutely magical night. In fact, the away leg was bloody good too.
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    WAP Video Archive Now Live!

    Hi everyone, As previewed briefly last week, we've been working hard behind the scenes and are now ready to launch the WeArePerth Video Archive - www.weareperth.co.uk is the link! So far we have: - Highlights of (almost!) every game in the 17/18, 18/19 and 19/20 seasons. - Highlights and additional video content for every European game since 2012 - as well as highlights of the Saints v Monaco UEFA Cup games in 1999. - Highlights of every game in our 2014 Scottish Cup run as well as additional video content. - Classic matches from the McDiarmid Park and Muirton Park eras - Goal compilations, documentaries, interviews and other special features. All the highlights are archived with team lines and goalscorers and are fully searchable by year, competition, team or even by player. Comments are open and welcome on every game! There will be more content added as we go - with the intention being that we'll get back as far as we possibly can with season by season highlight videos that are in the public domain. I think there is almost a complete collection on YouTube back as far as maybe 2012/13 and fragmented stuff from before that. We may also, down the line, start adding the odd article here and there if the feeling takes us. This is also possibly dependent on how long we are all locked in our houses for! We're also looking for a bit of help. If you have video footage - even if it's on an old forgotten VHS - of a classic game from years ago, let us know. If you can point us in the direction of a video stashed away online in a hidden corner of the internet (Saints related obviously!), pass us the link. We'd be particularly keen to find any footage at all of the VPS Vaasa games in 1999, the 7-2 game against Dundee (There is a video of one of the goals on YouTube - surely somewhere the whole game exists!) or anything else along those lines. Finally, please give our Twitter and Facebook channels a like - https://twitter.com/wap1884 and https://www.facebook.com/WeArePerth/ - where we'll be posting links to new content when it is added and posting any other Saints related musings that come to mind. Thanks, as always, for your support! Jamie
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    Abernethy Saint

    The big COVID-19 Shutdown

    The SG stuff is advisory because they have no devolved power to make it mandatory. What they can do and have done is effectively ban events where emergency services provision is required by withdrawing that provision. So top tier football is effectively banned, cinemas are not. The imminent UK ban will be mandatory, but it may not be universal, at least not yet. The confusion is partly because the UK government has not got its communications act in gear yet (the daily news conferences starting today will help greatly), and partly because the Scottish government is moving faster than the UK government, and organisations and the general public are moving much faster than both of them. It’s quite confusing. What is clear is that we’re all going to be required to isolate more and more (possibly gradually, possibly in big steps), and a full lockdown may only be a few weeks away. There is no rational reason whatsoever to believe the very restrictive measures on the continent will not be replicated here, and some reason to believe it will be worse here because the UK response has been slow. In this context, restarting football is just not a priority, and pretty soon even talking about it would be fairly ridiculous. Shit, it would appear, is real. Take care everybody.
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    Her name is Nicola Sturgeon. Plus she said 500.
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    That’s doing a bit of a disservice to existing players. Our recovery started away to Kilmarnock on 4 December 19. That’s when Gordon and Booth began to play instead of Duffy and Tanser. We were undefeated in December. McCart has been doing well, but I’m not sure he’s the main reason. More of a team/squad effort.
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    Absolutely delighted! Particularly for a great servant like Liam Craig!
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    One thing, I may be nervous but I have seen Saints in 3 major finals and in each one our players gave 100%. I have every confidence that this one will be no different.
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    My dad is still a season ticket holder at 86 attending home and away games last season having been through the Ormond era, the pre Brown era, the mcDiarmid years and having seen his team win first Scottish Cup. Used to be a load of older guys all standing behind the goals at Muirton when i was young and i think of all the dads he is the only one left. @dave mc will remember of these days
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    What a ****ing player Shaun Rooney is.
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    The ghosts of relegation

