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    Sat here in tears watchin us lift the cup, lost my wife of 40 years in June always wanted me to go up the road to see the boys when she was I'll, then lost the brother and his mate who were big Saintees smiling down on us, love to think they helped us win it.
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    COYS Tuktoyaktuk Saints supporters club are shouting for you
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    Anyone else have a weird feeling of not knowing what to do last night? Still, can't wait for the open-top bus tour in the summer. It's going to be a belter. I hope the club is ready with plenty of season ticket forms to hand out. Seriously, I think it's hard to put into words how special this era is. Always gives me goosebumps to think of all the thousands of Saints fans, staff, officials and players going right back to 1885 who experienced little or no success, the fans who'd have lived and died hoping to see their team lift a trophy but never did. And then our generation comes along and gets two trophies and multiple trips to Europe. And it's not just the success, but the way we've done it. Barely spent a penny on transfers, no sugar-daddy owner, no crowing about a "fairytale". Every single bit of success has come about through sheer hard work and good decision-making, and that goes all the way back through multiple managers who have all contributed in pushing us on and building upon their predecessor's work. It really should be a far bigger story than it is, but I think the fact that we fly forever under the radar is in itself a part of that success. We're still underestimated, and always will be.
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    Galatasary v Saints, 05/08/21

    Hello. I live in Turkey and I'm a Galatasaray fan. I read your chat and saw that you were looking for the broadcast of the match. I signed up to help you. If you can't find the broadcast in your language, there are some credible broadcasts (used by almost 70% of Turkish football fans) that are used by those who do not buy Spor Smart and BeinSports in Turkey. There are websites. But these are streams with Turkish comments. I wanted to rank the safest for you. These are some of them; https://www.selcuksportshd26.com/ (If you cannot access the site during the match or before the match, type selcuksports on google and click on the results.)(The owners of the site is Fenerbahce supporters. Therefore, if Saint Johnstone scores a goal, he can put an image mocking Galatasaray on the screen.If this bothers you, don't use this site. But it's still the best quality streaming site.) http://wvw.viagrars.com/ (name is weird but you know its illegal) (If you cannot access the site during the match or before the match, type Taraftarium on google and click on the results.) http://www.kralbozguncu15.net/ (If you cannot access the site during the match or before the match, type kralbozguncu on google and click on the results.) https://jokerbettv72.com/ (If you cannot access the site during the match or before the match, type jokerbet on google and click on the results.) http://www.dlovatofans.com/ (If you cannot access the site during the match or before the match, type selcuksports on google and click on the results.) These sites are completely safe and are used by many Turkish football fans. In fact, they are used so much that we can say that BeinSports, the broadcaster of the Turkish Super League, has declared war on these illegal stream sites. Sorry for my bad english. I can say that I used google translate completely while writing these.
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    Harry Curran

    Hello guys. I thought i would provide an update since this thread was fairly recent. Harry is my uncle. He has obviously been retired a long time now. Since then hes done odd jobs such as the taxis and the likes. Hes currently labouring for a building firm and enjoying it. He talks fondly of his time in perth with the saints and he was a source of pride for me and my brother as young kids having a pro footballer in the family. The one time we went to perth to watch him the game was called of for weather i remember. I remember watching him play for Partick thistle in the inter toto cup in 1992 i think it was. They were beaten 2-1 and my uncle got the goal. That midfield goal threat as some have previously commented. Thistle in europe still makes me laugh. He loved his football. Even though wages for players at his level were not the best. I remember him telling me he would actually be out of pocket playing for some clubs. He put a lot into his football and is still a very fit guy. Even if he likes a few more beers these days. So yeh thats oor Harry still football daft and a good laugh. All the best to the saints.
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    NEW ARTICLE: Cup double is vindication for everything St Johnstone have done in the last 20 years https://www.weareperth.co.uk/2021/03/09/cup-double-is-vindication-for-everything-st-johnstone-have-done-in-the-last-20-years/
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    The ones that were there in the stands were the ones no longer with us. Lost Dad last month and I know he was watching over us....yes I'm drunk and emotional
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    Radford 72

