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  1. erchie

    happy burfday cjb !

  2. erchie

    how the meat going ?

  3. erchie

    happy burfday crispy pants !

  4. erchie

    you can wie a k but not with a c

  5. erchie

    yee canny say kunto

  6. erchie

    ****o whats the craic man ?

  7. But speed the day i,ll be on my way.......................
  8. cjb

    Europa League

    Hope hibs dont want del?!!!
  9. cjb

    Post of the week.....

    My mail today got deliverd by a naked femail employee of royal mail.This was indeed Post of the week.
  10. . Best night in a long time to see the northern lights. So go outside away from street light and look north after 11pm. www.spaceweather.com
  11. They are in the ferrys kitchen making soup with Prestons Pans.
  12. They are steaming along now at a fair pace.They are on the queens ferry.
  13. Just heard that they are hiding out in the Kings Barns.
  14. NO! they were seen heading down the A90. They got a lift from that old outlaw Glen Doick who was with rudy dendrum.
  15. erchie

    are we still meating on setterday ?