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  1. Glad to see BBC eventually acknowledge the second most successful team in Scotland over the past 10 years.
  2. Rangers got permission for full stadium. Can't see why Saints can't get capacity as it's bound to be easier to control 10000 than 50 odd thousand. C'mon Saints/PKDC get a move on.
  3. If the premise for allowing OF colt teams to play in lowere leagues is to benefit the national team then they should only be allowed to field Scottish players. Just another example of Sevco trying to buy success.
  4. Yeah,they have all the details from the 2 friendlies plus the Motherwell allocation. Maybe it has to go before a full council meeting next wednesday.
  5. Would have thought we would have found out today regarding crowd limits if any for Galatasaray game. Surely all it takes is a phone call to PKDC. Perhaps everyone is in Turkey.
  6. Aberdeen on Premier 2 & Hibs on Hibs TV.
  7. Is there any restriction on Indoor nightclubs full of unvaccinated kids ?.
  8. I just listened to it in the car & missed a bit. Never heard the 5000 restriction & having to wait for local authority. Why complicate it . Why not open up as I thought level 0 was supposed to be. If she wanted to restrict why not say 60/70% of capacity. When you look at Wimbledon & lots of other events there doesn't seem to have been any movement in rise in infections. I agree about face masks but all other restrictions should be lifted.
  9. I thought all restrictions were lifted including stadiums & night clubs. Only restrictions are face masks. Hopefully an announcement from Saints soon.
  10. Lillie goalie comes out to almost the penalty box to grab a throw in. Tommy won't be long in knocking that out of him. Looks a good goalie.
  11. Should Saints start to sell tickets for the return game now incase we get humped & return game meaningless.
  12. Is it tomorrow that Ms Sturgeon decides whether to open up & allow crowds back into football ?.
  13. demote . It came up us remote again. Will have to proof read everything I type from now on.