    Taxi For Davidson

    You always get the attention seekers that have to be OUTRAGED about absolutely everything but for the sane section of our support that are even countenancing this, give yourselves a shake. The man is 9 games into a managerial career. Unprecedented times with the pandemic, added to working under a structure where money is more of a concern than success. His team have been on the wrong end of some tight swings. Get behind the man and offer him the support that makes his job that bit easier and doesn't pile unnecessary pressure on him and his players. Thankfully, for his faults, Steve Brown won't wet the bed and will give Callum Davidson the time he needs but more importantly, certainly deserves.
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    I was at the cup final in 1969 with my old Dad. It was the first game we ever went to together. It's one of these games which lives with you forever; Hampden - the smell of the grass, the huge crowd, the noise. We lost to a Celtic team full of the Lisbon Lions that day and if we hadn't lost that early goal we could well have went on to win it - Billy McNeil was giant that day heading a Buck McCarrie header of the line late on. I recall the press being very generous of their praise for us My old man had passed when we won in 2014 and I suspect like a lot of people thinking of absent friends, at the final whistle my first thoughts went to Dad. Still a poignant moment for me. I have no right to be greedy because I never thought we would win a major trophy in my lifetime but having been to two losing league cup finals..... if we could win this one I would be a very happy man.
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    I held off posting yesterday, mainly because I’d had a few drinks, but also because I want to reflect on what we’ve just achieved. I know there are many St Johnstone fans out there who’ll write better than me, portray feelings better than me, have watched saints for far longer than me, but I’ll give it a shot. Yesterday was the greatest moment in St Johnstone football clubs long history. We’d already been dubbed the second most successful team on the last decade, I’d wager pound for pound we’re the most successful team in Europe over the last decade! Every person to a man who’s involved in any way shape or form with this magnificent football club can say they’ve played their part in getting us there. Yes we’ve had ups and downs, but my god I wouldn’t trade places with any other fan. This is a squad and club built on humble thoughts, hard work and an amazing ethic. Whether we play Kelty Hearts, Dunfermline, Clyde, Rangers or Hibs the players give the same 110% each time. The management gives them the tactical respect they deserve and whilst we may admire and respect many opposition teams and players, we don’t ever think they’re better than us. As fans we’re all the same. We go into every game expecting not to win, but secretly every one of us knows that right now this team isn’t going to let us down or go down without fighting tooth and nail. It makes you proud to be associated with this unbelievable football club, proud to wear the badge, proud to say you’re a fan of a diddy team. That’s something so many fans of big clubs around the world will never feel, when the world is against you and the team comes out swinging, the pride and emotion that it can generate is like nothing else. I may not be from Perth, I’ve never lived there, or even particularly liked the place. But my god it will ever have a place in my heart for producing St Johnstone and playing home to them. I just hope all the players and people around the club know how badly we’d all want to be there celebrating with them. We may not be large in number, but we’ve got a hell of a voice. So I just hope that to a man, whether you’re a lapsed fan, a die hard, a newly found fan that when the time comes, that 20 man squad and their management team get the loudest reception McDiarmid Park has ever seen or heard, because by god we’ve all missed it, this season especially. And I for one cannot wait to be surrounded by my fellow fans cheering this history making club on to further adventures and success. We are St Johnstone Football Club and I don’t think anyone is going to forget that any time soon!
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    Can’t mind when I last bet on St.Johnstone. £2 at 25/1 at half time to derision of my WhatsApp group. Get in !!
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    January 2021 Transfer Window

    I wonder what Kane Hemmings thinks of Dundee signing Cummings, after they bullied him into taking a pay cut less than a year ago. As far as Saints are concerned: I don't see the point of us trying to sign yet more strikers. We already have four strikers who can score goals. What we don't have is a system that works for any of them. We could sign 100 strikers but unless we do something to play to their strengths it will make zero difference.
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    Humble pie is available at all good bakers guys
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    Jimmy Wallace

