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  1. Thought it might be Hemmings as he is just back from England & can afford to make a stand I would imagine. Has 2 years left of his contract do not sure what Dundee can do except suspend him but would think they would still have to pay his full wages for 2 years. No I don't want us to sign him even if we did need another striker.
  2. Saints ,the only team playing by the rules ?. As MS says we might see something after 13th.
  3. So we are not getting a new strip then ?.
  4. Cagey


    Random would be standing on the bypass watching them. Oh and ttheir number 1 stalker,Mainstand..
  5. Cagey


    Anyone know who won ?. Wonder if they had enough for 2 teams. A couple of trialists hopefully.
  6. I wonder if he agreed to a cut. Total waste of money as far as I can see.
  7. About half a dozen. How many times do you have to see whether they are decent or not ?.
  8. Euan O'Reilly signs for Airdrie. Think he is a decent player & hope he goes on to bigger things.
  9. They didn't work out for a reason unfortunately Pates.
  10. Don't think there are any players in their team we would want apart from McGowan at a push.
  11. I didn't rate him his passing was abysmal. To open another can of worms John Sutton was another player I didn't want us to sign & that may have been what coloured by opinion. And before you ask Mainstand I can't think of any others I was against signing.
  12. Paul Paton signs for East Kilbride. Found his level at last.
  13. Cagey


    That would be fine.
  14. Sam Cosgrove turned down a £2 million move to French club. Aberdeen will not be chuffed. They need the money.
  15. Cagey


    Callum says he wants to play 2 or possibly 3 friendlies against other premiership clubs as they are the only ones training. We have played pre season friendlies against Aberdeen & Rangers before but with them being in the first 3 games of the season I can't see us playing them.