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  1. I am sure supermarket workers were deemed key workers during the pandemic.
  2. Considering the team I think they did as well to keep the score down as its no wonder Celtic tied it up late on as the guys hadn't trained this week & half of them hadn't played 90 mins. If we had to play that team against Livi I am sure we could get a result.
  3. Hit by Covid at this time of season would spoil everything.
  4. Only 5 subs. Three of them kids. If Callum gets anything out of this game he certainly deserves to be Manager of the year.
  5. Thought Gordon might miss out. Definately a surprise team. Hope they keep the goal difference down.
  6. I think collecting might be a problem. I don't think we want anymore Covid at McDiarmid.
  7. I would hope we could at least get a point. It seems that most teams have to find ways to combat us . We just need to play our own game & not feck about trying to combat them.
  8. 1,200 would mean every Saints ticket holder could get one. They could either go or pass to a friend.
  9. Club can't win. No matter what system they choose there will be lots of unhappy supporters ,all because SFA couldn't be arsed trying to get fans in as OF were not involved.
  10. Would imagine a lot wouldn't take up.
  11. Too little too late. This should have happened weeks ago .It wasn't til someone asked Uefa why there couldn't be fans & they said SFA hadn't asked. SFA are a disgrace. Overmanned,overpaid & useless. Where is all the sponsorship gone. Surely they could get someone to pay a few quid to get their name on TV, spots news etc etc.
  12. Average player. Wouldn't be over the moon if we DID sign him.
  13. Yeah, Gordon got a bad one on the mouth & wouldn't be surprised if he was left out but how do we cover. I assume Rooney to CB & Brown RB but both weaken the positions.
  14. Hopefully more next season if things go well in next 3 games.
  15. Spare a thought for Hamilton,Killie & County fans. The next 6 days will be the worst of most of thems lives.