    Jewish Players for Saints

    this is a ridiculous thread.
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    Luv it Sixties! The only way to be, maybe I’ve missed an update? but if this game goes ahead in an empty stadium it’s a huge leveller, as is the game being so early in the season, with a very fit and professional squad and management. Make no mistake this Saints team will be hard to beat, very well organised, streetwise and laced with real quality. The assumption among most is that Saints cannot top the best season in their history, well getting past this mob and making the group stages would be a fair stab at continuing progress after last season’s heroics, bring it on! wishing you all the luck going! coys!
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    Kits 21/22

    Got a laugh at the comments, sounds like a bunch of wifies shopping for new gear. Oh I don’t like this one I would like it wie a wee bit of Magenta to go wie my teal curtains or I think the yellow will clash wie the good tablecloth . Don’t let the better half’s read this thread you’ll be getting dragged round the shops to gie them fashion advice I’m only pulling your pissers lads
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    Tough draw! But that’s why you want to be there, to play these games against these prestigious clubs. Another chapter of remarkable history being written regardless of the result.
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    A message to all Saints fans...

    This season has been sensational. What this team has achieved is one of the great moments in Scottish (perhaps world) football. When we all get back in the stadiums to support our team...lets SUPPORT our team! I don't think its any coincidence that the season without any fans has produced a resurgent Zander, a much improved Kane and a player of the season performance from Spoony etc. If Spoony tries a stepover and looses possession....applaud, you'll skin him next time. Kane misses a chance...Na-na na naaaa Kanooo. If we lose a goal...encourage the team as much as you can! Jason gave a great interview after the win, this team is full of confidence and never thinks they are out of a game. We have to share that belief and not get on their backs if we aren't creating/converting many chances. This unbelievable team is built on an incredible defense and hard work. I seriously doubt we are going to win many games 5 - 4 next season...but we can win lots 1-0 if we keep this team together and show our appreciation for some of the best defensive football the league has seen. Drown out the boo boys. Support our history makers. Trust in Callum. COYS!!!
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    Spoony is an utter legend. Just seeing how much that meant to him was unbelievably emotional
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    Absolutely made up for The Saints, my late father worked briefly in Perth in the early 70’s and made me aware of the fact that St Johnstone were formed from a cricket club like my team Sheffield United and you’ve always been my favorite Scottish club due to his memories of his visits to Muirton Park. Enjoy your day and all the best.
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    The amount of shite housing regarding ticket's across social media amongst Saints fans is sickening, a few arguments already of who deserves to be at the game and who doesn't, kinda my dicks bigger than your d*** type posts. This is just my opinion on the matter, like everyone I'd love to be there at the game but this really isn't going to be an option for us all. Football for me isn't JUST about what's happening on the pitch (though it's a bonus) it's sharing days like this with your family and friends, the whole build up, the planning of the actual day out and of course sharing the emotions as the game unfolds. It's obvious just how monumental this game is but due to the circumstances I'd rather be sharing this day in a pub/beer garden etc with a bunch of folk I've known for many many years and like me have been on the St Johnstone roller coaster throughout that time. It's really just a sad part of how life is at the moment surrounding the pandemic As stated just my opinion, good luck to whoever gets a ticket though.
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    Lost my Dad in January, he would of been loving this. Still get the urge to phone him after every game. I know he has been looking down
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    Just like to add my congrats to St. Johnstone f.c., Chairman, Chief Executive, Manager, Coaching Staff, Physios, Medics, Players etc. etc. (Apologies if I've missed anyone) for another top six finish, Oh!, not forgetting winning the League Cup. You have given ME and I know a lot of other Saints supporters a helluva lift during what has been a hellish (Covid) year for everyone. Onwards and upwards. Stay safe. C.o.y.s.
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    Saints Summer Transfers 2021

