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  1. Player contracts up 31 May 2022: Shaun Rooney Liam Gordon Jamie McCart Zander Clark Craig Bryson Callum Booth Liam Craig Callum Hendry Murray Davidson Elliot Parish January has the potential now to be utterly catastrophic. Thoroughly depressed now.
  2. Could be even worse after January when he raffles the rest of them off.
  3. “You have been sat to long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!.”
  4. Desperately sad news; 56 is far too soon. RIP John.
  5. Denzil

    Scottish Cup

    Silly wee diddy team. Everyone knows their derby is against Arbroath these days
  6. The reason for the USH not being on becomes apparent...
  7. After his effort at Dutch, I wonder if McClaren will have a bash at the Dundee accent
  8. Not unless we’ve re-signed Vine.
  9. Who? Maybe of course SD was much higher profile as GB had a 'team'. SB on the other hand thinks he can do everything.