    Aye some great days (not)losing to Cowdenbeath. Meadowbank Stenhousemuir Albion Rovers The days pot were good though I remember a game at Cliftonhill in particular Celebration for a come back against Albion Feckin Rovers 2.0 down 5.2 win There were some great times on the roller coaster though Do you remember.or how can you forget Falkirk 0 John Brogan 5 Norton got the other One of Brogan goals went right along the bar Would probably be dissalowed now Some memories Beating Hibs on a Sunday im sure it was Sunday game Ice Cream van at Muirton and ball going through it. The wee yellow box at Muirton Being asked to stand for GSTQ in Motherwell Club Booing and getting asked to leave The toilets at Stenhousemuir Aberdeen building the secretion fence at Muirton The many trips to palmerston and one in particular when I nutted crash helmet dude The stoor going up in the terrace when we went 3.2 up after being 2.0 down v The The or Rangers as they were then Going on Barroso bus early 80s and not being allowed in club even in pissing rain unless you were a member Beating Partick 6.3 and losing by similar score Beating Dundee at Dens 3.4 on new-year s day Meadowbank ground Airdrie wee Hector House John Brogan Drew Rutherford sliding tackle .Would he be sent off now The St.johnstone Aid Club in Methven St The Club under the stand at Muirton Always packed and a drink up to 5 to 3 Gerry Crawley Paul Sweeney cost £100,000 and broke his leg playing less than couple of games John Connolly the player John Connolly the Manager Alex Stuart Jim Storie Painting Muirton Park as a volunteer when Geoff came in and spilling paint on main stand Willie Brown Charlie Adam Alan Lyons Beating Dundee 7.2 The eventual joy of promotion 82 especially for me because we pipped Hearts 89.90 promotion Moving to Mcdiarmid Alex Totten getting sacked when were safe Andy Brannigan at Alloa Dressed as Gorrilla at Stranraer John Pelosi at Dunfermline Never a red LAUGH OUT LOUD The Elizabetian Sergi Baltacha to Garry Irvine Allan Main to John Arnoll. Shudder! Rhodes watch Wille Waters Joe Reid European adventures Savaged by League reconstruction 2 points for a win The off side experiment late 70s or early 80s Going to Ibrox and getting showers with bovril and probably urine The crush and the Sway towards the front of the terrace in a big crowd standing. None of this sitting pish Macaroon bars The Sporting Post Bus getting stoned on way back from Albion Rovers and freezing journey Owens bar in Coatbridge The Cabby bar in Falkirk New years Day games Raymond Stewart Ian Radford killed our dream Or was it George Tulloch? Cup Finals being like Hens Teeth Cup Finals became more expected Losing to Stranraer in Challenge Cup Eventually winning same cup v Dunfermline I honestly thought that would be that for cups 2014 League Cup Semi v Aberdeen groan The Stevie May Scottish Cup Semi v Aberdeen Steven Anderson The Cup Final Steven MacLean from villa to hero(Look back at some early comments when he first signed) Gary McDonald Gretna..ah! East Stirling shire Tuesday night about 90 fans Willie Falkoner Steve Evans .aye him! John Billy Davies Trips to Friendlies and piss ups in Blackpool and Carlisle Gay Meadow Dundee signed the whole Argentina team and went bust Motherwell went bust Airdrie went bust Meadowbank morphed in to Livingston Airdrie morphed into and stole Clydebank and morphed back to Airdrie Clydebank The Clydebank home red programme produced by Saints Mark Treanor 3.1 v Airdrie The rise and fall of Gretna The merger of the 2 Inverness teams to win the Cup The Lilly whites Inverness Clachnacudden who said stuff your merger Meadowbank always beat us in Perth Meadowbank always beat us anyway Expecting nothing from a game but a good day out If you won you celebrated on Saturday night If you lost you drowned your sorrow on Saturday night and looked forward to next game You got loads of "Saints are shite "from locals who supported Other teams I could go on and on Taking a break.
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    Killie v Saints

    Nice to see Parish pulling off some cracking saves and Mikey getting the winner. 2 players that were taking a wee bit of stock on here yesterday.
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    St Johnstone v Aberdeen 08/08/20

    If Aberdeen games against Hamilton & celtic go ahead then saints are the only ones being punished here. I hope as a club we complain to the spfl but no doubt nothing will get done as they are just useless. I totally understand why game is off tmrw but surely the other 2 have to be also.
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    New Manager

    I'd like Macca to register as a player just to come on for the last two minutes when we're 2-0 up v United
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    New Manager

    the last time I felt this good about a managerial appointment was John Connolly... oh... wait...
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    McDiarmid Mole

    New Manager

    Never doubt the Mole.
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    Saints Summer 2020 Transfers & Contracts

    Muzz has been sent off once in his time at Saints so he doesn't miss a lot of games due to suspension. He is a notoriously quick healer and has had one long term injury during his time at the club (2014, when it sadly cost him a Cup Final appearance)so doesn't miss a lot of games due to injury. He has been a fantastic servant to Saints and deserves more respect than your post affords him.
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    The big COVID-19 Shutdown

    Clubs should be in the top league on merit, not financial reasons. And Saints don't need them for financial reasons anyway.
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    Bruno Strasser

    Season 2019/20.

    What an achievement by Tommy, his backroom team and the Players. Bottom in December and calls for his head. What a turnaround.
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    Taxi for Tommy?

    I'd rather be wrong by believing the managers own words, than be wrong and hound an innocent person.
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    The big COVID-19 Shutdown

    Sorry... are you referring to Sixties or Dr Coleman?
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    Pat McGroin

    A Message From The Manager

    Just received this email. I wish they’d distribute these things wider. “I just wanted to send a quick message out to all of our supporters during this difficult time. It’s important to look out for your family members, friends and neighbours. These are unprecedented times for this country and indeed the world, and we need to check in on those who are most vulnerable. We need to try and stay positive, follow government guidelines, and hopefully the situation will improve quickly. We’re all dealing with the uncertainty at the moment but hopefully everything can return to normal as soon as possible. I’ve seen myself first-hand the situation in supermarkets with empty shelves and I’d like to ask everybody to remain sensible when it comes to shopping. My brother works in the retail industry and he has assured me that there is more than enough food for everyone as long as people don’t stockpile food and buy more than they need. It’s the most vulnerable people at this time who suffer most from empty supermarket shelves. On the football side of things, there is still a lot of uncertainty about what will happen but this is entirely out of our control. I’m sure the footballing authorities will be working extremely hard during these testing times. When there is any update the Club will keep supporters updated via the usual channels. The players and coaching staff remain away from McDiarmid Park and we feel this is the safest and best course of action. All players have their own individual training programmes which are being monitored daily by staff assuring that when football does finally return they are raring to go. While football remains suspended, myself, my staff and the players will be phoning around our elderly Season Ticket holders for a quick chat and to see if there is anything that the Club can do to assist. Once we have called our elderly supporters, we will do our best to phone round as many Season Ticket holders as possible for as long as this break from football continues. So, if you receive a phone call from myself or one of the staff or players, it isn’t a hoax! Please look after yourselves, stay safe, and I look forward to seeing you all back at McDiarmid Park soon. All the best,” Tommy Wright St. Johnstone Manager