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  1. Forgot about Internationals so game won't be that week then. Agree better not on sky & may get a few 1000 17.50s.
  2. Just checked the schedule & Sky have a few games that day but nothing at 12 or 12.30.
  3. Can't see why the game can't be played on the Sunday & Kelty game pushed on to Wednesday. Maybe Sky sports cant fit it in on sunday.
  4. Looks like we won't have a game on 2nd Oct as Celtic grab a last minute goal.
  5. In the courier,Davidson's budget cut as fans stay locked out. Does that mean no more signings & Craig,Kane & Booth away in January ?. A lot of clubs will be in trouble if this shutout lasts past Christmas.
  6. Given the present financial situation I think we have to hold back on signings & should have kept the young guys we loaned out who may be better than what we can afford on the transfer market or wages.
  7. A low cross,not one flighted for 6ft plus defenders & goalie to gobble up.
  8. Callum says he wants to bring in a player but 1 will have to leave. Courier saying we need a striker. We had 3 strikers on the bench on Saturday. If its one in one out do we have 9 for the bench. Is Sinclair or Parish any good,outfield ?. I can see ,if we have injuries & suspensions we might just have 3 on the bench ,all strikers. I know its Kirsten/Browns limitations but you have to get the balance of the squad right. We now have 4 old guys in the squad who will not play 2 games a week & avoid injury or if you are Liam & Muzz, suspension.
  9. Maybe we need to keep him if Jason leaves. Oh ,that's footballing reasons.
  10. Looks like the VAR ref had a word in his ear & the only way out of it was to look at the screen to change the decision.
  11. McKenna on his way to Forest. Wonder if Del will come in for Jason especially after today's hammering.
  12. Also means they are above us in the league & we were down to 9th.
  13. Cagey


    Never noticed that but did see Drey Wright having a good game in midfield.