    Canny believe Tanser is getting all the shit that is being flung his way. He's obviously not the hardest tackler in the team and relies on his pace to intercept the ball and move forward to put in good crosses. On balance, he can be caught out when a winger cuts inside, aka Chris Burke. Thankfully that hasn't happened too often. Whatever he decides to do, I wish him the best.
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    Top 6 in 8 of the last 10 seasons & two trophies . How the feck can our diddy team paying probably lower wage than most teams in premiership do that.
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    We know that it's not Zander. He can't catch anything right now.
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    Don't really get involved in pre-match as being a old timer I've just got used to having absolutely no idea which Saints will turn up and never ever go in with high expectations. I chose Saints so they really don't owe me much. That's what always gets me when I see the negativity on this and other forums. I'm praying we get a result today. We are good enough on our day and I'll be ecstatic if we win and seek if we lose. No be on slating folk and getting personal at our players if we lose either. Much worse things happen in life. A few of the old boys will remember when we played the Dons this time of year in 1971 we lost 1-0 in front of 22,500. It was mental and although I was only 8 still remember it. Following year we lost 4-2 at Pittodrie and 26,500 there, remember listening to it on the radio in my shed in Hillyland A point today would be a great start ahead of the next 2 "big" games. Come On Saints. Let's get inaboot them,
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    That’s because Spoony IS that good.
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    Saints v Celtic, 4/10/2020

    Didnt deserve that at all today. Anyone who says 5 subs rule doesnt benefit certain teams is kidding themselves.
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    Saints v st mirren 29/08/20

    Great result & gets us moving up the table & into the break with a boost. Was a bit worried about this game as Buddies were getting great press. Clancy let the game flow making it a better spectacle than the last 2 games. Danny Mac is some player & there is no saying where he will end up in the game. Unfortunately not Saints. Conway is looking better by the game & once he gets fitter I think he will be a good addition to the team. Thanks Saints you just brightened up my weekend.
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    Guys first all 65% of the people in istanbul are vaccinated plus we dont let people into the stadium without health clerance . you can come to istanbul easily and you can go back to UK via any airport in france or many of the Eu countries without being guaranteed on your back trip to scotland.only problem for you traveling Scottish fans is, like myself, over 44k seasonal card holders in TT Galatasaray arena. Since our stadium is undergoing some improvements and Turkish FA only allow 50% stadium capacity, we will pay at Fatih Terim stadium and capacity will be limited to 9800. So all tickets will be allocated to old seasonal ticket holders hence you won't be able to buy tickets. As for the second leg in Scotland, Galatasaray has never ever played without at least 1500/2000 away supporters anywhere in the world. Over 800 k Turks and Turkish Cypriots living in the UK so I can imagine couple of thousand will make their way to Perth. Please be kind to them as turks and Scottish people have always been friendly to each other and good luck for the game. As for the team we have making great transfers so far and 2 more might be announced anytime this weekend so we won't play badly again like we did against PSV
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    St Johnstone fan studying in Eindhoven here. I was at the match last night and what a spectacle! I am lucky enough to have a PSV club card and taken them on as my Dutch team and this was my first match since I came here. Firstly, I was hoping deep down that PSV had lost as I live 1km from the stadium and definitely would have been able to get a ticket for the Saints match but I don't think it is going to happen. PSV completely demolished them. I have not seen a bigger gubbing since we beat something like Hibs 5-1 back in 2010! Honestly, Galatasaray were hot garbage. Should have been about 7-0. The amount of times that PSV got in behind the Galatasaray defense was unbelievable. I dont know who the rb and lb of Galatasaray were but they were not having a good time. Then again when you have players like Gotze, Zahavi and Madueke combining together, It is quite scary. Bare in mind this PSV team didn't have Malen or Dumfries in the squad last night. Both linked with big money moves to Everton and Dortmund respectively. Looking at Galatasaray on twitter, a lot of fans were saying that they are that bad they cant even see them beating us with a poll saying 36% that Saints would win. Also a lot of talk that they are 6 signings from where they want to be. With CB RB, GK and DM being incredibly inadequate. Also Ryan Babel was bullied and had a terrible game and Arda Turan was anonymous. I think he is a really lazy player and maybe why it never worked out for him at Barca. Honestly, dont think Galatasaray were anything special however, PSV did look frightening and I am hoping that Celtic win so I can see Celtic get torn apart by PSV. Tried to summarize this as short as possible but to end it off I didn't even realise Falcao or Feghouli even came on!! Maybe because Galatasaray couldn't get out of their half or I was enjoying myself too much with 5/6 pints of Bavaria which was allowed in the stands hahaha! Overall though what a match! I was hoping to catch us on a European tour and with my Dutch passport and living in mainland Europe I was hoping to get to see us but who knows what is in store for us! Prost!
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    John Bonham

