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  1. Clark claimed for a hand ball and it only took them seconds for bad to dismiss it. two sportscene pundits said it should have been a pen. Saints may not have gone on to win but it adds to the points that would have made us save and maybe propelled us to top 6. The amount of wrong VAR decisions at the weekend was just ridiculous . VAR is not the problem though it is the VAR referees. it was meant to stop clear and obvious mistakes. It is not , it is being re refersee by guys in a studio with 4 monitors and at least 2 so called referees watching multiple angles and slow mo. referees usual go with VAR ref as they are usually senior to the guys on the pitch. Collum is the only ref to go against VAR. but then Willie is never wrong .
  2. Levein says the manager was perhaps a bit late in bringing Carey and Sidebeh on. Is that him criticising Kirk or was he talking about himself. Also there was a doubt about Keltjens but no Olafunwa on the bench. Was he going to play Gallagher there which didn't work last time.
  3. Terrible game. Was it because we are poor , the ref spoiled the game and had no control of was it because of the pitch. Tend to think it was down to us being poor as the display was similar to Airdie game and that was on a bowling green surface.
  4. I hope Saints don't make the same mistake as the winter break where they gave them time off. The next 2 weeks should be spent trying to control the ball , how to pass the ball , how t cross the ball and practice set pieces and defend corners. Just the normal things they should be doing all the time. Also I hope that before our next home game at the end of March they can do something with the pitch other than water it.
  5. I thought he did well when he came on seemed to help Clark as well. Kimpioka probably got us 4 points in last few games but think Sidibeh is a better player and will improve over time"hopefully short term".
  6. Yeah, they mushed on again after we scored and the all guy with legs up to his ears should have shot instead trying to pass. We were absolute pish and lucky to get a draw and other results not too bad for us. Head tennis for the first half with no one capable of cheering the ball down and playing a pass. Livi were brutal plus diving and time wasting. How many times did they lie in the box to stop a Saints attack. I thought the ref was only supposed to stop game for a head knock , not a sore toe.
  7. Hopefully same attitude or was it just that Aberdeen were shite.
  8. BBC sport says Saints havnt lost a game when Phillips and Sprngler were both in team. Don't know were he dug up that stat. Guaranteed Sprangler will be on the bench today then
  9. Looks like a decent crowd with bring afriend. Hope they don't have the usual shit show that we have on those occasions.
  10. 2 weeks til next game. Worth a risk depending on severity.
  11. Saints the only team with negative transfer income ? Sounds about right going by the shambles that was last season.
  12. Gowser said they had an in-depth meeting on monday which wasn't for anyone with a weak stomach. A few harsh words were said. Hopefully they told Levein to GTF with his 5 at the back negative tactics. As I've said before players don't enjoy playing negative football. You can see it in their demeanor.
  13. Aberdeen had lots of chances. Probably have to thank Mitov for the points.
  14. Attacking formation and 5 subs used . Was Levein there ?. Have to push for a win on Saturday to see off automatic relegation , then relax and push for top 6.