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  1. Aberdeen looking to get a new striker so could that mean one of theirs possibly heading 90 miles south
  2. We’re trying to get Marty willock back but have competition from st midden
  3. Tommy has said he is gonna use Alston in a more central role
  4. What is pissing me right off is a manager is given a touchline ban but is seen on tv on his phone to :someone: and a guy on the bench is on his phone to :someone: come on to **** were not stupid Lennon was calling the shots from prob a better advantage fae the stand imo
  5. Y wasn’t cerny not sent off that was nearly assault
  6. Get storey in and we're sorted M O H will make an impact tommy wi sort that and I hope he stays longer. Storey and macca up front wi moh scoogs/spoony doing the hard work and were top 4 again
  7. Ifs he's playing that well we won't sign him I hope I'm wrong tho
  8. We apparently have Scott tanser ex port vale lb on trial he's 22
  9. Tommy said on radio last night foster can play at left back if needed but it means the back four would be all right footers
  10. I see in another tabloid that scumdee want Blair spittal
  11. regarding scougal a daily news paper says he's gonna sign a 2 year contract wi us
  12. Unlucky with his header today
  13. The the is winning superb (from a saints point of view)