    Season tickets

    It’s here!
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    Kits 21/22

    Red white and blue hope not EVER
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    Hospital Radio Perth

    Tuesday Team Talk

    25 or so years ago GS Brown raised some money for Hospital Radio Perth. I went down to their offices about 1.30pm to collect the cheque from their office manager. As I was leaving I passed their boardroom and Geoff shouted me in and we had a cup of tea. The conversation turned to Saints. He was fascinating in his insights into the Scottish game. We blethered all afternoon and I only had to cut it short to get back to Perth to pick my wife up from her work at 5. I was gutted I didn't have a recorder with me. It would have been brilliant. However Geoff and I agreed then that we'd do a long interview when we both had time. At least twice a season since, we have spoken about, "when will we do this interview?". Last week, 25 years later than intended, it eventually happened. He was just as interesting as I remembered and straight to the point. I felt the most telling aspects were not the people he spoke about but those he seemed more reluctant to talk about. We thoroughly enjoyed it - and he advised that he did too. If anyone deserves a statue outside McDiarmid Park it's him.
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    To be fair, Alan Stubbs today came across as the most balanced, unbiased pundit I've ever listened to. Considering his affiliation with the opposition he was full of praise for Saints, told it how it was. The only one in the room that saw Spoony was stamped on, couldn't pick a MOM cos every Saints player was outstanding.
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    What a life going from standing at Muirton with big dreams as a laddie hoping saints progressed in the cup to being 81 years old and the Saints win cup double and fifth in the league and another cup 7 years ago unbelievable
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    Thought some might want to see this photo of David Wotherspoon winning probably his first Cup and medal back in the mid-nineties, playing for the mighty Abernethy Cubs. He’s on the left - we called him Wee D then, for fairly obvious reasons. The lad with the cup is my eldest, who sadly did not play professionally, being almost as shite at football as his Dad.
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    I was 100% certain we’d win the League Cup Final, but not so sure about this one. Some good omens though - in 2014, we knocked out the favourites before facing “only” a decent non-OF team in the final that we had nevertheless dominated in previous games that year. It’s a weird situation watching a final as a Saints fan with a trophy already in the cabinet and Europe secured (I actually could have stopped that sentence after “fan”!) Does it not really matter if we win this one tomorrow? Actually, I think it matters more. Most of us would have difficulty remembering all the unfashionable, non-OF teams who have popped up and won a cup now and again. There’s been a few. But EVERYONE will remember the wee side that popped up and won BOTH cups in the year when New Rangers won the league without losing a game. Immortality beckons. I hope we win. One thing is for certain - if we do, not one of us will feel the need to run to the town centre, shite on the pavement, scribble hate on the walls of churches and throw things at policemen. Dignity in victory or defeat is what separates us most from the Neanderthals of Rangers and Celtic. COYS.
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    Breaking News! CD has confirmed that he will have a full squad of players available for selection including returning players from isolation. He will delay in choosing his starting line up to see everyone in training. Great News!!!
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    Injury prone, very inconsistent and slagged off Saints when he left, simply not of the standard we need or want. The fact that Utd are trying to offload him says it all.
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    Not posted for a long time - almost exactly 6yrs in fact...though I've been regular reader as we've battled along since then. But felt I just had to come back on following yesterday and comments about those no longer with us but watching from the Hampden Stands...and I'll include my mum in that group. A Dunkeld lass (she was a gamies daughter brought up on Craig-y-barns) and life-long supporter, she went with myself and my lad to the Cup final at Parkhead and loved and was so proud seeing her team win the Cup. And she'd have been cheering on from above on Sunday. We were brought up in Mount Florida and lived a stones-throw from Hampden. All through the 50s and 60s we'd have family from all over the country visiting for big matches, and I expect she didn't ever really think her team would lift a cup at the ground (especially after the disappointment of 1971). But now we have. And it's brilliant. I even spent £12.99 on Premier Sports to watch. Nerve-wracking but great goal from Rooney and great performances all over the pitch and CallumD that others have waxed lyrical on so I won't. Except to say my lad - sitting watching in his Sheffield front room wearing his Saintees top and scarf with pride commented that for all that the fancy dans that England might have - Perth Saintees have our very own Kane and Rooney doing the business up front. I liked that. COYS.
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    Congratulations Saints! I don't come on here very often, being a Stoke fan, but I've always kept an eye on Saints results since living in Perth throughout the 90s and going to a good few Saints games home and away, including the last league cup final in 98 and Monaco home and away after that. Just another gloryhunter! Well done on completing the cup set, bit annoyed you couldn't have done it when I was up there to join in! Such a shame the pubs are closed, but enjoy your celebratory swallies anyway. Just the league left
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    What is the Scottish Football term for folk that talk 5h1te and make claims of a players wage without any real proof and then accuse the player of being a thief?? I find it incredible that you are quoting a players alleged wage on social media then calling him a thief and then saying he is pish. That is not being a supporter! that is being a keyboard warrior. . I hope to god he plays on Sunday and sticks these statements rights up where the sun does not shine!!
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    New Players Books

