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  1. Its a funny old game. Guy on pab slagging off Craig & blaming him for goal. Another guy slagging off McPherson. I thought the 2 of them were the best of a bad bunch
  2. I noticed we wore white socks yesterday. Wonder why we couldn't have worn them against Dundee.
  3. The point I was making was that your central defender should dominate the box to allow the other 2 to break or cover the wingbacks. Ambrose was posted missing at first 2 goals.
  4. We need Gordon back to control the defence. A game against Celtic after being out so long might be a big ask. We need to at the least drop Ambrose. He was all over the place. At the first goal he was out near the left corner flag & at second ,out wide right. A central defender in a back 3 shouldn't venture far from 18 yard box.
  5. You will upset Hoodlum. He is not ex Saints. Comrie scored for Dunfermline.
  6. Livi had 4 as well. Were they allowed 4 because we had 4 ?.
  7. It was down to attitude today. They fought for everything. We thought we just had to turn up. Callum reluctant to change personnel or shape til too late.
  8. We were one dimensional. McCart looking for long diagonals to Mikey all the time when May was making runs that he wasn't picking up . Also wasn't picking simple passes to Booth who was in the clear. Livi had it sussed with 2 men on Mikey all the time. Hope Gordon in back & match fit next week or we are fecked. Shows how much we rely on Rooney going forward.
  9. Ambrose proving the bombscare we thought he was. Hope I only see him if we have ,4 injured defenders. We gifted them ,3 goals & am sure he contributed to them all.
  10. Callum said in courier that e2 is almost up to speed. I know he had a few weeks in limbo but he came here mid season so surely it doesn't take that long to get back up to speed.
  11. Cagey


    Same old Scotland. Walking pace , sideways ,backwards passing. McTominey & Henry very poor. Fareoes should be 3 goals up.
  12. Just watched the nation's cup celebration bring back memories that we have not been able to celebrate one of the most improbable acheaments in Scottish football and reminded me that we have not been able to celebrate properly. Jumping up and down in the living room doesn't count. The SLO teased us into thinking something is happening. A bit late in the year for open top bus. Not the same as celebrating in the minute.
  13. Yeah but I thought sixties may associate more with Valantines at his age .
  14. Opposite Valantines garage in king Edward Street.
  15. Cagey


    Didn't know it was groups. Thought it was a straight knockout.