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  1. We have till end of january to assess things. I would hope that we would have some players in mind if things take a turn for the worst.
  2. We have to at least extend Craig,Kane & Booths contacts to have enough players to hopefully see us through to the end of the season & hope to avoid too many injuries & suspension. Risky.
  3. I would like Saints to take a look at Kyle Turner at Dunfermline. I was impressed with him against Hearts. We will get a chance to see what he is like against us in the cup.
  4. Yeah I think there was to be a televised game on the Thursday but was dropped as Celtic were pumped out. Personally I would have thought the Dunfermline v Saints would have been the most entertaining & maybe been a cup shock.
  5. What date are we playing ?.
  6. Fair summery. Must either watch Saints or follow the forum.
  7. I think that is the reason we should talk our players up to get the media attention & then hopefully the scouts etc. I am sure that's how Motherwell do it. Not like us saying he isn't worth £3 million. Saying the best we can hope for use sutch & sutch . He doesn't score enough goals etc etc.
  8. 2 things from Saturdays game. Loved the big hug Craig gave Hendry after his goal. The whole team was rooting for him. No one else but Mikey could have reached the ball for the crosses for the goal. His pace is phenominal. Jason if fit will come back in I would imagine but would you drop Craig for Miss. Danny Mac is one of my favourites but can you drop Mikey,also Rooney in the past couple of games has put more effective crosses in the box than Conway has the whole season. Good options for Callum but hard decisions.
  9. I am sure Dundee will be happy to get him of their books as they spend another season in the championship.
  10. QFs on 15/16/17th December. I assume whoevers game is selected for tv on thursday 17th will have their league game moved to the Sunday.
  11. I actually thought old man Craig had a great game.
  12. Away to Dunfermline. Tough but we should be able to gret to semi.
  13. Was going to go for any team at home in the quarter final but our away form is better.
  14. Surely. There is no way he can stay after getting pumped out of a cup by Ross County.