    Hope you enjoy the Perth City Council 2021 calendar.
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    RIP Jim Townsend

    I’m sorry to hear of his death, Jim Townsend is a player that I remember well. Signed from Port Glasgow Athletic in 1961 at the age of Sixteen after impressing in the Saints reserves made his debut in a 1-0 win against Partick Thistle 7/4/62 retained his place for the final two games of the season a win over Third Lanark 2-1 and the defeat by Dundee which relegated us . He starred the following season in the Second Division scoring 11 goals and helping Saints reach the League Cup Semifinal and winning the Second Division Championship. In season 1963-1964 he was first choice right half until his transfer to Middlesbrough for £20,000 in February a record transfer fee for the club. Jim played in some memorable matches for Saints fans of that era including the 4-1 League Cup quarter final win over Q.O.S., the 5-5 comeback draw against Stenhousemuir and the 1963 Christmas victory over Rangers. He returned to St. Johnstone in the Summer of 1966 after two and half seasons at Middlesbrough making 67 appearances for them and scoring 6 goals, the fee for him was £9,000.. At this time he still is only 21, a far cry from today’s Saints youngsters. Highlights of that season for him was a great goal against Rangers in 1-1 draw at Muirton, the 5-2 Christmas Eve win at Easter Road and also played in Fred Aitken’s first match and John Kilgannon’s last game. He was also picked for a Scotland XI squad which toured the Far East, Australia and Canada at the end of 66/67 season, winning all 9 games. Bye this time he was a Hearts player, sold for £20,000 just before the seasons end. I was really disappointed at losing what I thought was our best player, however we needed the money. Jim Townsend was a stylish creative midfielder who could also tackle and would walk into our present team. Thanks Jim for all tha memories a true St. Johnstone Legend ’
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    Those stats make no sense to me. Who judges the "quality" of a save? And how can you record "goals saved"? I don't even know what a "goal saved" is. Either it's a save, or it's a goal. You can't save a goal.