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  1. St Mirren get another dodgy penalty. That's at least 4 points they shouldn't have.
  2. St Mirren get another dodgy penalty. That's at least 4 points they shouldn't have.
  3. Hopefully Callum has identified a few players to bring in & improve this side. Provided we retain most of the players there are a few who will either leave or not be re_signed.
  4. We don't know who has been offered new contracts & rightly so. I would hope we are trying to tie down most . Saints & the players might be waiting til we are mathimatically safe before commiting.
  5. No bad for guys that have not been near the training ground for 10 days.
  6. Think I remember working on jobs with them. Where were their workshops.
  7. 3 of the 5 Rangers Covid ,lockdown breakers are on the bench tonight. Punishment handed out to Aberdeen ,Celtic ,Kilmarnock & St Mirren but 10 days on from 5 Rangers players breaking the lockdown & not a word from SFA. They will probably say the club dealt with it. If nothing happens it will just feed into the feeling that Rangers are above the law.
  8. I think Tommy Wright coming into Kilmarnock might have an effect. There could be a few that Tommy might be try to sign.
  9. Great interviews so far John. Nice build up to the final.
  10. Draw probably best result for us. Keeps us within reach of Midden & gap with Well.
  11. Neil McCann taking over at Caley temporarily. That will be fun. Wonder if they will have any players left in the summer.
  12. How did Celtic celebrate during their Covid cup final win. I feel sorry for Saints or Livi players . They will not be able to celebrate properly. No dancing about in dressing room with coaching staff ,directors etc ,spraying Champers etc all over the place. Then jump into their cars & drive home.
  13. Who'd have thought we would be sweating on Spoony not making the final. He has had a great season & the formation seems to suit him.